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"The book Million Dollar Throw is about a boy named Nate and he is a huge football player. For his birthday he used his saved up money to buy a Tom Brady autographed football. At the store that he bought the football at he signed up for a contest that gives you the chance to throw a football thirty yards and try to make it through a hole. If you make the throw the winner gets a million dollars. Nate's name was drawn and on Thanksgiving night at the New England Patriots field he will get the chance to make the throw.
Nate is the starting quarterback for his 8th grade football team the Valley Patriots. After a really good game something happened to Nate that nobody knows what happened. The next few games he just couldn't make a pass. He would always throw the ball too high, too long and even right to the other teams players. After this had been going on for about three games his coach benched him. Nate started to play more of a wide receiver position. He was actually doing really good at that position. At the same time he was playing wide receiver he was practicing the throw for his challenge. One game though the kid who was the starting quarterback got hurt and Nate had to go back in. Starting at that point Nate didn't have trouble making a good pass.
The night of Thanksgiving and Nate's throw he even got to go on the field before the game and play catch the friend that he got to bring along. Nate's family and everyone else that came along to watch him got to sit in a luxery box around the 45 and 50 yard line. When it was almost half time Nate and everyone else that wanted to go onto the field headed down to the field. After the half was over Nate tried to find his favorite football player Tom Brady coming off of the field, but he didn't see him. After the anouncments the anouncer said that Nate would get to play a quit game of catch with Tom Brady. After he finished getting warmed up Nate got ready to throw the football. He throw the football and just like that he had a million dollars. He used most of the money to help his friend Abby so then she could get eye surgery so she could get he eye sight back.
" said.

" Another one of Mike Lupica's great sports stories. These books are always fun to read and I've enjoyed them for many years. I plan on reading more! " said.

" i personally think this is a good book i recommend it to everyone who likes sport books it could have been a better book i think but overall like i said it is a good book " said.

" I really enjoyed this book a lot especially because it's about sports. I really like how the author put in detail in the little things to make the book good. I would recommend this book to people who likes sports " said.

"Nate Brodie is probably the best thirteen year old quarterback in all of Boston, but he would need more than skill to make a throw like this. Nate has been given a chance to make a throw into a twenty inch target at Gillette stadium with thirty million people watching for one million dollars. Although this is more than just a normal million dollar throw. His dad lost his job and almost their house, and his best friend Abby is going blind. His whole life is leading up to this throw. Will he make it? I recommend this book to anyone that loves sports or young adult books. I was exilirated while reading this book and hope you are too." said.

"Million Dollar Throw
by Mike Lupica
Nate has the football arm NFL recruiters only dream about. But when his best friend Abby hooks him up with a chance of a lifetime, suddenly his arm won't cooperate. Everything is on the line, and if Nate's arm fails him, he will not only let himself down, but everyone he loves. This novel rocks! First of all, it feels realistic. I mean, most of us know what it's like to live in a house that is tight on money and doesn't have a lot of extra cash to throw around. Some of you may have parents who work two jobs, or maybe you even have a part time job yourself to help take the strain off the parents. Either way, you will feel for Nate and won't be able to put this book down--and when Nate's moment comes, you'll be holding your breath and crossing your fingers that he succeeds--just like I did.
" said.

"Nate Brodie has always been nicknamed "Brady" after Super Bowl Champ quarterback Tom Brady because of his magnificent and accurate arm. This book contains everything you could want in a book from sports action, suspense, and all the way to "family" drama in between. Nate soon finds out that his arm may lead him to the best thing that his family has received in a while and all he has to do is just throw a long and accurate pass at midfield of the biggest sporting event in American history, the NFL Super Bowl. Mr. Brodie finds out that his family may be in peril and after discovering the "Million Dollar-Throw" challenge at the next Super Bowl which happened to be right there in New England, he knew that this was his shot to not only show the world what his arm could do, but to make his family proud as they would be enlightened by the fact that their son had just won them 1 million dollars with a simple throw. Find out if "Brady's" arm could lead to more money than he can spend, or if he will luck out in what seems like winning the lottery with the winning numbers in your hand. This book is a must-read for anybody interested in football but can also be appealing to any reader who likes a good thrill in their books. " said.

"Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica was an amazing book. It is about two main characters, Nate Brodie and Abby McCall. Nate is an amazing quarterback, and Abby is an outstanding artist. But their lives aren’t what you would call perfect. Nate’s parents are having trouble keeping their house, so they are both working two jobs to try to save it. Abby’s family is doing fine financially, but she has retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that is wearing away at her peripheral vision. Abby enters Nate into a raffle and he wins. His prize is the chance to throw a football through a 20 inch hole from 30 yards away at halftime of the Super Bowl on Thanksgiving. That would change everything for him. His family would be out of financial trouble, and he would be able to give Abby the best care possible for her disease.
Million-Dollar Throw is a well written, intense, and sad story. My favorite part of the book is when Nate is on the field getting ready for the throw. He gets to meet Tom Brady, his favorite player in the world and his idol. Then he steps up to make the throw, and …
There are two possible endings. One, Nate could make the throw and his life would be turned way around. Or two, he misses and lives with the fact that he had the chance to change everything, but didn’t. Will Nate make the throw? Read to find out.
" said.

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