Immortal Guardians (Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts, Book 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 89 user ratings

" I get really tired of one catastrophe after another -- seemingly for no other reason than there must always be a catastrophe. I did like some of the characters, and I was curious about the parasite that was invading people and plants alike, but not curious enough to want to read the rest of the series. " said.

" Talk about a non-stop ride. Right from the start you are thrown into the next big adventure of the four children who had saved Erdas, all just six months earlier. The ending is a little like The Empire Strikes Back, but it is all very well done. I am very much looking forward to the next in this series! " said.

" I definitely really enjoyed this book now and when I read it at 13 I loved now even a year later I've read a lot more and experienced a lot of different amazing books I can say these are really amazing middle but the younger you are the better! But still really excited for the next books! (I haven't read those before) " said.

" I received this book from Goodreads.I can't put into words how much I loved this middle grade book! Immortal Guardians had me on the first chapter.The plot was addicting and the entire book action packed and funny. I was sorry when I got to the end. Especially because there is a major cliff hanger. I have not read any other books related to the Spirit Animal series. I didn't even know these books existed. Now I'm determined to read them all! " said.

Immortal Guardians is a fast paced adventure story. It is part of the Spirit Animals line of books but is the first book in the new series Fall of the Beats. These books are extremely popular with the 9-12 age group! This book starts off with the fantasy world of Erdas under peril. The book is about Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan who can summon spirit animals to help guide them thorough life. There are a lot of main characters and this adds a lot to the book and the stories so any one can relate and get an amazing experience from the book. Overall it was a very fast paced read, a little thrilling as well. There was a lot going on and lots of action. This is a great recommendation for the 9-12 group including those who already love the series and play the game online.
" said.

"Just when it looks as though Abeke, Conor, Meilin, and Rollan are due for some R&R, Lenori makes the startling discovery that the Evertree is dying. The four youngsters must figure out why the tree has started to rot within, and they and their spirit animals go back into the business they do best. The tree is important because it links humans to their spirit animals. As Abeke and Rollan work together, following one path, Meilin and Conor take another path, where they find new allies as well as new dangers and threats and some surprises among their enemies. Fast-paced with almost-never-stopping action and adventure, this new addition to the stories about the spirit animals will please fans of the original Spirit Animals series. Readers will certainly wonder what their own spirit animal would be like and how difficult it would be if the bonds were severed. " said.

"I chose this book because I had heard that the Spirit Animals series was really good. Since this was titled Fall of the Beasts Book 1, I assumed that it was a brand new series within the Spirit Animals family and I would be fine reading it without having read the previous Spirit Animal books. However, it is a continuation of the original series. I’m not sure why they started a new series if it’s the same characters and concept as the first series. Seems like they should have just continued the first series. Obviously, I didn’t have each characters backstory and I think because of this I had trouble keeping the characters and their animals straight. However, it could have been how the book was written. That aside, this book was non-stop action and pretty violent but was somehow boring at the same time. There wasn’t any break in the action to get to know the new characters, they just showed up and joined the action. It was hard to feel any suspense when I didn’t care that much about the characters. Even though they have been previously established in the first series, more could have been written about their thoughts and they could have had a little down time to make the reader more invested in what’s happening with them.

I gave this book to my boys (ages 9 and 11) to read and both of them put it down about half-way through and didn’t pick it up again. They are fantasy fans but prefer a more substantial story. You may enjoy this book if you’ve read the first series but I’d suggest you read some reviews of this book from people who also have read it. A lot of them didn’t like it either so it’s not just me.. Read at your own risk!
" said.

It's been several months since the events of The Evertree, and Erdas is rebuilding from the war with the Conquerors. However people have been calling the Great Beasts as Spirit Animals, much like Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin have called Briggan, Uraza, Jhi, and Essix. When you think everything will be fine and dandy, trouble rears its ugly head again. Zerif is back, and he has gained a power that allows him to rip the Great Beasts away from the people they've bonded with. What's more, the new Evertree is sick, and mysterious parasites are appearing that are causing trouble. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan must return to the role of saving Erdas as they split up to investigate the source of what is poisoning the Evertree and find the remaining Great Beasts and their partners before Zerif can claim them for himself. The stakes are higher than before, for if they fail Erdas as we know it will fall.
I was surprised to find out that Spirit Animals would continue because I thought once the Conquerors were stopped that would be the end of the story. I was delighted to be proven wrong. I was surprised with how quickly things were escalating in this book, and more than once was given my share of surprises and shocks. I truly felt concerned for the safety of the characters, and the tragic turn of events was saddening. Eliot Schrefer knows his craft as he creates a delightful story that takes elements of interior-world novels and Norse mythology, and combines them in an incredible adventure that raises the level of entertainment and excitement from the last novels. If you haven't read these books yet I would highly recommend you do, especially if you love exploring the realms of fantasy.
A parasite takes possession of people and turns them into ghouls. A man stealing animals from their partners might be too intense for some readers. Characters are in peril, and there is some action against the ghouls. Animals fight each other and are injured. Blood is mentioned.
A common cause can unite old enemies. We must try to remember the past, and if we don't learn from it we could hurt our future. Be proud of who you are. Selfishness and greed can ruin goodness. There is more to our world than what we know, and we should be willing to seek it out.
" said.

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