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Book Introduction: Penguin Books For Kids Penguin Books For Kids : 50 Most Secret Never To Know With Penguin (Penguin Books For Kids, Penguin Books, Penguin Books For Free, Penguin, Penguin Book, Penguin For Kids, Penguin Fun Fact) The name "Penguin" originates from the Welsh expressions "pen" meaning head and "gwyn" meaning white. Penguins have highly contrasting quills and they waddle when they walk. They likewise have a torpedo-molded body. This shape permits them to speed through the water at rates of 25 miles every hour. There are 17 types of penguin, every marginally diverse. The majority of the species live in the Southern half of the globe. Numerous live at the South Pole on Antarctica Some are found on the shores of South America, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, Africa, and New Zealand. There may be upwards of 100 million penguins on the planet. Penguins invest a large portion of their energy in the water scanning for nourishment. They can't swim in reverse, nonetheless. They are at home in the water as they turn, bounce and plunge as they play and quest for sustenance. A penguin can hold their breath submerged for roughly 6 minutes. Also a penguin is an extremely solid fledgling and can dispatch itself 6 feet into the air when leaving the water to come back to land. At the point when a penguin wishes to move rapidly over the ice, they can be seen falling onto their stomachs and utilizing their arms to push them over the surface. Penguins have no natural barriers against germs found outside of the cold Antarctic so they are hard to keep sound in zoos. They don't live close freshwater — at least not water that isn't solidified. Rather they drink salt water. They have an extraordinary organ in their bodies that takes the salt out of the water they drink and pushes it out of scores in their bill, so the water they are really drinking is separated. Another interesting thing about penguins is that at the point when a Penguin chick hatches, it promptly begins calling so its parents remember its voice. At the point when the chick is mature enough, both parents will leave in the meantime. All the chicks in the rookery will stay together until their parents come back. There are bunch of other interesting facts about these amazing flightless birds who somehow always manage to catch our attention and all those facts are available in my e-book named It is a book which you definitely would enjoy reading in your free time and at the same time expand your knowledge. With this book you will be able to learn a bunch of new things about penguins that you probably never even have heard before and let's face it, who doesn't want to learn something new and in a future impress their friends with that knowledge?! Probably everyone wants that! That's why this is a MUST have book which you shouldn't even hesitate buying and reading in one sitting.

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