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UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-11 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 17 user ratings

"Even though I am a grandma and I thought I knew a lot about bears, I was pleasantly surprised to learn some new bear facts after reading this book. I learned that American Black Bears are not always black and they don't eat humans. Black bears talk to each other by leaving marks on trees. They can swim and climb trees, too.

I learned about some new kinds of bears I had not previously heard of: Kermode Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Pakistan Black Bear, and Formosan Black Bear. I learned that Asian Black Bears build their nests in trees. Panda Bears are nearly extinct and they do not hibernate like other bears. I enjoyed reading about Sloth Bears, Stickney Bears, Spectacled Bears, and the smallest bears of all, Sun Bears.

I had never heard of Ursid Hybrids, bears born of two different species of bear parents. Reading about them reminded me of the designer dogs that are so popular now.

I highly recommend this well written, fact filled book to parents, grandparents, teachers, and bear lovers.
" said.

"There is everything you want to know about bear. A great book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.Pictures are great addition." said.

"I learned a lot about bears from reading this book. Although it may be aimed at older children and the language is fairly simple, the presentation of the facts is first class.
The text is accompanied by large numbers of photographs which should appeal to people of all ages.
" said.

"I know this is supposed to be a children's book but it is also very interesting for anyone that likes animals. I learned several things about bears that I did not know." said.

"The cover picture of this book really caught my eye and I thought it would be fun to read together with my children. I was impressed with the amount of high quality pictures in this book, for example bears in trees and stuff that I didn't really expect. My children were quite amazed at seeing and reading about bears who live in trees!

I found the information basic and interesting, and enjoyed this book.
" said.

"The book is very good redacted and I really enjoyed the content and the photos were really really good.

Yesterday, my boy was showing me the differences between brown bear and black bear and he looked really happy! My child loved the book so I forced me to read it today! It is a great book!

Andrew Becket, author of "Children's Book: The Adventures of Bob and Andrew"
" said.

"These photo-info books are great for broadening children's perspectives of the world. This one has many wonderful photographs. A glaring error is that bears are described as cuddly. No mention of how dangerous these animals can be is mentioned. Buy it to share some of the natural world with your children but fill in what's missing." said.

"My niece loved this book. The pictures in this book are not scarce, and they were the main attraction. Sprinkled with lots of useful facts about each species of bears, the book is a fun read while delivering some interesting facts about bears." said.

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