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" This was my favorite Mike Lupica book yet. I loved how Brian got to chill with the Tigers players though out the book. I also liked how Brian became a good baseball player at the end of the story. " said.

" I thought that was a great book. I didn't like the ending, which had Brian hitting a grand slam to win the game and hit the first ever out of the park at that ballpark. Although it is a happy ending I could tell you that was what was going to happen three chapters before it actually happened. I did like Brian's response when he was asked how it felt: ""This is what I have been waiting for my entire life!"" If you ever see it you should read because it is an amazing book. " said.

" Being a huge baseball fan, I ordered this book because it as recommended to me by a fifth grader who know my love for baseball. Mike Lupica hit a home run with this novel about a batboy who connects with his hero and role model.Growing up with his father playing for multiple major league teams, Brian becomes the batboy for the Chicago White Sox. His idle and favorite all time player was suspended 50 games for using steroids. " said.

"Brian Dudley, son of the former MLB pitcher Cole Dudley, wants to be the bat boy for his favorite team, the Detroit Tigers. He sent a letter telling how he wanted to be a bat boy. He go the job though. He liked the tigers a lot but when his favorite player Hank Bishop got to play for the tigers he was so excited. But when he first meet Hank he was meaner than he thought he was. His dad actually came back from Japan scout Hank Bishop so he can but him on his Japan squad. He got to spend a lot of time with his dad that day. At the end of the day Brain wished that he didn't see his dad. I think that Brian and Hank are going to be good friends by the end of the season." said.

"Imagine being a bat-boy for the Detroit Tigers a Major League Baseball team. Brian got to do this, he even got to work with his all time favorite player.

Brian learns that sometimes our idols make mistakes too. He found his out his idol was doing steroids. Brian still believes in him even though Hank Bishop was rude to him.

Brian is also dealing with his parents divorce. His father doesn't talk to him much. His father was a major league baseball player, but never has seen Brian play baseball. He is always out of town scouting for teams.

If you like drama books and sports books then this is the book for you. There was suspense at the end of each chapter, making you hold on to the book and keep on reading. Make The Batboy your next read.
" said.

"This book is about a kid named Brian who is the batboy for his home town team the Detroit Tigers. He and his friend Finn have an idol who's new to the team, but not baseball. Hank Bishop. He is both Finn and Brian's idol. He is the new edition to the team. as the book goes on Brian and Hank both go through slumps. Near the end of the book they both hep each other with there swings. Hank tells Brian he's dropping his hands to early and his head is moving to much. Brian gets through his slump. But Hank doesn't get through his. A week or so later Brain helps out Hank "The Bishop of Baseball". Brian invites Hank to his house and he actually shows up. They watch videos of his swing now and his swing of last year. They find out he's dropping his shoulders too early. Brain calls his friend Finn and Finn pitches to Hank. The next game he comes close to his 500th home run of his career. Next game... last home game of the season... last at bat... Fastball down the middle Hank makes contact and launches the ball, clear home run. A walk off home run for Hank Bishop his 500th home run of his career." said.

"Batboy, a realistic fiction by Mike Lupica expressed in just 251 pages. This story is about a young man named Brian. Brian is a huge fan of his local baseball team the Detroit Tigers and that is one of the only things he has in common with his father. Brian one day gets invited to be the Tigers batboy. He takes the job instantly. As his father returns after a long time away and his idol is not who he seems to be on the field. Brian has a very eventful summer.

I thought that this book was very well written mainly because Lupica uses a lot of indirect characterization. This story told how a teenage boy will go to the big leagues and his father returns home from stepping out of his life to coach baseball in Japan. This book has many different qualities that is what makes it an enjoyable story. My favorite part was when his father came back and Brian didn't really care, that would have taken a lot of guts. I could relate to Brian in one way and that is we both have a immediate family member who walked out on us the only difference is his came back. If I could change the ending I would make it so the Tigers go to the World Series and have it tied in the last game. Everyone on the Tigers is on base or hurt so Brian goes up to bat and hits a grand slam to win.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sports or good books.
" said.

" The Batboy by Mike Lupica

The Batboy by Mike Lupica is about a 14 year old kid named Brian Dudley who has a dream of being Batboy for his hometown team the Detroit Tigers. Brian’s dream of being the Batboy comes true when he is chosen by the Tigers front office for the job. Brian loves and thoroughly enjoys baseball but most of all enjoyed his father who left him and his mom. Brian’s father who is a retired major league pitcher left the family a while ago but what makes it hard on Brian is the fact he has not seen him in over a year. Brian loves baseball with all his heart but at the same time is using baseball as his way of trying to impress and win his father back so they can have some sort of Father/son relationship. Brian will find out that his father does not have that much interest in him nor does his baseball hero Hank Bishop who returned to the team that year after a lengthy suspension due to the use of steroids.

Lupica hit well with this book. The reason I say that is because the relationships among people in the book are very thorough and you can tell that the thought of how to connect people in it was there. The book was also very genuine in the sense of baseball's history. The book hits on a time in baseball where steroids were huge and a lot of players were getting suspended and in big trouble. Lupica all around wraps it into one fun, cool, baseball story.

I would give the book a 4. I give it a 4 because it was a really all around good baseball book and really gave you a good inside perspective of Major League Baseball. But I must say it is not Lupica's best book so that's why I cannot give it a 5. But it is still a very good read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys baseball.

" said.

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