Goldilocks and the Three Bears Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-04 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" Strange background information for Goldilocks. " said.

" My son liked it but I prefer the original version better. " said.

" PB #13: I really enjoyed this picturebook, especially for the unique illustrations. This was definitely one of those children's books where the illustrations and text go hand and hand to compliment one another. I would recommend this book in both a classroom and in the home for younger readers who may be working with traditional literature. " said.

"This is a version from the UK, published in Edinburgh. Some parts are different from the American versions we grew up with. Mama bear's porridge was too hot. The bears' chairs are at a table. One chair with a broken leg is titled (medium size) but Goldilocks didn't break baby bear's chair completely. The baby bear refers to "mum" and "mummy" bear instead of mama bear. Baby's chair was knocked over. I love the papa bear's look on his face while comforting baby bear - very sweet! It has lovely, fuzzy-looking illustrations throughout. I love how bees decorate their bedsheets. Goldilocks grabs her shoes as she jumps out a window. Bears didn't chase her - they weren't "mean bears, they were just unhappy." Extra dialogue at the end from the bears was interesting. Goldilocks apologzies. Baby bear asks if she wants more porridge. Also, Goldilocks arrived in a camper with a traveling circus - weird! She comments on how nice baby bear is and hopes his mom will give him another bowl of porridge since she ate up his bowl. Lesson: Goldilocks learned to "knock first." I really loved this version. I think it will create some interesting discussions with student groups. I highly recommend it for Grades 1-3." said.

" Beautiful and simple. Loved the ending. " said.

"I’m always on the look out for accessible versions of traditional tales. Muller’s version of the three bears adds a delightful mix of tradition and the modern day. The structure of the story remains the same, but Goldilocks is a girl who lives in a caravan and her family travels with the circus. She’s a not a child who understands about knocking on doors! And so she walks into the woods and discovers the home of the three bears. From there, the traditional story picks up. Yet this Goldilocks is innocent of any real wrong-doing and certainly doesn’t understand that she shouldn’t be there. This innocence and naiveté works well in the book, taking her character from a naughty urchin to a young explorer.

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" said.

" I remember mom coming home with this one from a bookfair! I could never forget that cover. I loved this story, no matter what form it took, but these illustrations were so “bear-like-real doing human things” to me. The Papa bear reminded me of a very serious bear I had as a kid that was very true to life. Or, at least, I thought so. That’s a good feeling, I’ve managed to record yet another one. Happy sigh. " said.

" Gerda Muller's illustrations are always wonderful but these are exquisite, the bears expressions are wonderfully animated, the little girl is picturesque and the details in the house, there being three of everything, are delightful to look at. There are accurate drawings of the natural world and lovely colours. I don't know if the story being slightly changed so the little girl was from a travelling community added anything to the story, but the end was nice. " said.

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