Icefire (The Last Dragon Chronicles) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 134 user ratings

" Much better than the first! Thank goodness! And the story was actually about dragons! And some polar bears, a hedgehog, and a cat... but that was okay, because as I said before, there were dragons! Itty-bitty dragons, but still, dragons! I am still a bit confused on the polar bear/dragon/ice tear/tooth of Ragnar/ sibyl background story but hopefully that'll become clearer in book 3. " said.

" I found it a lot more enjoyable and exciting than the first. This was more of the story I wanted in the first.However, David is a two-timer and that made me pretty angry, especially since it was never truly shown as a wretched thing to do.Also honestly this series I probably would have liked a lot more when I was younger. I don't know if I'll bother continuing from here. The writing and the plots of both just still don't quite mesh with me. " said.

"You read the first book of this series (The Fire Within) and you're like, "Aww, that's so cute! TheyMre protecting wildlife and dragons are real!" And then you mov in to the next book, wondering what'll really happen and then BAM you are hit with icy legends, romance, possible death, AND JUST EVERYTHGIN SO INTENSE OMG!!!

Also, as a cautionary note and (sorry) a huge spoiler, the series goes into the Inuit legends and sort of creates a religious myth of its own. Made me very slightly uncomfortable, but that may just be me. And anyway, the whole series is still AWESOME!
" said.

"over 432 pages; I read only 108 pages. and cannot add this to my elementary collection. It has a storyline with a college student named David Rain who is involved with a girlfriend he is considering moving in with. Later a girl from his college department aggressively pursues him - grabs him by the neck and kisses him. This is just not appropriate subject matter and age appropriate characters for elementary kids. The first book in the series was weird but ok. This one is NOT! Definitely NOT recommended for ES. Why do the publishers say ages 8-12? It is not EVEN in that ballpark! Seriously!" said.

"This book was very interesting, I was expecting a story all about a boy going out and slaying a dragon, but instead got a book about how humans interact with dragons. The characters are very developed and the plot has many twists and turns. The two things that I didn't like about this book though was how much information they gave you at once, it often got confusing and hard to tell what was going on. It also has a lack of description in the setting, this is a very important part of the book, can even sometimes tell you information about other parts of the book. Overall this was a very good book, the plot and characters were very interesting but some details in the setting were lacking" said.

"Likes: While The Fire Within was a great introductory book, Icefire is the perfect beginning to the meat of the series. Lucy makes her first dragon – a wishing dragon. David names him and so the dragon becomes his, and after making a bizarre wish, things get a little crazy. This novel is a quick moving story that never quits with the intensity of the story and interesting plot devices never waver. I like that we get a closer look at the dragons and their personalities. We also get introduced to a few new characters – Zanna and Aunty Gweneth – that are both quirky and scary respectively. The element that I loved the most about this novel though is the fact that it has so much to do with the Earth and how all things are connected.

Dislikes: While I understood the path this novel was taking, I can see where it would be confusing to some readers. David suddenly can communicate with dragons, a new love interest is thrust on to the scene, and there is visions/time travel/alternate dimensions that can muddle readers minds.

I may a little biased again in the rating of this novel, but I have to give it 5 snowflakes.
" said.

" While I enjoyed the first book things began to take a turn in this one. Just not as intriguing I guess. I stopped reading the series on this book! Bummer. . . . " said.

" I liked the book because their was dragons in the book and they were made out clay. It also had facts about medieval times. It also talked about ancient polar bears. " said.

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