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UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 47 user ratings

"i do have to say i was a bit disappointed by this book. it was okay but not great, i¨m alittle unsure if ill buy the rest of the series. " said.

" The hard part will be waiting for the next book.. " said.

This book is a fast-paced, page-turning thrill ride! T.M. Goeglein's teenage heroine is one that SO many of us can relate to, and yet this particular teenager, Sara Jane Rispoli, is also a closet badass with a unique supernatural power that even she is still attempting to understand and harness.

Goeglein's writing is fluid and exciting, and you find yourself tucked within it, watching the action alongside Sara Jane (and rooting for her to get out of each situation alive!) The imagery is vivid, film-like, and so suspenseful that it will keep you up reading much longer than you'd intended. The end of each chapter only makes you more eager to move on to the next!

As a Chicagoan, Goeglein has transformed my city into a dark, magical place where I am wondering what's lurking around every corner and behind every closed door. The thought of this dangerous underground world running parallel to my own daily routine makes even the most mundane errand thrilling and new!

I could say much more about this book, but I don't want to spoil the adventure for anyone else.
Now I just have to sit tight and wait for book 2...

" said.

"A fast and very furious read, this book grabs a hold of you and won't let go until you finished it. And then it leaves you anxiously waiting for part 2 in the series, and with the hope that there will be a movie down the road.

The writing is so rich and colorful, it makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the action, you can picture every scenario vividly. If you're from Chicago or even visited once, you will recognize a lot of the locations which makes the story even more tangible.

For two days I suffered and rejoiced with teenager Sara Jane Rispoli and her sidekick, Doug, movie-obsessed and a bit overweight, and her Italian Greyhound, Harry.

This book is action-packed, but it also provides a rich exploration of its characters and the Chicago mob scene.

I found it particularly interesting to read a book from the perspective of a 16-year-old girl, written by a male author. Definitely a recipe for a bad-ass heroine, but she has a vulnerable girly side that faces all the typical coming of age challenges, like every other girl... except she finds out that she is just not like every other girl.

Despite its categorization as a Young Adult book, I am convinced that this series will captivate readers of all ages.
" said.

"I won Cold Fury in a giveaway on LibraryThing. Before I start, I’d like to make a small note to just say that I rarely directly ask publishers for ARCs (have never been given them either) and usually these ARC reviews are from giveaways I’ve won or digital e-ARCs that I’ve been granted through NetGalley or Edelweiss. (You can find my full review here: Review of Cold Fury

Cold Fury took me by surprise really. I’ve always loved movies like Mission Impossible and The Bourne Supremacy, and while reading this book, I felt like I’d been transported into one of those films. The thing about this story is that it’s different. It’s not your typical YA Mystery/Contemporary. It completely feels like its own genre while you’re reading. You have action and adventure, mystery and a little bit of romance, suspense and family drama--all rolled into one nicely written tale. What I liked best was the narration. Sara Jane has spunk, despite her flaws. She’s not perfect, physically or emotionally, and she’s not afraid to admit it. But she does her best and gives you a story that you don’t want to stop reading, even when you’re about to burn supper (true story).

Everything about this story grabbed me. I have to be honest though…it’s not as fast-paced as I’d hoped. It started a bit slow with a solid building of the characters, life, and background, but I really didn’t have a problem with this. Some people may. Some people may go running for it expecting something so action-packed that it never quits from the first page. This is not it. I’m a character and plot-driven person. And that’s what I loved about Cold Fury. It gave it all. I saw a movie in my mind playing the entire time.

Cold Fury --a fantastic page-turner.

" said.

So upon reading this, I was asked to be in the Cold Fury tour. I was pretty excited, even though I'd never heard of the book or author. But when I received it in the mail, I was elated and ready to jump on it! Sadly, things were getting in the way here and there so it took me awhile to finally finish this. But wow, what an awesome journey it was!! Thank you T.M for allowing me to be a part of your tour! You rock!

So to move on with my review.....

Sara Jane Rispoli is about to turn 16. But wow, what a life she is living and what a way to spend your sweet sixteen. First of all, she is facing regular teen issues. She is an outcast, doesn't have a date for prom and her family keeps so many secrets that when she enters the room, they are all so quiet and obvious. Talk about a lovely family. It's like you wonder what they are so hush hush about. Oh and on top of that, your uncle is married to a real demanding, inconsiderate little bitch. Her family owns a bakery but constantly fight about who will get it once the grandfather passes. It's a real joy being Sara. She finds out there is a notebook filled with family secrets and people are after her to get it back.....

Her family including her little brother mysteriously disappear and she wants to know why and what the Hell is going on. Sara takes us on this ride that is pretty bumpy but very thrilling. I loved her voice. I felt like she was telling me her story and I was seeing it through her eyes. We got to see everything leading up to the disappearance and got to know the characters and their personalities. I normally don't read these kinds of books but it was a fresh new story and I enjoyed it alot. There is also no romance but I feel in the next book there will be some for sure. This is the first of a trilogy and I think everyone should read it. It was definitely fun and intense at times. I can't wait to see what happens in the next one! Sara Jane is definitely a kick ass heroine and she reminds me of Katniss!! Go Sara!!!
" said.

"Well that was a badass little bit of fun.

Sara Jane Rispoli is your average, kinda shy teenager (who, okay, just so happens to box for fun) whose family runs a Chicago area bakery. Except one day she comes home and they're gone and the house has been totally tossed and it turns out that they're linked to the mob and her life is super in danger. You know, your average high school problems.

Turns into quite the action-packed little story as Sara Jane tries to unravel all these new secrets, find out what happened to her family, and, you know, not get killed.

Strongest thing to me about this book is the action. It is crazy with the action and the plot turns and the secrets being uncovered and the ass kickings, ie not the best thing for me to read before bed because it kept getting me so revved up. The secret underworld Goeglein created is super cool, esp to anyone who's lived in Chicago and/or is into mafia stuff. Def makes me wonder which, if any of said underworld, is based on real stuff or if it's all just the spawn of Goeglein's imagination. Either way, super cool.

Def feels like it's right in the sweet spot for the YA audience, honestly prob vg crossover for both male and female readers since it's got the female lead but is also packed with mafia/badassery. Also def feels v cinematic to me, like you can totally see it being the next Bourne or Laura Croft or whatever - very compelling female lead in jeopardy kicking ass on her own behalf. Wouldn't be surprised one whit if it got optioned for the screen, the author definitely did the key thing of creating a v unique and compelling lead character (which can be v hard to do) that actors would totally dig playing.

Speaking of which, this is another book that makes the interesting choice of putting a strong female character into a traditionally male world (one of my fave things they do in the Game of Thrones series). V interesting choice by the author, to show another world filled with the strong macho mindset/restricted roles for women and then puts a girl in it (a young one nonetheless) who not only bucks the rules, but has every reason to. Score one for feminism. Huzzah!
" said.

"Oh. My. Goodness! I am going to try and keep my gushing down to a minimum but no promises. This is my favorite book of 2012 to date! Cold Fury is the kind of book that makes me wish that I had a rating higher than 5 gavels. It is in the superstar league that I reserve for Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (in my opinion). I felt like it was written specifically for me. It felt super personal and I absolutely loved every page, every word, and every second of reading it!

Let's start with Sarah Jane. Not only is Cold Fury my favorite book of 2012 so far- Sarah Jane is my favorite heroine ever. That’s right- I said EVER. She is just so cool! I instantly connected with her. Her critical skepticism and starkly realistic view of the world made her a girl after my own heart. Plus she is a fighter- both literally and figuratively. She's literally a boxer, and figuratively she never gives up. This is a girl I want on my side all the time. But the awesome thing is that she was so well rounded, but not perfect. She is pretty but she has an Italian nose. (which is a nice way of saying big nose. But I am allowed to say that because I too am an Italian with the same prominent facial feature) There are just so many quotes and lines from this book that I loved and completely captured my thoughts and emotions. I could honestly made a really cool composite of Cold Fury words of wisdom and quotes and hang it up in my room.

Sarah Jane isn't the only cool character. Willy is hilarious and Sarah's brother is so smart. Cold Fury is full of mystery, intrigue and tons of kick ass action and fighting. It deals with the Chicago mafia, and that aspect of it kind of reminded me of Mob Wives Chicago. Some of the stuff they say is hilarious. "once a rat, always a rat!" (I can't be the only one to watch that reality show! Such a guilty pleasure)

Cold Fury has you running through the streets of Chicago and through secret doors all over the place! And the way that background information and "mafia history" is flawlessly incorporated into the story had me engrossed from cover to cover. The writing is excellent, the story line even better and the characters are three dimensional and magnificent. This is going to be a hard book to top for me. Run, don't walk to your nearest bookstore on July 24th to snag a copy of Cold Fury. You won't be sorry, I promise!
" said.

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