Once Upon a Frog (Whatever After #8) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-22 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 27 user ratings

" I love this series!!! This one is a twisted version of The Frog Prince, and had me laughing the entire time. The twist near the end threw me for a loop!! Middle grade readers and fans of princess Tiana will enjoy this book. " said.

" Abby and Jonah once again travel through the magic mirror in their basement to a fairy tale world. This time, they are in the story of the frog prince; however, the frog prince is not all that he appears and is not telling the whole truth. " said.

" Fairy tales meet Magic Treehouse in this series about a girl and her brother who travel through a magic mirror. In this one, Abby, Jonah and their dog Prince are thrown into the Frog Prince tale. Their attempts to change him back into a human are rather funny. Nothing works and no one is as they seem. This is a cute story aimed at students 8-12. " said.

" Abby and her younger brother Jonah travel through the magic mirror and into the story of the Frog Prince. They need to find a happy ending for the frog but along the way discover that the princess needs her own happy ending as well. This is a popular series in my K-5 school library and I hadn't read any of the books yet. Though the story is clearly part of a series, it's still understandable for those who haven't read the other books. " said.

"I really enjoy this series. I like Mlynowski's style of writing and reading these aloud to my daughter, she enjoys these stories immensely. Despite some predictability (Abby always has a 'real world' problem that her adventures in the fairy tale help her solve afterwards), the way in which she changes up the original fairy tale stories is fun and interesting for their target audience. My daughter and I are both looking forward to the next and most recent release in this series - then it's back to waiting for more books to be published." said.

"- I'm starting to wonder if this series is ever going to end, and if I'm ever going to find out what is up with Maryrose.

- I liked all the different methods Abby and Jonah used to try to turn the frog back into a prince, especially throwing him around. Ha!

- I love that these retellings are a spin off the original fairy tale and not the Disney version, and I also love that the Disney movies are referenced. (Princess and the Frog is a stupid movie though, and I wish Disney had done a better job.)

- The twists in these retellings are clever and fun. Despite there being a bunch of books in this series, I'm still enjoying them.

- I liked that the characters were not what they seemed at first. The message of getting to know someone before casting judgement was a good one!
" said.

"This installment of the “Whatever After” series finds Abby and Jonah in the story of The Frog Prince. Abby is familiar with the classic tale’s elements: princess, golden ball, frog prince, wall, kiss. But Abby’s dog interferes with the princess’ golden ball, and Abby finds herself in the well with frog Prince Frederic. The petulant and precocious princess is upset about losing the golden ball and Abby, Jonah and Prince Frederic travel to the castle in order to throw Prince Frederic against the castle wall to return him to human form. But, of course, in any fractured fairy tale things don’t go as planned. Prince Frederic is not as he seems and the spoiled princess proves her worth when she rescues Abby from Prince Frederic and helps Abby and Jonah return home. The ending seems a little hurried and pat, but fans of the series will no doubt like this one. It also works as a standalone read." said.

"I really liked this book and it was really interesting. I enjoy this series and read every book in it except for the first one. The summary can be found down below if you want to keep reading.

Abby and her little brother Jonah promised their parents they wouldn't go "play" in their basement in the middle of the night anymore, but the kids decide to go down anyway just to ask the fairy, Maryrose, who lives inside the magic mirror, a question. But when Abby goes upstairs, Jonah and their dog, Prince, get whisked away into the mirror. Abby goes through, but is unsure if she landed inside the same fairytale, because Abby is stuck inside a well. Jonah finds Abby, and Abby discovers they are in The Frog Prince story and Abby is trapped in the well with the talking frog, Frederic. Soon, they have to help the frog become a prince again and get back to Smithville before Abby and Jonah's parents wake up. Will they do it?
I rate this book 4 stars.
" said.

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