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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-24 
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"I was really surprised by Nightfall and not in a good way. Everything about this story screams my perfect read - a mysterious village, super creepy forests, secretive customs, giant creepy statues with messages on them such as "THE HOUSES MUST BE WITHOUT STAIN". So why on earth was I actually bored reading this book?

Don't get me wrong, this is a clever book. It's very unique, it's fast paced and it's creepy as hell. I think my problem was simply that I've read A LOT (one metric fuck ton to be precise) of books and I was so caught up on the smaller details that I had difficulty actually enjoying the book.

The biggest issue was the characters. Marin and Kana are twins, but different as night and day (ironically). Line is a sort of love interest that ends up getting them nearly killed in the first place because the stupid idiot decides to look for a necklace. It was a little like they'd met at a bus stop, I felt no real sense of friendship between any of them, which was jarring.

A few plot holes... At one point they end up in what can only be described as a sewage pit, where Marin gets sliced on something. Given that Line is now nursing gangrene this is clearly a Huge Problem. Except it's never mentioned again. (view spoiler)" said.

"For those of you that don't know, I'm a huge horror enthusiastic. I take my scary stuff very seriously. What better way for a booklover to spend her (or his) Halloween, then to stay inside and read! Along the lines of Stephen King, Mary Downing Hahn and other well known horror authors, reading horror and ghost stories is something I'm very much frightened out by and yet I keep doing it! Let me introduce to you today... Nightfall by Jake Halpern.

Take this warning very seriously and do not read this book at night! I REPEAT: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK AT NIGHT. I usually never start a review with my final and closing thoughts but I figured this would be an easy way of convincing people to read this book. This book is terrifyingly scary. If I didn't know any better, this book is just an adaptation of a really gripping horror movie that was released a while ago. I cannot get over the fact at how scared I was in the process of reading the book and a long while after. Guys, guys, I think I've found my new horror author interests! Ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause to Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski.

When you read this book, you'll find yourself paranoid and always looking behind you to make sure nothing odd is there. That's how chilling this book is. I immediately found myself engrossed in the world of this story. In any alternate universe, this book could be an exact reflection of how our future will turnout to be. You will see that you finally begin to take notice of those small noises that occur when you sleep. It's the smallest things that will freak you out, and it will be all because of this book.

The story is simple and that's what I love about it. The authors took time to focus on the creepy aspect of this book rather than abide by professional book technicalities and complex language. It's an easy and quick read that any horror book-lover's hunger for terrifying literature.

There is more to the story than these kids being stuck on an island filled with darkness. Anyone who has ever been left on the island has not survived and no one would expect a bunch of kids to survive the fall of darkness, so why should they have faith in themselves? As the reader, you're taken through their story of being left on the island and having no knowledge, whatsoever, of where to begin with staying warm and staying alive. Your supposed to be the one by their side, figuring it all out for the first time. In some ways, I found it new and enlightening to find that we were on the same level of knowledge as the narrators were.

If you're not a big fan of horror, I would still suggest you read this to make sure you 100% aren't liking the genre! This book might just change your mind (I promise).
" said.

" Nightfall was nothing like I was expecting. I was expecting and ready to be scared. I imagined creepy people and/or animals crawling out of the book. " said.

"El libro tenía todas las de ganar, un inicio con mucho enganche, consolidando con una buena trama, personajes simples y razonables y para rematar fácil de leer.

Fue todo lo contrario, al terminar el libro sólo pude decir ¿QUÉ DEMONIOS ACABO DE LEER? , hizo un WACHO (algo muy revuelto) y la verdad no le encontré sentido. Hay que reconocer que la ambientación nunca fue buena, sin embargo te interesaba saber más sobre la trama y todo se tornó predecible, y eso es un punto débil y más en un libro de Ciencia Ficción .
" said.

"3.5 stars

First off, let me say that I think the premise of this book is fantastic. Very intriguing, creepy, and suspenseful. And the world building is spot on. Both authors are very creative, and deserve mad props for that. I was very interested in reading this book.
However, I have to admit that the book fell a little flat for me. It felt rushed, and like they only touched the surface. The characters were flat too, and didn't act in a natural way at times. I guess what I'm saying is that that whole book felt kind of 2D.
2D isn't bad, of course, but think back to the old Super Mario Bros. game. It was fun, and we all enjoyed playing it. But remember how our minds were blown when Nintendo 360 came out and they had a 3D Mario game? Yeah, I feel like this book lost a potential mind-blowing because it was still 2D.
" said.

" Trying to start off October with some creepy/horror. This is NOT what I am after. I just need to accept the reality that YA is not my thing. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. " said.

"2.5 Stars - I didn't like this one nearly as much as I thought I would. Nightfall is a interesting blend between fantasy and thriller, but I really didn't feel anything toward the characters. The characters were pretty much shells for the most part with little personality to the point where I would forget whose 3rd person POV I was reading from and have to check. The pacing is incredibly fast at times and yet for the most part, this book drags and flip flops genres like it's not quite sure what kind of novel it truly is." said.

"3.5 Stars-
Nightfall is a story that really portrays our deepest paranoia when night-time comes, in a thrilling and grotesque way. It brings our meaningless fears to life in the form of clawed beasts who are out to get anyone remaining on the island.

Nightfall is a YA novel, and in some ways this limits the novel, as it has so much potential to be truly horrific and terrifying. There were only a handful of times where I was freaked out by the goings on (and as an extremely paranoid person, I get scared easily), i really had hoped the story would be scary, and well, a horror, as its very rare I have the guts to delve into anything dubbed a horror.

The story is good, and focuses on the three main characters Marin, Line(???) And Kana's survival. The fact that they were solely focused on survival I loved, as they weren't plagued by unnecessary romances and the occasional plot twist, which in definitely added to the story. For me, it did lack excitement, the novel wasn't bad, but it wasn't especially amazing, its just..good. I loved that the story ended on Kana and Marin consolidating each other's questions on their being siblings, instead of a weak ending with a failed random romance with Line. This focus I loved, as it made it different from all your typical dramatic YA novels that focus on romance etc.

I do hope there is a sequel, as I wish to learn more about the characters and the world as the conclusion merely concluded their escape and not much else.
Overall, a fairly enjoyable read!
" said.

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