The Immortals Quartet: Wild Magic; Wolf-Speaker; Emperor Mage; The Realms of the Gods Reviews

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" Still love Tortall and everything about it. Pierce really gets into the mythology aspect of her world in these books, which I absolutely love. She gives a perfect blend of fun new characters and cameos from old favorites. I think I liked all of these books equally. Books:Wild Magic 4 starsWolf Speaker 4 starsEmperor Mage 4 starsThe Realms of the Gods 4 stars " said.

"These books only get better as the series progresses. It might even be my favorite of all Tamora Pierce's series; certainly Daine is my favorite of her Tortallan heroines. I have one question though, and this is a slight spoiler alert (though a very predicable one), but was anybody else a little freaked out by the 16 year old hooking up with the 30 year old at the end? I get that she writes the characters so they are at the same maturity level, and that Daine is an adult in her world, but she's still just 16! I guess I would have borne it better if Daine had dated other men, or been at least 20 years that sense I think the 'romance' bit in Allana's series is much better than this one, but then one of the great things about this series is that it is almost totally an adventure story with very little romance until the end. Maybe I just need to get over it; I do like Numair.." said.

"I definitely like the first book in the Immortal series the best, I felt it had the strongest plot line of all the books. As the books progressed it seemed the plot line got weaker and less thought out in parts which was a huge disappointment since I have enjoyed several series by Tamora Pierce.

Daine is a really interesting character who developed a lot during the series. I am not sure I agreed with how Daine handled everything in her life, being a teenager I could not see her being so agreeable all the time.

One part I did love was how characters that have already had series (like Alanna of Trebond) were in the Immortal series and shared their wisdom with Daine. Daine's animal friends were also interesting and how they perceived things compared to humans.

While the writing was well done and the words flowed nicely I just did not think the plot line was strong enough to carry across four books. Each book dealt more with an individual situation Daine was dealing with and did not together very strongly.
" said.

"Of all the series in the realm of Tortall, I am liking the newest books that Pierce is publishing much more than these classics.

Still, of the classics, I'd have to pick Daine as one of my favorite heroine's. (In the realm of Tortall I'd take Ali as my all-time favorite, though!) I love her perspective of the world. Not so much the angsty teenager bits (well, there aren't so many, since she was forced to grow up young) but more so the talking to animals bits. Although I am afraid of a lot of animals, Pierce, through her character, managed to open my eyes a bit more to how animals think (I'd say it's pretty accurate, although I don't know how much research she has done!)

Of the four books in this series my favorite used to be Emperor Mage, then I changed it to Wolf Speaker, and I think now it's Emperor Mage again. I love how she takes the stupid Emperor Orzone down a notch or 50!

I dislike the last book quite a bit, mainly because the writing doesn't flow so well (it gets pretty confusing at some parts, and I'm sure I must have read the books at least 10 times each!) and I'm not all that interested in her struggle with the gods and chaos. The first book was interesting due to being introduced to her magical powers and wild magic, but Diane's abilities just weren't developed enough to suit me!

Anyway, it's a great series, although it's a bit YA (okay, a lot YA!) but it doesn't have that icky-cloying YA feel to it that so many other books these days have. I love it!
" said.

"Again, it is hard to give my thoughts without giving spoilers.

If your hands are on the Immortals series and you haven't read The Lioness quartet, I would HIGHLY recommend you do that first before you read this.
You don't have to, really, this series can stand on its own. BUT!! I personally recommend, going thru the Lioness books first, then this. You'll enjoy the characters more if you do.

Daine is a female mogli (of junglebook fame). But make no mistake-- there are no babboons or bears or anything jungle-ly about this series. When you read the series, you get Daine and her animals. And you journey with her as she discovers a talent uniquely her own-- and meets people similar but not alike to her. You get magic, animals, and a yummy plot that will, again, keep you pinned to your seat (or in some cases, in bed-- with the blankets all around you and pillows cushioning you) as you breeze through the story.


Honestly, it's hard to make comments without spoiling things. So I'll answer some simple questions instead.
Should you read it? Yes. It's a fun, light read. Perfectly tying up with the Lioness quartet.

Do I recommend it? Yes. Again, the target audience is adolescents. But I believe, as with any fantasy reader-- if you read fantasy-- you've always retained a hand-hold on your youth. So yes, you'll enjoy this no matter how old you are.

Should I grab anything by Tamora Pierce? Abso-freaking-lutely yes. If you love fantasy-- and you like light reads that open a world of fantasy you don't want to leave... then yes.
" said.

"This review will cover the entire Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce.

About the Series: As young Daine finds love and acceptance among her new friends, she comes to accept and grow into her powers—powers she must use to defend her new home, the freedom-loving kingdom of Tortall.

High Fantasy; Children’s & YA; published 1992-1996.

This series was one of my favorites, growing up, and it’s still a great choice for children and teens today. With its complete worldbuilding, unique magic, medieval action and winning characters—including a relatable and sensible young heroine—The Immortals quartet is one of Pierce’s best series (in my opinion, of course). I reread it recently and decided it was high time to write a review.

Strengths: (1) The best thing about Tamora Pierce’s three earliest Tortallan series (which I’ve always considered her strongest), is that each book builds up the Tortallan universe. Following Pierce’s debut series “Song of the Lioness,” this later series takes place in the same universe and is improved by the author’s growing experience. It boasts more carefully crafted worldbuilding and (2) more nuanced enemies. The whole cast of this series, in fact, is even stronger than that of the preceding series: Onua the horsemistress, the animals and even relatively minor characters such as Maura of Dunlath are pleasantly complex, as compared to the simpler background cast of Song of the Lioness. Numair Salmalin is my absolute favorite Pierce character of all time (which makes the news of his upcoming origins series REALLY VERY EXCITING).

Weakness: As is usual in Pierce’s early work (I haven’t read much of her later work), the plots are mostly contained in each book, instead of stretching across the entire series. However, being a character-driven reader, myself, I don’t mind; questions of character—such as the mystery of Daine’s father—tie the books together just fine for me. The openness also leaves room for further installments.

Overall: The Immortals series is one of my favorite female-driven fantasies of all time.

Recommendation: Good for anyone, including adults who enjoy fantasy—but especially great for children and teens.

My individual book ratings can be found on the individual books. See this review and others on my review blog.
" said.

" This is a light and enjoyable read. Sort of mind candy. " said.

" Despite reading this as an adult - and therefore well outside the target audience - it retains its charm. For a young girl who is animal crazy, this is sure to be a winner. " said.

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