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"My son and I both thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series (through #18; the rest weren't published / available at our library yet). Mrs. Rylant's sentence structure is simple enough for beginning readers to enjoy but don't let that fool you! Each book contains an engaging plot, clever & silly humor, and underlying themes of friendship, thoughtfulness, and responsibility. We spent many hours laughing together at the (mis)adventures of Mr. Putter, Tabby, and their friends. We were excited to find out what would happen as we started each book. HIGHLY recommend!!!" said.

"#1 in the Series.

09/12: Revisiting the series. Can't remember when first started reading these. This is the first book in the series. My boys loved learning about when Mr. Putter got Tabby. We are hooked on this entire series.

Amazon Book Description:
The gentle, affecting first volume introduces elderly Mr. Putter, who decides that a cat will keep him from feeling lonely. Rylant’s texts reflect admirable concern for brevity and meticulous consideration of every word. They are in perfect sync with Howard’s expressive sketches, which slip abundant visual jokes into sunny, transparent watercolors and gouaches, and fluid pencil and pastel scribbles.
" said.

"This book, as well as the rest of the books in the Mr. Putter and Tabby series would be a great way to introduce the idea of chapter books to young students that are still reading picture books. The book is formatted like a picture book, and has very few lines per page but it is also sectioned into three short chapters. I would use this to introduce the idea of chapter books because it wouldn’t be overwhelming to students who aren’t familiar with them at all. I also think this book would make a good read-aloud and reading one of the books in this series out loud in class would be a great way to introduce them, and then I would be sure to tell the students that there are twelve other books in this series because they may be interested in reading them independently." said.

"Popular Series

This is the story of a lonely older man named Mr. Putter. As he goes through his day, he realizes that he wants a friend and decides to adopt a cat. He finds the perfect yellow cat. She is older, like him, and he names her Tabby. By the end of the story, they have become best friends and set up a daily routine that makes them both happy.

I love Arthur Howard’s illustrations in this book because they are bright and show exactly what is happening on each page. Since this book is meant for independent readers that are in between picture books and chapter books, I think it would be helpful to them that the pictures follow the story so well.

I thought this book was a sweet story about friendship and happiness, and it shows the value of a good friend. I would use this book with second and third graders as independent reading or to read in small groups.
" said.

"I love these books, the whole series. They are warm and funny. Mr. Putter is so earnest, and kind, and polite. It’s just that funny things keep happening to him. Often in children’s books the elderly are described as crotchety or addled, but Mr. Putter is so easy to identify with. The illustrations are very expressive, they really communicate the emotions of the characters, especially Tabby.

These books are written for children who have outgrown “early readers” but are not quite ready for “chapter” books. They’re still easy to read and have a picture on each page, but they have more words on each page, and an increased vocabulary. So I really, really recommend Mr. Putter if you have a child at that stage. I also recommend Mr. Putter for reading out loud. My three year old loves to have these read to her, especially when it’s her brother reading!

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"Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book - Fiction, early readers, picture book.
Estimate of grade level of interest- K-2 grade
Estimate of reading level - 6 -9 years
Brief description- This was my introduction to Mr Putter and Tabby! As a huge fan of animals, and animal rescues, I was delighted to find a book that advocated for the adoption of older animals! The story very sweetly illustrates the development of their friendship, and their days spent together.
Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book - "in a picture storybook, the illustrations and the text must equally bear the burden of narration" (Huck, page 65). In Mr Putter and Tabby, the watercolor illustrations portray a light perspective on the challenges of growing old and being alone, and Mr Putter's solution to this challenge. "Continues to need warmth and security in family relationships" (Huck, page43). Children at the stage of most early readers can not imagine being alone in the world. Mr Putter is able to find a companion to keep him company in his older years, providing children with a happy ending.
In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience? - "Children respond to stories piecemeal." (Huck, page 51) They will respond to parts of the book. As in this book, they may respond to the familiar, "my grandmother lives by herself", or to a particular illustration, "that looks like my cat!". "strive to accomplish skills expected by adults" (Huck, page 41) The text is simple, and accessible from an early age, with pictures that help support understanding of the text as young readers acquire skills.
Awards if any - none
Links to published reviews from professional sources - Publishers Weekly, SLJ, Kirkus

" said.

" This is such a lovely story about an old man who is lonely and goes out looking for a cat. He finds kittens at the pet store, but he wants an adult cat, so he goes to the shelter, where he finds Tabby. Tabby is old and creaky and sleepy like him, and together they share a life of gardening, tea, and sunshine. Very sweet. Good for cat theme or friendship theme. Quite wordy, with three mini chapters, probably 4-5+. " said.

Lonely Mr. Putter find himself in need of companionship. He wants a cat. No kitten! At the animal shelter Mr. Putter finds a sweet old tabby whose bones creek, and who has thinning hair and is partially deaf; just like Mr. Putter! The two are perfect for each other. This book is the first in the series that follows the friendship of Mr. Putter and Tabby.

The author chooses her words well and the text is simple yet evocative. I appreciate how the author chose to portray Mr. Putter as a gentle, kind old man, instead of a crotchety old guy. This transitional chapter book has just the right amount of white space versus text, and the watercolor illustration support the text on each page.

Teacher Recommendation:
Literature circle, guided reading, whole group reading with interactive response journals. Morning meeting discussions about companionship and what makes a good friend.
" said.

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