Gross-Out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-21 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 12 user ratings

"Ohhhh, I ADORE Halloween! For me, Halloween is a tie with Chirstmas! So, this book was a perfect fit for me. My children will never be the same. Neither will their classmates, Bwahahaaaaaa!!!" said.

"okay, so i actually don't own this book, but was checking it out on here and had a thought. some of the cakes may not be suited for younger children... for example, my son just turned 2. we have 2 cats, and therefor a littler box. would i want to make a cake that looks like one? doubtful, because it could be very confusing. if he can eat the one on the table, why not the one in the bathroom? see what i'm saying? just a thought before you buy..." said.

"I'm not sure what the other person was referring to there are over 30 recipes in this book and of course as the title says they are quite gross.

The recipes do call for packaged cake mix and jell-o packages as well as packaged candies. The Kitty Litter Cake for instance uses a german chocolate cake and white cake mix baked as directed. You then crumble cakes into a real kitty litter pan (for effect) and then you serve it with a pooper scooper. Cover with pudding and crushed oreo cookies tinted green. The tootsie rolls you melt and scatter throughout to look like "poop".

The gross out cupcakes are really a gross out and look like bugs, worms, or aliens. Hopefully my children know not to then go out and eat real bugs and worms. I'm not sure the other review was fair when she said to worry about whether your child will then go out and eat the real kitty litter. OMG.

There are a few other party ideas at the end of the book to add to the grossness of these cakes. Overall a descent cookbook for the price.
" said.

"True, they are boxed cakes that are used, but I would rather do that than bake one of them from scratch.
Made the Litter Cake for Halloween and I was praised for the "realistic" tootsie rolls! When you have 5 cats it is easy to get realistic on a tootsie-roll!!
I found the whole idea to bring mixed reviews. Some people would not eat it, others could not wait to get a scoop! I did not like the cake, but others just loved it.
My son wants the "Road Kill Cake" for his birthday this month.
It is a fun cookbook to have. I also gave one as a gift and they are very happy. Next of the menu may be "The Bleeding Brain"!
" said.

"Yes, this book is not called "cutsey Halloween cakes" for a reason. They are truly gross, and luckily that is what I was looking for. My favorites are "Day Old Bathwater", and "Pghlem Brulee'". The ONLY problem I had with this book was the price. It is a SMALL, thin book, and a bit pricey for that. If you are going to buy it, try to get it secondhand, to save some money, if you pay the full amount you might be disappointed.It is very well done, though, with great pictures and instructions. I payed $11 for mine and wish I would held out until someone was selling it cheaper." said.

"I love Halloween and this book has some great gross treats within..My grandchildren would not eat food if they thought it looked gross. I originally got this book to show them gross foods may be delicious. We made the kitty litter cake together and they loved how good it was. We have made other gross treat and they loved them. They will now try gross looking foods." said.

"This is a great book. Everyone who looked at it were grossed out!! If you like grossed out recipies this book is for you." said.

"This is a great little book and the recipes are all very easy. So, easy that you can let older kids join in the fun which is a great way to get kids interested in cooking.

By far the "Kitty Litter" cake is the best looking gross out illusion. The addition of Tootsie Roll cat turds really sells the effect.

I would have given this book 5 stars except for the fact that none of the other cakes even come close to that level of detail, most of them just look like a mess poured out on a plate. That's too bad because I was hoping for something that would look great at an adult Halloween party. Anyway, I'm hoping that I can take some of the ideas here and tweek them enough to come up with something that will look creepy for Halloween but still taste good to adults.

So, if you have kids (boys and tomboys, in particular) or you know a "crazy cat lady", then the cost of this book is well worth it just for the "Kitty Litter" cake recipe. I know some folks complained about spending $13 for such a small cookbook but obviously they haven't tried to buy a nice cake at a bakery lately. All the bakeries I've been too charge way more than $13 for a normal looking, average tasting birthday cake. And the cat turds are extra!!!
" said.

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