Throwing Strikes: My Quest for Truth and the Perfect Knuckleball Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-04 
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" RA Dickey, without actually calling it by name, writes about how mindfulness changed his life for the better. Living fully present, acknowledging anxiety producing thoughts and just letting them go, living life one pitch at a time, this is what some of the principles of mindfulness are and he sells them really well! I counsel child and teen victims of trauma and I will recommend this to my teen boys. " said.

"I loved the original version (Wherever I wind up), but was disappointed with this one. Not that it's too different, because it isn't. I didn't really notice any significant difference. Perhaps the abuse he suffered as a child is described somewhat less, but it is still described. As a "Young Reader's Version", I had high hopes that this book would be suitable and beneficial for my 11-year old sports-mad son. But with those descriptions in there I can't deem it suitable and therefore it will not be beneficial. Very disappointed." said.

"Great book. R.A. sure has been through alot to get where he is in MLB. His career, especially early on was up and down continuously. I give him credit for his perseverence. I could never stick it out like that. And his wife - I don't know how she survived the roller coaster. The constant moving and sleeping on air mattresses. Unfortunately this is all too common for many major leaguers. Just an incredible read. I recommend to baseball fans. I'm not even fond of knuckle-ballers and I enjoyed the book." said.

"The book "Throwing Strikes" was an amazing book, that was wrote by Professional Baseball Player, R.A. Dickey, with the help of two other authors. He was a 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner, which means that he was the best pitcher in the National League in 2012. It is a book written about R.A. Dickey's journey to the major leagues he got sent down and sent up and sent down and sent up again. He never gave up on his dream to be a Major League Baseball player. He had to make decisions that could have changed his life if he said yes. But he turned down offers that most people would take, because he wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. So,he didn't give up on his dream and kept pushing, and in the end he ended up being one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball." said.

"I really liked the book "Throwing Strikes" by R.A. Dickey because it was about baseball, and how his life was bad and good, and how he became an amazing baseball player.

Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey was a great book. When he was a child, his parents were poor. At age 8 his parents divorced and he stayed with his mom for a while until he got sick of all of her drinking and drugs. His mom was really sad when he left to go live with his dad for a while. In his pitching carrernhe played at the University of Tennessee. He was a stud pitcher and a top five round draft pick in the MLB by the Rangers. Right before Spring Training, they took an MRI in his elbow. The test results were that he was missing a UCL and ended up getting sent to the minors. The rest of the book is about his journey as a regular pitcher to a knuckleballer. His trip about learning and trying to get to the Major Leagues is very interesting.
I would recommend this book to anybody who plays sports is, and anybody who likes baseball.
" said.

"This book was adapted from his memoir Wherever I Wind Up. The target audience is for young readers and the other is more for adults. It still includes the issues that has shaped his life but doesn't include the details. (Sometimes when I read autobiographies where abuse happens its more scary and horrifying because it was real.). It also omits issues that children may not be interested in like the difficulties of being a good husband. For those who are endeavouring to be athletes or baseball players Throwing Strikes also includes tips at the end of the chapters. Reading Throwing Strikes is probably appropriate for a mature eleven-year-old and up. Wherever I Wind Up dwells more into the darker time periods of Dickey's life. The adult version also includes more about his relationship with God. You do not have to read both because the content and time period is the same. This is a well-written honest autobiography. You can really see the man behind the superstar. A good book to read during baseball season." said.

"I’d hate to be a minor league pitcher with high hopes and a so-so future. R.A. Dickey played in the minor leagues for 5 years ‘till he got the call from the Texas Rangers. He pitched just 4 games, setting a record in the 4th game for most home runs allowed in one game. The morning after the 4th game he sees a rookie with a great future drive a shiny, expensive Hummer into the players’ parking lot. Dickey knew he was about to be sent back to the minors. Just like that. One (very) bad game, and you’re history. " said.

" great autobio. u never really know the pasts of these athletes. I really makes u realize life is not handed out on a silver platter. " said.

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