Swallowdale (Swallows & Amazons) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-28 
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" Swallows & Amazons was such an inspirational book in my childhood, I thought it about time to catch up on some of Arthur Ransome's further 'adventures' - Swallowdale is equally charming, full of imagination and timeless innocence - superbly written. " said.

" Charming and adventurous second entry to this series. Since I don’t sail, I don’t understand the boating terminology but I assume it is correct. I like that the female characters participate in the adventures, although there is a little gender differentiation. It is a shame that we don’t live in a society that allows children this level of independence and exploration. " said.

"One of my favorite highlights from this gentle adventure is when the youngest of the combined Swallows and Amazons crew finds the hidden note and coin in the mountaintop cairn built by their parents and uncle 30 years prior. There were times when I just wanted to get through sections of the book, but I rather enjoyed the simple capers of the Swallows and Amazons and the homage to truly care-free adventuring during a summer vacation. If time were of no object, it would be fun enough to read the other 9 adventures of the Swallows and Amazons, but I'll leave it at one for now." said.

"This is the "Anne of Avonlea" of the Swallows & Amazons books. Sadly, it's the only one of the series I actually own, I think I may have only read it once in childhood and I can't see myself reading it ever again in adulthood.

It seems that I have taken weeks to read this, and in some ways I have, although that was partly due to 'Life' getting in the way of reading.

If it had been a standalone novel I would probably have abandoned it a third of the way in. I only stuck with it because I'm so looking forward to much of the rest of the series (from memory, Winter Holiday & We Didn't Mean to go To Sea were my favourites along with the stupendously outstanding Swallows & Amazons.

To be fair, it picks up quite a lot in the final third, when the pirates have been released from captivity and our intrepid explorers climb Kanchenjunga. But, to be honest, the only reason to read it is if you are doing the series and want to do it properly!
" said.

"I had no idea there were more books following Swallows and Amazons until I found a shelf full of them in a Children's bookshop! Swallowdale picks up the summer after Swallows and Amazons, although a Christmas holiday is referred to which the reader has possibly not been party to. It follows in much the same way as the first book, with exploring, adventures, pirates and shipwrecks.

The tone of these books really bring back the feeling of being a child, where the bottom of your garden could be a secret den miles from anywhere, and a small mound a never-before-climbed mountain full of perils. Its a shame that such holidays are utterly out-dated now, as practically no parent would be comfortable letting their children go off sailing and camping alone for weeks, or could do so without being taken to court for neglect or child abuse, and the children put into care. That in itself is a sad reflection on our current society, and adds a bitter-sweetness to the reading. However, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
" said.

" I wish my summer vacations could be like this: camping in a hidden valley, using a secret cave as a larder, trekking overland to climb a mountain (not a huge mountain, a big hill maybe), sailing and rowing all over an enormous lake. And at such a young age--the youngest isn't more than eight years old. In all, this makes for some good summer reading. " said.

" If you are looking for an easy yet intriguing read, then you've found them here. The whole series contain stories about four children and their imaginative travels...kind of like the chronicles of narnia but slightly more down to earth, and lots of fun. They made me laugh a lot, and helped me to see life a little bit more brightly. " said.

" Arthur Ransome's tales of British children out sailing in the Lake counties are just wonderful. Funny, quaint, perfect adventures, with the right amount of characterization, realism, whimsy, and imagination. I have re-read all of these as an adult, and they hold up to time; I can't wait to read them to my son when he's older. " said.

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