The Fate: Book 1: Tournament Wysteria (Volume 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-18 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 23 user ratings

" The Fate and his adventure to become amazing, although his attitude and whole character drives me crazy. Mainly because i am envious, i admit. Nevermind.Well written and fully enjoyable, an easy read for your afternoon. " said.

" Fun anime inspired rompIf you've ever watched anime, or played an anime based fighting game, this is for you. Great characters, well developed with interesting back stories. Oh it has a kick ass squirrel! " said.

"My primary problem with this book is the shifting perspectives being only somewhat effective. I was frustrated that internal dialogues didn't reveal all that much. Specifically with The Fate, who was built up a ton but who had, in my opinion, the least interesting chapters. I think having everyone else's perspectives but omiting The Fate's would add a much better air of mystery without the disappointment of the style not lending to characters revealing much about themselves in the internal dialogues. Overall, it felt like some "surprises" really should not have been surprises. Like the mysteries were misplaced.

Despite not quite hitting all the right notes, I found myself liking the story, especially toward the end when some things were coming together in a more satisfying way for me. The number of characters was handled fairly well and their backstories were not too bad. There were some good elements. I'd consider reading the next books. I also just might read more manga.
" said.

" Very Good ReadI read lots of high fantasy and sifi. I was surprised to find such a fun read with great characters. Very entertaining! " said.

"I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

If it were possible to give zero stars, this is the book that would finally make me want to do just that.

There was possibility in this book, but the execution was terrible. The language made no sense. The book started from out of nowhere. There was nothing to introduce the reader to the characters or world.

I tried to like these characters, but there was nothing to make them stand out. They were one dimensional at best. To be Frank, this book felt like it wanted to be a light novel or maybe an anime script, but whatever it was trying to be, a regular novel was not an accurate goal for it to have.
" said.

"I like the ideal that the author was going for the book. I give three stars for the effort of the author. He had a good idea, but there could have been better execution of it. The problem with the book was that it was not focused enough. A lot of parts should have been edited out or gone for quality over quantity. Also, I could see that the author wanted to make a story about an unlikely bunch doing the impossible, and their story how they got there.

It's a good idea, and oldie but a goodie. However, it could have less of their problems, how they did it, or their training. I don't think those parts should be chopped off as a whole or a lot, but it needed more tweaking.

Another thing, I personally, would have like to read more about is Fate, the team's captain. The story is about him, but it's not about him, because nothing is really seen from his point. I liked that, because it could make him really amazing, but staying tasteful.

However, about middle of the book, it stopped. His friends stopped following him. And that was a problem for me. I didn't really want to hear about his friends, I just wanted to focus on the protagonist, as his companions aren't that interesting. I think Wake, could have been better if you saw more of this relationship with Fate as best friend, Riser, if you saw less, Monster, if his action weren't seen, but monumental when seen. The other characters, I didn't mind so much. Maybe I thought those three needws more work was because the book was written from their perspective the most. With Fate, Ieiri, and Rachel, I think their characters were quite stable. They were interesting, Fate the erratic but wise, Ieiri the deadly jealous girlfriend, and Rachel the quite strength and maybe rival for Ieiri.

I really didn't like the tournaments in the book. I suppose, because that's where things started getting boring, focusing on just, Wake, Monster, and Riser. Just their view point. Furthermore, the whole affair seemed long winded and badly written.

Something that I found was quite embarrassing and off putting would be the whole name yelling power. It was like reading, a manga show in a book. Weird.

Okay, good points. I liked the story telling of Fate, and the mystery to him. I suppose I did just like any mystery in this book. I liked the hidden relationship between the princess and their backstory. That was very good, but it wasn't expanded on. I think it would have been better to put more nuggets on about it. However, still good.

Parts I really liked in the book, was Fate running out the room screaming "Dark magic" with the princess, that was funny. Different names for the characters because Fate kept changing them, good. Poe story line, surprising and disturbing at first, but good. Some parts of the training when Fate was in it was nice.

I think, altogether, I just really liked the parts with Fate in it. The other times, I did not. He's an excellent character, and the others are just boring, well especially those three that I mentioned before. This book was leaning more to bad, but slight changes over large changes, could have made the book brilliant.

Would I read the next book? I would be tempted, but people don't really change, and what I may not appreciate from this book, somebody else might. But for me personally, there are other fish in the sea. So, I'll just see what happens really.
" said.

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