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"I love Lois Lowry. The Giver is one of my all-time favorite books. She has a way of explaining a complex idea or lesson in a simple, but not at all dumbed down way. Lowry's story of a young girl living in Denmark during the Nazi occupation, and trying to understand who the Nazis are and what their presence means does just that. When Annemarie Johansen's best friend, Ellen Rose,who is Jewish, moves in with her family and pretends to be her dead sister because her parents are forced to go into hiding in order to avoid being "relocated", the questions that arise about why the secrecy is necessary becomes a perfect first exposure to a young reader not experienced with the brutality and horror of the holocaust. Lowry doesn't shy away from any of the fear, cowardliness, bravery, anger, deception, confusion, or strength shown by those who lived through this dark time in history. However, she unfolds the story through the eyes of ten year-old Annemarie so the story is appropriate for that age group.

I think this is the very best of young adult or children's literature. Compelling, honest, well-written and important. Highly recommended.
" said.

" Whoa, that was awesome! The cover doesn't represent it very well, so I was a little surprised. I expected it to be dramatic and maybe even a little scary. And yes, it was a bit frightening at times and it was intense, but ... it was also really sweet. Annemarie's voice was quite adorable.Overall, this was a great book that I really enjoyed. It was too short, though! *sighs*~Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews " said.

"1940'lı yıllar. Danimarka Nazi işgali altında. Almanlar'ın Yahudilerin iş yerlerini kapattığı, onlara sokağa çıkma yasağı uyguladığı, evlerinden barklarından edip oradan oraya sürdürdüğü kara günler. Tarihi gerçeklerden esinlenerek yazılmış kurgusal bir hikaye. Danimarka ve halkının hikayesi.

10 yaşındaki Annemarie, Yahudi olan arkadaşı Ellen için kendini hiç düşünmeden tehlikeye atar. Dostluğu, cesareti, sadakati bu olumsuz şartlar altında bizzat yaşayarak öğrenir. Annemarie'nin ailesi Yahudi komşuları Rosenlar'a bu zor günlerde adeta kol kanat gererler. Onlar için yapmadıkları şey kalmaz.

Okur, yetişkinlerin sınırlamalar, kısıtlamalarla yaşadıkları dünyaya, bir çocuğun gözünden bakmaya davet ediliyor. Sıradan insanların, işgal altındaki vatandaşlar için hiç düşünmeden yardım ederek devleştiği bir öykü bu. Kısacası insanlığa dair güzel umutlar vaadeden bir öykü.

Yazarın, bu kitabı yazmadaki çıkış noktalarını ve karakterleri/kurguyu oluştururken tarihte kimlerden ve nelerden etkilendiğini açık açık anlattığı "Sonsöz" de mutlaka incelenmeli.

" said.

" I love books about WWII and this has been one of my favorites since I read it in 6th grade! " said.

"Reading first few lines of the book made me think that I’m going to love this book. And yes I did!

I always feel sad after reading books related to Nazi invasion. But this book left me with some beautiful feelings! It is a gleaming jewel which tells a story of a brave 10 years old, Annemarie who risks her life to save her best friend Ellen. She not only saves her friend but also saves the lives of others with her bravery and wittiness.

Yeah, I know it’s a fiction and the plot seems very unreal in perspective of the real situation which was awful, but there’s no harm in thinking like this, right?
Maybe there were some brave youngsters like Annemarie who stood up valiantly against the Nazis to save others, to save their best friends! It may have happened!

" said.

"On the back of the library's copy of this book is a review from The Horn Book Magazine that says "the whole book is seamless, compelling, and memorable -- impossible to put down; difficult to forget." Well, I was about to put that bold statement to the test: "difficult to forget," huh? What if you read this twenty years ago and have had two kids and subsequent serious sleep deprivation since then??

Well, I can't remember items on my shopping list while I'm at the store, but I remembered a surprising number of details from this book once I started reading: the whole first scene of the three girls being stopped by Nazi soldiers on a Copenhagen street corner, the image of the Star of David charm imprinting itself on Annamarie's hand, the climactic walk to the fishing boat and being stopped by the soldiers with dogs. The scenes that had been subconsciously hidden in my mind for years unearthed themselves as I turned the pages -- indeed, it is a memorable book.

The story is a courageous tale of fictional ten-year-old Annemarie -- and of the real citizens of World War II Denmark, who swiftly united to smuggle their Jewish population to Sweden, which was well worth learning about. Additionally, the writing is superb: somehow, Lowry manages to weave detail and plot together in a way that enriches young (and old) readers while not overwhelming them. Each word, each scene is crafted as though this were a poem rather than a novel-- don't be deceived by the thinness of this little book.

Loved this book even more than I did in elementary school. It was definitely worth revisiting.
" said.

" A very good YA story about a Danish family secretly working with the resistance to help their Jewish friends escape the Nazis. I realistic and gentle enough for younger adolescents introduction to the Holocaust. Wonderful examples of courage, loyalty, friendship and family. " said.

" Story takes place in 1943, Nazi occupied Denmark, we follow story of ten year old Annemarie and her best friend, Ellen, who is jewish. This is story all about what danish people did to protect their jewish friends and neighbors. Its a short story but still had a great story line. Reading about Holocaust is always incredibly sad no matter if the story has a happy ending or not. " said.

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