You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together Reviews

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"This little book is so much fun to read. I read it in my children's literature class with the person next to me and we had so much fun. every time I see one of these books I grab it and quickly grab somebody to read it with me. These books are great little buddy books and would be great in the classroom. They are easy enough to read that even younger children just learning to read could read it with the help of an adult. this book makes me laugh and smile with looking at the cute little picture throughout. Overall this book is really cute and I would recommend it!" said.

"Theme: building reading confidence and love of reading

This was the book that hooked so many of my reluctant readers during our poetry unit that I just had to read it for myself. As I read it I imagined my students reading it with a partner and then sharing with those close by the poems that they read. Love the simple illustrations as well.

In the classroom: Great for building fluency and inspiring students to read and then reread. I could also see using this book during our poetry unit and having the kids write their own 2 voice poetry.
" said.

"My kids and I loved this book! It is a collection of poems that you can read together in pairs. It is color-coded for choral reading and my kids really enjoyed being able to take turns reading aloud these fun poems. I am a definite fan of this series and will be getting the others books for us to read. Georgia said this is her new favorite book. The last sentence is always "You read to me, I'll read to you" and it is usually the only part that you read the at the same time. This is going to be the book I give as gifts this year!" said.

"You Read to Me, I'll Read to You is definitely worth a look. The book is actucally created for two voices, and the text is literally divided into three columns. One reader is supposed to read the passages on the left, the second reader should read the right hand passages, and both readers are expected to tackle the text in the middle. The twelve stories in this book aimed for primary readers are very original with a rythmic tone. The topics included are simple and fun. It is a perfect text for beginning readers who are looking to increase their fluency.

" said.

"I came across a book called You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman and Illustrated by Michael Emberley. I really liked this book because it was a book of 15 short stories that are written so the child reads one side of the text, the parent reads the other, and both read the middle. I do not necessarily imagine this book in the classroom, although it could be, but I see it more between a child and parent at home reading together. I really love how this book promotes family time and working together to help the child learn how to read. This is just one of those book that, “I really liked.”" said.

"A beautifully written book that condenses age-old tales and divides the reading into parts for 2 people. This would be a great book to put out for students to read during reading centers with a friend to practice reading aloud, acting, intonation, and taking turns. Also, reading rhyming books aloud is extremely beneficial for understanding how word families work together to create fun, interactive stories. I love how the lines are each person are separated to one side of the page in a different color from the other person's lines. This helps with text-using as the students try to navigate through the book.
Recommended grade level: P-2
" said.

"While the concept is good, I think this book is a little too visually cumbersome for children just learning to read. There are as many as 20 sentences on some pages, which might make brand new readers balk, despite the fact that half of the sentences are read by a grown-up (or more advanced reader). The watercolor and drawing illustrations by Michael Emberly are cute, but the sentences interspersed with the pictures do not leave enough blank space on the page to give a new reader a solid comfort level. I'd be interested in hearing parents' perspective on how sharing the reading in this book worked out. " said.

"Participation Book

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together Paperback – April 5, 2006
by Mary Ann Hoberman (Author), Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

I enjoyed reading this book with my children. There are 12 short stories for 2 people to read together. There are 3 colors: one for each person and one color for both people to read together. Stories are about friendship, the weather, pets, and other kid friendly topics. Stories are easy to read and some are written in rhyme, repetition and alliteration.

This would be a great book for 1-3 graders to read during partner reading or to work on fluency.

This is a first in a series.
" said.

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