You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together Reviews

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"A beautifully written book that condenses age-old tales and divides the reading into parts for 2 people. This would be a great book to put out for students to read during reading centers with a friend to practice reading aloud, acting, intonation, and taking turns. Also, reading rhyming books aloud is extremely beneficial for understanding how word families work together to create fun, interactive stories. I love how the lines are each person are separated to one side of the page in a different color from the other person's lines. This helps with text-using as the students try to navigate through the book.
Recommended grade level: P-2
" said.

"While the concept is good, I think this book is a little too visually cumbersome for children just learning to read. There are as many as 20 sentences on some pages, which might make brand new readers balk, despite the fact that half of the sentences are read by a grown-up (or more advanced reader). The watercolor and drawing illustrations by Michael Emberly are cute, but the sentences interspersed with the pictures do not leave enough blank space on the page to give a new reader a solid comfort level. I'd be interested in hearing parents' perspective on how sharing the reading in this book worked out. " said.

"Participation Book

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together Paperback – April 5, 2006
by Mary Ann Hoberman (Author), Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

I enjoyed reading this book with my children. There are 12 short stories for 2 people to read together. There are 3 colors: one for each person and one color for both people to read together. Stories are about friendship, the weather, pets, and other kid friendly topics. Stories are easy to read and some are written in rhyme, repetition and alliteration.

This would be a great book for 1-3 graders to read during partner reading or to work on fluency.

This is a first in a series.
" said.

"The book presents the tall tales of Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett, John Henry, Slue-Foot Sue, Mike Fink, Casey Jones, Don-Jose Love-mad Lopez, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan and many more in rhymes. The rhymes are meant for two voices, each portion indicated in different color. The rhymes present great opportunities for young students to practice early reading theatre activities, and even put up plays based on these rhymes. The characters presented are of various nationalities that settled the United States during the pioneer era, although there is a paucity of Native American and Asian characters in this volume. This is a wonderful volume for English language learners to practice their reading skills." said.

"This is a book of poems for reading together—good poems, unlike so much of the drivel out there that is written for children. The text is in three colors—one for each person, and another color for reading together.

My five-year-old was interested in the poems, and the illustrations delighted him (although I have to say they were not my cup of tea). He read these poems so much more easily than reading on his own—often I would read a harder word first, and then when he encountered it, he would have no problem with it. I was so much more engaged reading this book with him, too, than I am with other books, since I got to take a turn reading. I can't recommend this book highly enough, and I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series with him.
" said.

"Summary:Two voices are needed to read this book. It includes 13 short, rhyme poetry, stories that are very cute and each very different. Since it takes two readers, it is very interactive and engaging.
Curriculum Connection:Alliteration, Rhyme Poetry, Repetition, and Short Sentences
Reaction:The rhymes were very cute -my favorite one was "The Puppy." I would suggest that the rhymes are read at different times (not all at once). In my opinion, it wasn't the best book I've read with poetry or rhyme and I could do without it in my personal library. However, the illustrations were great!
Audience:Primary/Elementary (Adult too, to read with child)
Visual Appeal:The front cover is appealing -one reason why I chose this book. There are different characters in every story. Bright eye-catching colors are used to hold the readers's attention. It is also won a Notable Award from the American Library Association -the other reason why I chose this book.
" said.

" Very cute book! I loved sharing the reading parts. Some are rhyming others are tongue twisters to say. Loved it as did my daughter! " said.

"Plot Summary:
A set of rhyming poems meant to be read by two people (the text is color coded by what each person reads; if they read together, it’s a third color). Each poem tells a sort of short story between the two characters. The poem-stories are not connected in content, so they could be read individually.
Personal Evaluation:
I love the simple text that would make younger children feel big because they would be able to read it. I also love the concept of two friends, or a parent and child, reading to one another. The rhyming poems offer an opportunity for lots of discussions about words and sounds.
Memorable Literary Element:
Rhyme! Every poem in the book rhymes, mostly in couplets. This makes the poems sing-songy and happy.
The illustrations for each poem match the story of the poem. Illustrations are sometimes just the characters (no background), and sometimes more detailed illustrations are used. The colors used are soft, and there are lots of funny details to find in the pictures.
" said.

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