The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That Are Simple to Make Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-09 
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"This author is both a photographer and a water colorist -- both of which she uses to present her simple vegetarian dishes. The effect is so stunning that I felt fed by just reading this cookbook. It illustrates the saying, "you eat with your eyes first." My satisfaction with this book probably also stems from the vibrant colors and presentation of these fresh fruits and vegetables against the stark, cold winter outside. If I ever check out this book again from my library and actual prepare any of the recipes, I will re-evaluate my star rating based on the actual foods.

Would be an exceptional gift for a chef or gardener. (Also, very fun to design food for children -- though my child would not eat most of it. At least cute kids were in all the pictures.)
" said.

"Every living thing needs some form of it. Certainly it's been the topic of discussions since the dawn of people. We sing about it. We write about it. We read about it. We grow, gather, and cook it. Where we choose to eat and what we eat are questions asked every single day.

Food brings people together for common causes in the form of benefits, food banks or soup kitchens. In many homes the kitchen and dining room are the center of family discussions; a time to sit down and review and relive the day's events. There is also a sense of pride in having grown food in your own fruit or vegetable garden. The Forest Feast For Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That Are Simple to Make (Abrams Books for Young Readers, February 16, 2016) written and illustrated by Erin Gleeson is a joyful look at food and its preparation.

My full recommendation:
" said.

"I purchased this book for my 6-year old daughter, now a vegetarian. The recipes range from SUPER simple (things she can make right now with little/no supervision) to somewhat challenging (giving her time to grow with the book). She's made the ricotta/lemon/honey crostini and the grape juice sparkler already. Both were winners with our family.

The book doesn't cater to picky tastes, which I love - recipes include ingredients like kale, mint, raisins, lemon zest, etc... teaching children that they, too, can eat a range of foods. The last section has some party ideas - grilled cheese party, ice cream sandwich party, and picnic party are just a few of the concepts that seem to have sparked my daughter's imagination. If she had her way, we'd be throwing some combination of these parties tonight!

This is also a pretty book to look at - my daughter spends lots of time flipping through the pages. I think this has to do with the author's watercolors and the stunning photography.
" said.

"The Forest Feast for Kids includes the most kid-friendly favorites from The Forest Feast, along with 20 new recipes, plus ideas for kids’ parties and easy-to-follow instructions on techniques, measurements, and other helpful kitchen aides.

The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids, serves up kid-friendly vegetarian recipes that are quick, easy, and fun to make. This cookbook showcases the rustic simplicity of the fare through vibrant colorful photography of Gleeson’s beautiful home in the woods and of children cooking the dishes themselves.

Each meal is simple and full of fresh and lively flavors that will appeal to kids. The natural beauty of Gleeson’s surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for recipes such as:

Pesto Pepper Pizza
Rainbow Chard Quiche
Kale Tacos
Watermelon Smoothies
" said.

"As well as cooking for and with 3 kids, I've taught cooking classes to children at a local botanical garden and coordinated a garden club at an elementary school (there was a lot of grazing in the garden) so I feel qualified to review this book.

This is certainly a beautiful cookbook. The recipes are simple but a number of them start with "store-bought" pie crust, puff pastry, pizza dough and cookies which to me is a bit of a cop out. While puff pastry is certainly difficult to make for a beginning cook, I've made pie crust, pizza dough and cookies with young chefs and they love it!

There was a section of party themes: grilled cheese party, color party (complete with different colored foods,) and picnic party. I'm not really sure why they were called parties rather then just dinner but the photos were cute. I guess that was my problem with the book, it's beautiful and simple but not something I'd look at more then once. In fact if it wasn't so pretty I'd probably have given it 2 stars.

" said.

"What a charming cookbook that is geared towards families with children. Although, I really liked this book and I do not have children! Though the recipes are intended to be focused more on children, really I found several recipes that I will be trying very soon.

Erin is known for having vegetarian geared recipes that are very colorful and well rounded in ingredients. If you are someone like me who can at times not eat the best, I recommend this book because Erin really pulls together great foods that are healthy and fulling. A major plus, indeed!

I am familiar with Erin Gleeson's adult version of "The Forest Feast' but have not had a chance to skim through it as of yet. I will be looking for that as soon as I can since I really loved the kids version of the book.

Excellent photographs and darling illustrations. The recipes are easy to follow because of the well written step by step directions. I may not make all the recipes in this book, but as far as a recipe book goes... this one has more recipes that I would try compared to other recipe books where I only like one or two recipes.
" said.

"In all the places where The Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods failed, this book succeeded. There are many of the same recipes in this book as in the adult version, which says something about the simplicity I complained of there. But in the context of a cookbook for kids, it makes prefect sense. The recipes are as visually appealing as they are simple, and the directions are only simplified the little bit necessary. The intro section with cutting techniques, which foods to peel, etc., was also great for teaching little ones. I also appreciate the fact that Gleeson does not cater to picky eaters or dumb down the ingredients in this book at all; frankly, I don't know any child, picky eater or no, who wouldn't be persuaded to eat most of these recipes by the gorgeous photography and making the food themselves. You'll find edamame, asparagus, goat cheese, radishes, and kale in these recipes, making no excuses for themselves, thank goodness. Overall, I feel that this was the context these recipes were meant to be seen in, and they make for the most outstanding children's cookbook I've seen in a long time." said.

" SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL! My kind of cooking! " said.

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