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UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 54 user ratings

" " (...) Este livro apela à imaginação de outra forma... também se podem usar colagens, cores, canetas e lápis, mas o exercício imaginativo está presente em cada folha em forma de pergunta e, no final, teremos reunidas todas as condições para a criação de um mundo só nosso! Um mundo que deixará de ser imaginário e passará a estar materializado em livro. "Opinião completa aqui - " said.

" I'm new in good reads, so can somebody reach me how to read books? They just show me descriptions " said.

" It's a creative way to spend your free time! " said.

" Read through this last night!Now I'm totally looking forward to getting started on actioning it - expect another update as they come. First I have to find my special notebook... now where did I pack that last? " said.

" Everyone needs to buy a copy of this book and carry it with them at all times. It's a great stress reliever and helps me escape the world when I need to . It guides you without holding you back, allowing you to create whatever your heart desires. I don't think I'll ever really be finished with this book. " said.

" I never actually finished this book as such, I just kept writing in it. I don't think it's a book that you can actually finish since you write and draw in it yourself. I thinks its good they have books like this for adults/teenagers because its more challenging that stuff like this for children is, and it keeps your imaginations going even when your an adult. " said.

" This is an amazing book for world-building, if you are a writer or otherwise. I highly recommend it, as well as her How to be an Explorer of the World for inspiration. " said.

"First I'd like to start with saying i'll probably never finish this book. Not because it's not a good book, but I don't think I'll ever stop having fun using this book and will probably use it again and again to create my own worlds (or expand the one I'm creating now).

Just like 'Wreck this journal' and 'mess' are 'the imaginary world of' is a book to help you create and to look at things differently. It is also not just a book for 'writers' or 'artists' (though we are all artists in a way) but also for 'normal' people who want to create their own worlds, keep there minds active, be entertained with being busy in a child-like way, or set goals.

I am currently using this book to create a world where I can freely set my clothing designs lose, and see them evolve with the different people that wear them. But that's just my use and I'm sure others will find a zillion other ways to use this book either for real reasons or just for pure fun!!!
" said.

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