Kings of Clonmel: Book Eight (Ranger's Apprentice) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-21 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" I read this one on and off, not avidly - I had plenty of other stuff that needed doing, but this was still a great book to look forward to whenever I had the spare time. These last two books I’ve been reading for the first time, and despite it being the second six books it still lives up to RA standards. John Flanagan knew he had a good thing going, so who can blame him for writing more and more and more? " said.

" De wereld van Will en Arnaut wordt groter. " said.

" I really enjoyed this book, and there were plenty of plot twist! Many old secrets were discovered. It was also fun to visit another kingdom in this book as well! " said.

" Another great book in this series. I loved finding out more about Halt's background. " said.

"It was refreshing to become reacquainted with characters that I really like. This story took a different twist that I really enjoyed. The story ended with a complete ending and yet led nicely into the next book without an annoying cliff hanger.

John Flanagan is an incredible story teller. In addition he is clean! I love how he can refer to something so that everyone knows what happening without being explicit. One example from the book was with language. Halt got upset by something. Rather than swearing, it said something like "Horace heard Halt say some words he was familiar with and some he'd never heard before." How refreshing!!!
" said.

"I picked this up because my nephew left it on table. I had started to read one Ranger's Apprentice before, and couldn't finish it. I read about 1/4, and the adventure was pretty boring, the characters were flat, and the love interest was cardboard.
Best scene - when young Will's adventure in previous books had been turned into a training exercise for his own apprentices, and he had to explain to them that they couldn't use his solution because they didn't have those resources available. LOL "the problems stay the same, but the solutions keep changing" - Lois McMaster Bujold
" said.

"I have over an extended period of time read several of these books and I find them (on the whole anyway) excellent. I think that older readers (read adult) may well enjoy these as well as YA readers. I know I have.

I gifted the first 3 of these to my pastor's family as I know his daughter loves to read, he loves to read, his wife loves to read and I assume that their young son will be infected with this wonderful and enjoyable trait. Some will say these are more a "boy's" read or a "male" read but I think you females out there may enjoy them also.

Here to we get a great story delving a little into Halt's background while expanding our heroes and moving their story forward. With plenty of action and a bit of skulduggery the book is a nice page turner and will appeal to most readers from 12 on I'd say.

An unreserved recommendation here along with the four star rating. A great read and an excellent book.
" said.

" I liked this book, but not quite as much as some others in the series. " said.

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