National Geographic Kids Brain Games: The Mind-Blowing Science of Your Amazing Brain Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-20 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 28 user ratings

" Cool book with interesting facts! " said.

" Did you know..when asked to memorize a selection of images, it's easier to remember if they're scary?! (p. 52) " said.

"National Geographic has a wonderful way of creating books that are chock full of child appeal while presenting a tremendous amount of information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about the remarkable nature of the human brain. The author takes the reader on a journey through the different sections of the brain and the current understanding about the way the different parts work together. After this introduction, the chapters focus on the following: memory and patterns, emotions, decision-making, and actions. Between each section are some fun brain break activities to further engage young readers. I especially liked the way each section opens with a brain challenge that engages the reader's brain and shows aspects of the topic that will be covered. The book's design gives the book a lot of browsing potential with sidebars, photographs, and charts to help readers understand the sometimes complex ideas. This book is a must have for young readers who are fascinated by the human body and libraries that serve such readers. " said.

"“Your brain is the most powerful and complex super computer ever built. It is the one thing that makes you, You!”

There are three main parts of the brain: the Cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brainstem. The brain is the most important organ in the human body. It controls and serves commands throughout. Readers will learn how the brain turns senses into thoughts. Readers will learn sights and sounds are processed through the brains relay center. How does your brain store all of your memories? There is a three step process involving neurons as the brain is constantly making decisions. Do you want an orange or banana? Do you want ice cream or a cookie? Your brain is differentiating between your acquired knowledge. Your brain can then create a short cut which ultimately puts the brain on “autopilot”. Your brain can even get to a point where it makes things up.

Readers of all ages will be excited to learn about how the brain works. If you’ve ever wondered how the brain makes your body move when you jump, swim, skateboard, or dance you can learn all about it here. Readers will find puzzles, challenges, colorful illustrations and real photos. The back of the book has brain maps, a glossary, and online resources. Readers can also watch television episodes of brain games on the National Geographic Channel. Parents and teachers can use this guide for teaching, talking and sharing learning about the human brain.
" said.

" Endless facts on your brain that will probably stump your parents! Strongly encourage this book. " said.

"Brain Games features five chapters worth of mind-bending games, challenges, puzzles, and fast facts designed to explore the limits of the human brain. Among the contents covered in the book include an overview of how your brain turns senses into thoughts; how the brain makes memories; how the brain deals with emotions; how the brain makes decisions; and, how the brain directs the body’s movement.

Within each chapter there are a number of sections, each beginning with a challenge (e.g., “Draw a circle with your left hand and AT THE SAME TIME draw a straight line with your right hand.” or “Start singing the ABC song. Did you get it right? Most people learn that song when they are very young. But you don’t sing it every day, so why was your brain able to recall it?”) Afterwards, there is a simple scientific explanation that describes how the brain is operating to account for how the reader responds to the challenge. Also peppered throughout the text are little sidebars cleverly entitled “Mind Matters”. These contain little snippets of information about the power of the brain.

As with other National Geographic Kids titles, Brain Games is a beautiful book that is laid out in an eye-catching, child-friendly way using varying and colorful fonts, gorgeous photographs, and interesting infographics. But this book in particular is a visual delight with its fun and entertaining “Brain Breaks”. My kids and I had so much fun flipping through the book and just looking for those!

My Bottom Line: Brain Games is another winner from National Geographic Kids! Full of activities, puzzles and fun, this information-packed and beautifully illustrated book will fill your children’s minds while exploring the wonders of the most powerful computer in existence. I highly recommend this title for children ages 8+.

* This book was provided to us by the publisher free-of-charge in exchange for our honest reviews. All opinions expressed are our own. *
" said.

"هو كتاب مزيج بين المرح و العلم يوجد به تحديات علميه و مساءل عقليه مفيده للتعلم ولجميع الاعمار من 6 الي الامام في العمر
المهم للاطفال هو الشغف العلم والتركيز وليس رؤية الصور فقط وهذا الكتاب يشرح كثير من الاشياء في العقل منها كم عضو في العقل يشتغل عندما يتحرك جسم الانسان
يوجد به اسئله من الاشياء التي قرأتها ويجب عليك ان تجاوبها لتختبر نفسك فيما قراته ويوجد به اكثر من فصل ولا يجب عليك ان تقرا الكتاب كله مره واحده ويكون وقتها ليس لديك شيء لتقراه
و لهذا اعجبني هذا الكتاب الذي يعلمنا اشياء عن العلم اذا كنا نريد ان نكون علماء او اطباء


-كام من خمسة يا كيمو؟
-عشرة! :D
-حلو أوي للدرجة دي؟!
-خلاص تلاتة
-بطي أسئلة بقى
" said.

" Cool book with interesting facts! " said.

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