The House on East 88th Street Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-04-17 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 42 user ratings

"Lyle is found in the Primm`s bathtub and finds a home amongst the house on 88th street. Hector P. Valenti leaves a note telling about Lyle. Mrs.Primm teaches Lyle to break his Turkish Caviler habit and Lyle happily lives with the Primms." said.

" A family moves into the house on 88th Street only to discover a crocodile in the bathtub. After their initial alarm, they discover Lyle (the crocodile) can do tricks. He becomes part of the family and eventually famous. His real owner comes for him, but returns Lyle when he doesn't perform well for him. " said.

" I had no idea there was a book before Lyle, Lyle Crocodile! What a cute story and a sweet beginning to a favorite crocodile. Probably the cutest one I've ever seen drawn (aside from the "Want to eat a child" crocodile).Could work in a storytime if the crowd can sit still for a slightly longer book. " said.

" I just read the obituary for author Waber--but the delights of his classic live on. This was one of the major books of my just-starting-school years: the tale of the crocodile found in the bathtub (Lyle, for those poor souls who haven't been introduced) fully earns a place right beside "Where the Wild Things Are." " said.

" How did I not know about this book until just recently? The things you find on the shelf after a library renovation (and possibly remains to be the only good thing about it). I instantly loved Lyle when I turned the page and there he was looking out from the upstairs bath with HUGE friendly eyes. I loved him even more when I heard of his peculiar and rather fancy diet of exclusively Turkish caviar. " said.

" 3.75 Stars From the Author would brought us the awesomeness of "Ira Sleeps Over" we have this book.There is something about this book that I love even though I don't love the pictures (they work I just don't love) and the story is fun...but....I have a deep rooted love for Lyle, I don't know why!I think everyone should have a crocodile in their house that cooks, cleans, makes his bed does tricks etc.Lyle...what a cool crocodile! " said.

" This book ties with Sunday Morning as my favorite book from my childhood. I remember reading/being read to about Lyle the Crocodile and absolutely falling in love with the story, the family, and Lyle himself. I've laughed at the activities Lyle gets into and cried when he either gets in trouble or bad things happen to him. I also remember there being an animated movie about Lyle and I would watch that endlessly. Definitely a book I want to revisit! " said.

" I really loved this book about this crocodile! It was such a sweet book about a family who didn't think they needed anything else until they were handed something special. It made me think about maybe we are suppose to look at the crocodile and think about a child. Maybe at first you don't think you need anything else in your family and than bam all you've never knew you wanted is right there. Love is a powerful thing and this book encompasses that. " said.

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