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UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-09 
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" Great book to teach kids about sharing and getting along. Very appropriate for preschool and kindergarten. " said.

" Asher didn't really like this book because at the beginning the illustrations show the crocodile angrily yelling at the other forest creatures to stay away from his river. The story is cute though - very mouse-pulling-thorn-out-of-lion-paw.Great illustrations. " said.

" In a new spin on an old tale, a mouse helps out a crocodile in pain. And not just any crocodile, the notoriously selfish and grumpy crocodile who had scared everyone away from the river. But the mouse's kindness makes the crocodile change his ways and everyone benefits from the kindness.A cute folktale about being kind, even to those who have been grouchy and unkind in the past. The bright and colorful illustrations should be attractive to kids, along with the "danger" aspect of the story. " said.

"A brilliant story, very well written with good use of adjectives throughout the book. There is also a wide range of vocabulary an good words to introduce to children to encourage them to use them in their own story writing. There is a good use of dialogue throughout the book which creates the opportunity to adopt voices for characters. The illustrations are fantastic, particularly the expressions of the animals! The story could be used to promote a class discussion around the moral of the story and how being selfish is not good as one day you may need help from others." said.

"Although not a truly original story, 'The Selfish Crocodile' very well illustrates moral dilemmas relevant in the classroom setting. It has brought about some wonderful discussions with my nursery class about kindness and sharing, and even bravery. The children love the illustrations and enjoy to predict what might happen next. We even managed a circle time about brushing our teeth one day when a child inquisitively asked why the crocodile had toothache! Lots of lovely themes and ideas to be explored..." said.

"This is another one of my favourite stories that I could read over and over again.

This story is about a very selfish Crocodile who does not want any of the other animals to bath or drink from his river. Until One day all the animals heard a horrible sound in the Jungle, it sounded like someone was in terrible pain. It turned out to be the crocodile. None of the animals wanted to go close and help him, except for a little mouse who runs up the stomach of the crocodile and goes into his mouth to see what was causing the crocodile so much pain. The mouse comes back out with the crocodiles broken tooth slung over his shoulder.
The crocodile thanks the mouse for helping him and in turn lets all the animals come and bath and drink from the river.

It's a very nice story giving the message of helping each other and treating people nice as you may need their help one day.
" said.

"The selfish crocodile was very selfish. He believed that the river he bathed in was his river and therefore nobody else was allowed in the river - not even a fish. The poor animals had to walk for miles just to bathe or drink water. The animals did not like the selfish crocodile and were terrified of him. However, things were about to change. The animals heard a groaning one day and discovered that the crocodile was in pain. After being helped, the selfish crocodile realised he was not very nice and changed his ways so that all of the animals got along together.

This simple story would be nice for the end of the say story. It would also be another good book to use in an early year setting to discuss moral values and how somebody should behave. I would have this in the classroom's book box as i think children would enjoy it. The pictures are very colourful, creating a visual for the children. This book would be appropriate for children aged four and upwards.
" said.

"The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles is a great book full of morals about not being selfish and helping others. The story introduces a crocodile who will not let the others bathe and drink in his river. His selfishness kept animals and close friendships away. When something bad happens to the crocodile, only one person helps to save him and friendships are made. I loved how that Charles brings puts together rich texts and vivid imagery to create one kid-friendly book.

As I discovered this book, the horizontal shape of the book seemed to fit into kid's hands. The dedication goes out to Charles' son, M.T. When the story begins, the scene is rather messy. The overall tone on the first page is angry. The text is bolded and capitalized every time a character's voice is angry or really loud. The overall text is limited to three sentences and very small black type writing. The illustrator, Michael Terry, uses bright natural colors like green, blue, and yellow. This bright imagery catches the reader's eye and helps keep them focused on the subject. The plot is a chronological setting. The crocodile finds himself with a very serious problem and an unlikely friend come to help. There is a moral at the end of the story to not be selfish and self centered.

I think this book is great for children of all ages. It teaches children to not be selfish, help others, and to make good friends. I have never heard of Faustin Charles, but his writing is very rich and full of details that even a small child could understand. The overall teamwork of the author and the illustrator really portrayed a great result. The illustrations were on point with the imagery in the text. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and a positive ending.
" said.

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