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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-22 
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Bailey runs off from his home as a very small puppy and ends up in a shelter. After a variety of not-so-pleasant experiences, he ends up with Ethan and his family. Bailey adores Ethan and wants to be at his side always, but when the entire family leaves to go to work and school, Bailey becomes destructive and chews up things in the garage. Eventually, the family falls into a routine. Summer trips to grandparents' farm adds some fun and excitement, but neighborhood bully Todd causes Ethan grief... and eventually, more serious problems. Throughout it all, Bailey proves his worth as Ethan's best friend.

Illustrated with black and white drawings, this is a warm family story about overcoming small and large adversities with the help and support of family. Ethan is a typical elementary school student who has minor challenges most of the time, and major ones occasionally.

Cameron does manage to tell the story coherently from Bailey's point of view. Many authors struggle to get the balance right with what would interest dogs and what makes an interesting story. Bailey manages to narrate Ethan's activities but intersperse his observations with commentary on how confusing some people are or how much fun it is to chew things!

Dog stories come and go in popularity, but with the upcoming A Dog's Purpose movie (January 2017), there may be a resurgence in readers asking for titles like Banks' Boy's Best Friend, Lord's A Handful of Stars, Woodrow's The Pet War, and Miles' The Puppy Place series. There is a companion volume to this book, Ellie's Story.

While I love a good dog story, Cameron's work seems kind of schmaltzy to me. I'm a little leery of any book that starts with a puppy realizing he's in a big pile with his brothers and sisters (at least it didn't start with the puppies being born!), and brings in more than one Lassie-like "Oh, no, Timmy's in the well!" sort of scenes.
" said.

"Baileys is trying to find his purpose to be here. When he meets a boy named Ethan he quickly finds his purpose is to play with boy and to explore the farm when it is summer. But Bailey soon learns that life is not so simple that there are some bad things that happens. And it so sad, because some people in the book are making some bad choice. Bailey is trying to figures out why are they letting me see his boy when something goes wrong. he has no greater purpose that is to protect his boy he loves and do his job to do what a dog is supposed to do. Bailey and Ethan have fun for a long period of time. When Ethan is cleaning the dishes, and mom is not looking Bailey licks the plate to clean it.

" said.

"Bailey's Story is by far one of the most heart warming and awakening books that I have read in a long time. This wonderful novel tells of an ordinary dog's story, though what makes it extraordinary is that it tells it from the dog's point of view.
Ever since he was born, Bailey has been a curious little fellow. He is always trying to get a sneak peek of what's outside of the small cardboard box that makes up his world and striving for awnsers about what's around him. Finally, after what seemed like years (actually only a couple of weeks) Bailey is let out into the garden where he escapes out of the yard of the breeding center and onto the unwelcoming streets. Mud cakes his feeble feet like thick icing and thirst burns his throat as he travels on. Though luckily, a kind woman finds him and decides to take him home. That is when Bailey's life changes forever as he meets Ethan, an eight year old boy with a playful personality just yearing for a friend. Bailey senses the boy's need and instantly knows his purpose: to care, love and protect his boy for as long as he lives. Unfortunatley, it is not always that easy. Bailey has to help Ethan overcome loneliness at school and he must help him find the way home when they get lost in the woods. Though the one thing Bailey was not perepared for was a fire.
When Ethan's old friend Todd gets jealous over Ethan's girlfriend, he starts a fire at his home. Ethan's leg gets damaged and even thouough the physical pain is not severe, the emotional damage is huge. It is Bailey's job to bring Ethan back to his old self, to make him happy again. After all, that is his purpose.
I loved how the author decided to tell the story from Bailey's perspective. I feel like it is easy to know what humans are feeling and thinking because after all, we are humans. Though dogs take on such an important role in a person's heart and we still know nothing about them. This book made me feel like I could really understand and connect to Bailey, his ideas and his world. Anyhow, I disliked the way Ethan so drastically changed after his injury at the fire. It made me feel hatred toward Todd for ruining Ethan's personality on such a large scale. I would of liked the book better whithout that change though I still rate it five stars because over all it was an amazing novel. I was constantly feeling refreshed with this book. I often felt awakened at the way a dog could look at an aspect of life so simply and purley while a human could study it for hours and not see it. It also made me feel happy and warm at times as well nervous and exhilarated. The story also reminded me a lot of the book Ellie's Story which is coincidentally also by the same author. If you like animal themed books or have enjoyed other of W. Bruce Cameron's novels like Ellie's Story this is the book for you.
" said.

" I loved it because Owen said I would love it. " said.

" My daughter got this at a school book fair and I wanted to make sure it wasn't too sad for her to read (she is in Kinder). The dog on the cover caught her eye, but his story captured my heart. " said.

" 4.5 stars, excellent book for dog lovers of all ages! " said.

" So Sweet!!!! I love the whole story. It is good to see a normal day from a dog's point of view. " said.

" This book was great!! There are 2 lessons in this book.... it's a heart warming story about a boy and his dog. It's definitely a page turner! This book will make you laugh at some points,cry and just give you all different emotions!! If you have a dog this book will make you want to give your dog a big hug... if you don't have a dog this book will make you wish you did... this is not just a book about a boy and his dog it's way much more than that! I definitely recommend this book!!! " said.

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