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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 105 user ratings

" Bold illustrations (my favorite shade of aquamarine!), excellent story pacing, and the plot will have you wanting to read to the end to find out what happens with the mischievous firefly and his antics. A couple of dated references (not surprising) to 'old goose' and 'old hen' behavior that would have to be explained and since it's not that common anymore...but otherwise one of the more palatable easy readers. " said.

" An odd story. While I enjoyed the beginning, poor Sam finally finding a friend, and the ending, which I will not spoil, I never was (and still am not) comfortable with the middle parts. The 'tricks' Gus plays are more than just 'bad'. Gus crashes airplanes and cars; people die in those types of accidents. That part is left out of the book. Yes, it is a children's story, but even as a child it bothered me that there was not more bother about that. " said.

"Added to Emerson's permanent collection.

SAM and GUS. No accident that these main characters' names are simple, 3-letter words. This is really a spelling and letter book. Very cleverly disguised.
Sam--a lonely little owl--is so excited when he befriends Gus--a firefly down at the lake who can write words in the sky. But Gus becomes mischievous and begins to trick people with his signs in the sky. Sam and Gus are drawn really beautifully in this great beginning reader book. I love this series of cat in the hat books--classics!
" said.

"My four-year-old saw this on the shelf at the library and said "Ooh, Dr. Seuss!" and with that, he tossed it into our pile to take home. I pointed out that it's not actually Dr. Seuss but P.D. Eastman, but he wanted it anyway. I haven't read it with him yet, but overheard my husband reading it with him and his sister tonight. The two-year-old was completely silent and not disruptive while he was reading, which is unusual for her when she's listening to stories in her brother's room, so I'm guessing this must be a good one!" said.

" After all these years, there remains a certain special something about the literary works of P.D. Eastman, and nowhere are these intangibles more evident than in "Sam and the Firefly".
The brilliant light trails of Gus the firefly long ago indelibly burned their way into the lining of my memories, as I'm sure they have for most people to have read this book. Surely there are several fantasy elements to the story that might seem to stretch belief, but I think that this is a book that must simply be taken for what it is and not for what it is not.
For me, the night adventures of the owl Sam and Gus will always contain a certain magic.
" said.

"How cute is this book?! This is great for beginning readers, and frankly an elementary classroom as a read-aloud. It would be a great lead into a lesson on character development. The illustrations in this book include cute pictures as well as the words that are in the text as you read. This provides a great opportunity for the youngest readers to engage and explore text!
Science- Good for GPS: SKE1. Students will describe time patterns (such as day to night and night to day) and objects (such as sun, moon, stars) in the day and night sky.
Students may be encouraged to use their own thinking to analyze why certain animals were asleep in this story and why some were awake. Students could analyze pictures and make observations about the characteristics of day v.s. night. Students should investigate their theories.
" said.

"What a strange story.
I like the beginning. Sam the owl is looking for someone to play with during a lonely night. He meets Gus the firefly, and teaches Gus to write in the sky with his firefly light. The story then takes a strange turn as Gus the firefly becomes rather mischievous with his new sky-writing talent. Gus flies all over the city causing trouble, and Sam chases him around trying to talk some sense into him.
An angry victim of Gus's practical jokes captures him in a jar, and heads out into the country to do God knows what with him. When the angry victim's truck stalls on train tracks, Sam brakes the jar that Gus is inside of and instructs Sam to use his new found talent to alert the train and get it to stop.
Gus used his talent to save the day, and the two friends split the scene promptly.
Gus returns night after night to pester a very worn out looking Sam.
The End.

Very weird.

" said.

"The book looks cute enough. It has a picture of "The Cat in the Hat" on the cover, which should guarantee some level of quality. Sadly, this book strained my patience past the breaking point. It is heading to the thrift store immediately. Tell me, O Reader-should I forebear so much as to accept the premise that an owl and firefly might communicate in a common language, and further that this firefly's bioluminescence has the power to leave visible trails of light stationary for minutes in the air behind it as it flies-how, Reader, how might I suspend so many more levels of disbelief so as to accept that the two animals know a common written language AND how to render letters in the air precisely that a firefly glow might be left behind (not even in flowing cursive, but print?) like neon skywriting, AND that the owl demonstrated this acrobatic flying style (which would be far more plausible were Sam a bat), AND that mindless humans will automatically obey any glowing words they read floating in the night sky? No, Reader, no; all this I cannot bear. Avoid this book, fellow parents. " said.

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