Duck at the Door (Max the Duck) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 38 user ratings

" The story of a duck that decides not to fly south for the winter because he likes it where he is until it starts to get cold and snow. A family of different animals decides to take him in for the winter until the duck has taken over every activity that goes on in the house and the other animals are tired of his antics. A colorful picture book that is a great read aloud for children pre K-3rd grade. " said.

" Max the duck is an annoying houseguest. But when he finally leaves, the house becomed very dull and boring! Max is a funny character, and kids will laugh at his antics. They will want to read more about him, too. (Duck and Cover, Duck Soup) " said.

"What a cute book! It's nominated for the 2012 Monarch Award in Illinois. Since I am not a super fan of winter myself, I could identify with the main character, Max. Max didn't join his flock when they migrated for the winter, so he was stuck in a wintery not-so-wonderland. With the help of his new friends however, he makes the best of it, and discovers he has a flair for cooking. Hmmm, perhaps something I should throw myself into over the cold winter months. :) Anyway. Read this book, you'll like it. :)" said.

* Focus on the letter "D"
* Introduces onomatopoeia...knocks at the door
* Read this book to have a discussion about the unstated mannerism of being a host or guest
* Read when there are students that get ignored or tolerated by the rest of the class; demonstrates how the hosts were ignoring Max because they were annoyed, but then they missed him when he left...
* There's an underlining message of "you never know what you have until it's gone".....discuss how we should treat others even if they are annoying
" said.

"I really liked this book. It's about a duck who decided not to fly south for winter and the family he stays with while his flock is away. Just as he is getting comfortable, his flock returns and he goes back with them. His new family missed him and at the end of the story, he returned.... with his flock in tow. I put this on the "circular text" shelf because in the beginning, he knocks at the door during winter and then at the end he does the same thing except he has brought his entire flock along. This book can be read during the winter and students can talk about why ducks migrate." said.

"Such a nice story, that includes very detailed illustrations and a little bit of humor that can keep any reader's attention and an awesome message. I loved how the book can teach us about acceptance, ducks, and what if feels like to make new friends and then potentially leave them. Many children make new friends due to different circumstances. These circumstances might put them in an uncomfortable position; however they gradually will or could make friends and become used to it. Suddenly, time has come again for you to leave and miss your new friends." said.

"This book would capture the interest of many young readers and those who are not quite reading as well. The little duck lost its way during the winter and found a home with a lady who has so many different kinds of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds). When the duck made his self at home many things had to change in order to accomodate him. This book is a great way to teach about sharing and caring. When the duck left for spring the animals felt lonely. We must value our surroundings and appreciate the people in our lives. Great Story!" said.

"Duck at the Door is a story with a comical character. The settings and characters within this book remind me a lot of the Pigeon from Mo Willem's picturebooks. The storyline has a large amount of dialogue integrated throughout, and the situations are realistic portrayals of the human world. Students are able to relate to the story from a safe and fictional perspective. This book is part of a series for younger grades, and would be a great addition to the classroom. Concepts related to character perspective, dialogue, conventions, and scientific weather concepts could be well-addressed using this book as a read-aloud example. " said.

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