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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-17 
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"This book would capture the interest of many young readers and those who are not quite reading as well. The little duck lost its way during the winter and found a home with a lady who has so many different kinds of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds). When the duck made his self at home many things had to change in order to accomodate him. This book is a great way to teach about sharing and caring. When the duck left for spring the animals felt lonely. We must value our surroundings and appreciate the people in our lives. Great Story!" said.

"Duck at the Door is a story with a comical character. The settings and characters within this book remind me a lot of the Pigeon from Mo Willem's picturebooks. The storyline has a large amount of dialogue integrated throughout, and the situations are realistic portrayals of the human world. Students are able to relate to the story from a safe and fictional perspective. This book is part of a series for younger grades, and would be a great addition to the classroom. Concepts related to character perspective, dialogue, conventions, and scientific weather concepts could be well-addressed using this book as a read-aloud example. " said.

"Wanting to experience winter, Duck decides to stay behind while the rest of the flock flies south. Surprised to find that it is so cold, Duck knocks on Irene’s door and finds a home for the winter with all of her other animals. The story follows Duck as he, and his fellow housemates, learn to adjust for the winter with a duck in the house. Full page cartoon styled illustrations with their bright basic colors pop right out of this charming the book. Duck and the rest of the animals in Irene’s house are well drawn and full of expression. Children are sure to enjoy the other animal’s annoyance that turns to fondness as the Duck wheedles his way into their house." said.

"My first graders love me to read this aloud, because they can relate with the problems that Duck causes to the family he decides to winter with when his flock flies south. I always point out how Duck sleeps on Brody, and have them imagine how uncomfortable they would be if someone slept on them. Then we talk about why the others are missing Duck when he goes. They love the pictures, and really get into the story. The little bit of suspense at the end when Duck leaves always pulls them in and gets a laugh. It is definitely one that I will read year after year when the first graders are studying seasons, because it is fun that fits right into the curriculum. " said.

"Knock, knock...thunk...creak...who is at the door? It's so cold outside and all the inside animals are wondering who would brave such a cold night....Let's go ask, Irene!

It's Max, the duck. You see, he stayed behind as his flock flew south. He thought he'd like winter just as well as summer, but he didn't realize it would be cold and lonely. Max stays and contributes (?) to the family, remote hogging, taking baths with Irene, and generally making a nuisance of himself. When it's spring and Max's flock returns, everyone is overjoyed. That is until the house gets quiet and calm. Will Max come back and if he does, what surprises will be in store for the household?

" said.

"Duck at the Door was a delightful book. It told the story of Max, a lone duck who stayed behind when his friends flew south for the winter. Filled with colorful illustrations and character lines, this story charmed both me and my children.

What I loved:

Facing a cold season with no warmth was not for Max, so he went to Irene's house and decided to knock. The knock led to many new experiences and introduced him to a number of new friends.

Max returned to his first home, but he did not forget his new home.

Irene and her family of sweeties were so accepting of Max's family.

Love and acceptance flowed throughout this story.

Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

I secured this title at my local library.
" said.

"One winter night, a mysterious knock wakes all the animals of the house up. Panicking, they rush to ask Irene (the owner, apparently) to find out what it is. Sleepily, she finds it's a duck and brings him in to warm up. Max tells his story of how he hates winter, but also doesn't like traveling. Max turns out to be a bit domineering, so everyone is glad when his flock returns from down south. Unfortunately, they learn they actually enjoyed Max's cooking and remote control hogging, and are thrilled when it's October and he comes back to stay for the winter. This is a very cute story with fun colorful pictures and a great twist at the end. Text is sparse, so it will work well for storytime with toddlers, but still be enjoyed by kindergartners." said.

"Duck at the Door is super, super cute. I doubt anyone could find many kids who wouldn't like this story. The illustrations match the story perfectly, as do the characters, human and non-human. The duck is beyond cool. Not to mention Irene. She's beyond cool also.
I don't know if all kids daydream about having a home like Irene's but I'm positive my daughter does. I know this because she's asked, begged, pleaded, conned, and just about anything else you can think of you try to get her way. She sees nothing wrong with a duck living in the tub or an alligator in the backyard (only in the desert so it doesn't get cold). Birds flying all around the house and not having to live in those pesky cages is a dream of hers also.
So if your kid's like mine, he or she will enjoy this story.
" said.

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