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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-20 
Review Score: 2 out of 5 star From 20 user ratings

"What a great story with a great lesson, my daughters loved it and sat through the entire thing, More illustrations inside the book!" said.

"Personally, I thought the book flowed very well. There's a bit of intrigue and I enjoyed reading it with my daughter. The plot is clear, but nothing is really given away.
This book is well suited, in my opinion, for a variety of ages.
" said.

"I am astounded that anyone would give these books more than one star. My daughter and I downloaded two books by this author and found them both horribly written with complete lack of punctuation or even grammar. But decided for yourself. Here's a direct quote from the first page of the story (after 22% of the book being the same teach your child to read tips as the other book):

"There were group of island and Ocenica was one of them. Island was full of beautiful flowers and fruits."

Ugh. Kids books are expected to utilize simple vocabulary and grammar constructs, but they should still make sense. And making sense requires basic use of grammar--which is utterly lacking in this book. Don't let the pretty cover deceive you.
" said.

"Terrible grammar and spelling. Even the title is ungrammatical! Shouldn't it be "The Princess and the Mermaid"? The story itself is not very interesting, although the grammar and spelling improves, possibly an indication of plagiarism?" said.

"This is my 2nd book I bought by the author. I thought the first one was fine... short story, good lesson, not many typos, BUT THIS ONE.... was the total opposite. In fact, I checked to make sure they were really the same author that wrote them. This one reminded me of a story originally written in another language that was translated by an online translator.... Very bad grammar, but correct spellings. I will also say, like another reviewer said, I was SHOCKED that a children's book used the phrase "WHY THE HELL...." Totally stunned.

I am curious how the authors other books are written. so far, I'm 50/50 with happy and totally shocked.
" said.

"Are you kidding me?! Is this a product of Google Translate from some foreign language? It is so poorly written, it is barely English. I could not even read it out loud, struggling to make any sense out of the words randomly strung up together. I want my 99 cent (Kindle price) back!" said.

"This is the worst children's book I have ever read! Terrible punctuation and grammar. This HAD to have been translated from another language. Beyond the obvious lack of editing, the story wasn't well suited for children with the kidnapping, threats of death, and use of the word "hell". If I had paid for this book, I'd most certainly be requesting my money to be returned." said.

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