The Frog Princess (Tales of the Frog Princess) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 133 user ratings

I enjoy reading twists on classic fairy tales. They tend to be very creative and often have some nice surprises. The Frog Princess is one of those books that offers a little spin to a well-known tale.
I liked the main idea of the plot where the princess turns into a frog when the frog prince kisses her. Very unique idea! Although I suspected that everything would work out in the end (it’s a fairy tale after all), I did not know HOW it would happen.
Princess Emma was an average girl. She had a crazy laugh and she was very clumsy. Just because she was a princess did not mean she was perfect and beautiful. Prince Jorge was basically a jerk. He did not pay attention to Emma, his intended bride. Prince Eadric, the frog, had an off-and-on relationship with Emma. Sometimes they would bicker like a brother and sister. Other times they were sweet to each other.
The setting was very much what you would expect in a fairy tale. I liked how Baker described the marsh and all the creatures there. The castle sounded enchanting with its moat and turrets.
This book is the first in a series. The eighth and final book, A Prince Among Frogs, will be released in September.
4 Plot
4 Characters
4 Attention Grabbing
5 Girlie Meter
4 Ending


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" The fantasy book "The Frog Princess" by E.D. Baker is about Princess Emeralda (Emma) and Prince Eadric. This takes place in a fantasy world filled with ogres, giants, dragons, witches, and much more! Emma's favorite place is the swamp, so when she finds out her sworn enemy, Prince Jorge is coming, she goes to the swamp. When she goes there she meets a frog, Eadric who claims he was a prince turned into a talking frog. He asked Emma if she could kiss him, because the only way to break the spell, is if a princess kisses him! Emma has no intention of doing so; she goes back to the kingdom. The next day she comes back to the swamp so mad because she found out she has to marry Prince Jorge! She was so distraught that she gave Eadric a kiss! Instead of Eadric becoming a human again, Emma becomes a frog! They journey together to find out a way to turn back into humans.

The book was well-written because Baker really explained the details, and he put in twists that you wouldn’t have expected. This book is very imaginative because talking animals, and magic do not exist in the real world. I loved the characters because they were funny, and made jokes along the book. Overall, this book was very good and I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers for kids in grades 4-6.
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"I haven't seen the movie, but it must be very good considering how everyone seems to think it was better than the book. I thought the book was done well, anyway. I have no real complaints. This book is in the same sub-genre of fantasy as Ella Enchanted, but I thought this one was more fun, personally, with less drama.

It's fairly funny, but it's not really the whole thing about her being turned into a frog—I mean, the title kind of spoils that. That's one thing about books like this—things that should really be surprises are given away before you even think about reading them; I imagine it's for the sake of advertising, though, to peak people's curiosity. Anyway, despite that, there are a few surprises. The author is fairly playful—not so much so as to make it seem weird, but in a good way (although I do like a lot of atypical stuff, too, personally).

I would have given it five stars out of four if the ending kept up like the beginning. It wasn't that different, but I did enjoy the first three quarters of the book most.

The narration (in the audiobook) was excellent. I wish she narrated more books (not that she hasn't done a ton).

[Edit: I've since seen the movie (The Princess and the Frog). I actually liked the book better, although they're really too different to compare very well. Really, it's just some of the plot that is similar—the portrayal of the plot is entirely different.]
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"I really liked this book. It's about a princess named Emma who one day goes to the swamp and finds a frog. He says his name was Prince Eadric so he can be kissed. But when Emma kisses him she turns into a frog. They go to find the witch who made Eadric a frog and why Emma's kiss didn't help. They find a witch. Eadric says it was the right one but it wasn't. The witch's name was Vannabe. She captures them so she can used their tongues and toes for one of her spells. Emma and Eadric are stuck in a cage but they don't get their tongues cut out or their toes cut off yet. Vannabe wants them to be fresh right when she wants her spell to work. In the witch's small cottage, they meet a bat whose name is Little Stinker. Little gets a book from the shelf for Emma to look through and find a spell that might get them out of the cage. She finds a spell that opens boxes and unties things and unlocks things. The cages unlock so they're set free. Emma and Eadric start their journey to Emma's palace to find Emma's aunt Grassina to turn back into people. Grassina is a witch. When they get to the palace and find Emma's aunt, Grassina asks if Emma was wearing any jewelry when she kissed Eadric, and she was wearing the reversal bracelet that her aunt gave her. The bracelet reverses spells. So when Emma tried to kiss Eadric for him to turn into a human, she turned into a frog instead. When Emma was turned into a frog, her bracelet fell off. So they go and find the bracelet. An otter had it. Emma dresses up as the swamp fairy and asks for the bracelet back because she thinks the otter would give it to any fairy. She gets it back. Before she goes back to her aunt, she kisses Eadric again and they were both humans." said.

"The best word I can use to describe this book is simply CUTE.

It succeeds at being a cute series opener and a charming little "royalty turned into frogs/talking animals" magicy adventure, but adds little else.

Emma was a likable main character and I was interested in her and her family curse (which we don't learn about until near the end -- an issue I will get into in the next paragraph) enough to want to read the rest of this series.

My biggest problem with this book is its pacing. Like, for plot-related reasons, I can understand why some of it happened the way it did, but the pacing still didn't feel RIGHT. It sped up and slogged so much I felt like I was in a car with a bad driver who kept stopping short then speeding up to 100 mph at random moments. Maybe if this were a longer book it wouldn't have been so jarring but something this short really shouldn't be paced that way. Also, even though I GET why the author did it that way, I don't like that something as important to the series as the family curse doesn't come in until near the end of the book. I GET it, and honestly I don't KNOW how I would have changed it if it were MY writing, but I just don't LIKE it that way.

That said, I'm REALLY sad this book got made into a movie as lame as "The Princess and the Frog" having nothing whatsoever to do with the original plot or characters. This book would have made a WONDERFUL animated film (it had a lot of fun imagery well suited to Disney film styles), instead we get a story about some girl who wants a restaurant and the worse, most frightening musical number in Disney history. Forget bold mountain! Friends on the other side makes my skin crawl!

Kind of recommended, I guess.
" said.

"The Frog Princess is a re-telling of yes, you've guessed it, The Frog Prince. In case you don't know the story (after all, the Disney Movie Version is new, and is also a retelling), here's how it goes:

A princess loses her golden ball (which means she's probably a child), a frog promises to get her golden ball back for her if she'll take him in, let him eat from her dish and kiss him. She agrees, breaks her promise, but the frog finds her anyway (scary). And her dad makes her carry out her promise. By the end of the story, the frog turns into a handsome prince and everyone's happy (he must have taken a long time to find her, since she was probably a child when she met him).

In this retelling, the princess (Emma) turns into a frog as well (This is kinda like the Disney version, but in the Disney version, the princess isn't a royal by birth. And voodoo is involved - Oh wait, Wikipedia just told me that the Disney version is based on this book. Oops.). The two of them have to work together to find a way to get back to normal.

Personally, I loved the characters in this series. Emma is a good first-person narrator - she's engaging and brings you over to her side almost right away. Prince Eadric is an interesting character - he's annoying at first (well, we do see the book through Emma's eyes), but as Emma warms up to him, so do we.

This book is actually the first in a series of books. I think I read them a few years back (when Aunty Florence lent them to me), so I'm really interesting in finding the rest of them and re-reading them again!

Note: This book was read for the Fairy-Tales Retold reading challenge.

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"This is another book that has been on my TBR pile for a very long time. I finished Princess Diaries part 3 whilst in my lunch break at work and had left book 4 at home, so I grabbed this from my tray and sat down with it.
I was halfway after 40 minutes so decided to bring it home with me to finish.
Princess Emeralda or Emma as she likes to be called is a real princess, although she doesn't act like one, her laugh is loud and invasive, she is clumsy and ungraceful. And she doesn't want to marry the man her mother has chosen for her. Her aunt is a Green Witch who is quite powerful, but Emma seems to make a mess of any spells she casts.
When out hiding from her suitor, Emma walks to the swamp, whilst there she runs into a frog. Shocked when it speaks to her she runs away. But the next day she is curious and goes back. The frog asks her for a kiss explaining he is a Prince under a witches curse. At first she doesn't believe him but then her mother announces that she is organizing Emma's wedding to stuck up Jorge, so Emma figures there isn't much to lose and so kisses the frog. This doesn't work out as planned either - instead of turning the Prince back, Emma ends up as a frog. Together they set out to find a way to break the spell.

I've only read one book by E.D Baker before and didn't really like it, but in this one I really liked her writing style and voice and felt myself pulled into the story. I knew a bit about the story before hand but not a lot, so I went in with an open mind.
I liked Emma, she was someone that I felt you could relate too. Not sure of herself or what she is meant to be. Always feeling like she is letting others down but with an inner strength. The Prince is quite full of himself at first but shows a deeper side and starts to soften towards Emma, and becomes really caring.
Their adventures are quite exciting and there are many twists and turns.
A very easy read, children would love the magic and adventure and those slightly older would appreciate the love story. A great read. I am going to read the rest of the series now. I am hooked.
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"I picked this one up on Monday when I was bored out of my mind. I couldn't go to the book store that morning, and I had this book just sitting in my closet. I remembered how much I had adored this series when I was a little kid, so I picked up the book and began to read.

Princess Emeralda (Emma for short) is the princess, and sole heir, of her kingdom, Greater Greensward. Emma is no normal princess, and she would much rather spend time in the swamp that's right next to her castle than doting on dresses and hairstyles. Her mother often tries to primp her and create a perfect princess, so Emma spends far more time with her Aunt Grassina than her mother. Her Aunt Grassina is the Green Witch, the most powerful and kindest witch in the kingdom. Grassina loves to spend time with Emma, always encouraging Emma to use her magic, though Emma isn't very good, so she doesn't practice very often.

Always trying to make her daughter into a "proper princess," she invites Prince Jorge of East Aridia to visit the castle for a day to give Emma some royal company. Emma heads to the swamp to avoid the awkward encounter.

Upon entering the swamp, Emma encounters a talking frog who claims to be Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista. He tells her that a witch turned him into a frog and that the only way to return to his princely state is to receive a kiss from a princess. After constant badgering, she finally agrees, and kisses Eadric. But rather than Eadric becoming Human, when Emma opens her eyes, she has become a frog.

From there, Emma and Eadric must figure out how to return to their human forms, making a few animal friends along the way.

I found Emma to be a very annoying main character in this book. She was fairly whiny, though not the whole time (thank goodness). She could have been a lot more agitating, but she also could have been a LOT better. Oh well.

However annoying the main character was, it still wasn't a bad children's story. One of the best things about reading children's fiction is that there's no cursing, so it was very clean in addition to the fact that the story line wasn't bad. It was a little cliche with the whole "frog princess" thing, but it still had an original plot and it wasn't a bad read.

Either way, it wasn't bad for nostalgia purpose (a fun re-surfacing of my childhood), and it also had a story line that was interesting enough to make me read the sequels.
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