The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-01 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 933 user ratings

" Lovely, excellent audio. Beautiful, convincing narration. The ending of the story itself seemed a bit abrupt, but I know I would have loved this as a child. " said.

" Way too dark and depressing for a kids' book, and scared me out of my mind when I was younger. " said.

"This is an absolute treasure of a book. Everyone needs to read this book no matter what their age is because it is absolutely that wonderful of a book. The story seemed so different from what I expected of a fairy tale setting. There was a certain level of darkness to this story that was balanced by the happy moments and feelings Despereaux experiences. This is why I think this book could be read by anyone at any age.

Graeme Malcolm was the perfect choice for this audiobook. It was delightful hearing his accents and different vocal tones. I'll definitely be happy to hear more narratives from him in the future. This has to be one of my favorite audiobooks that I've listened to.
" said.

"Just started this two hours ago for the Bibliothon & finished it in one sitting. It's such a cute and entertaining read. I love it just as much this second time than when my mom read it to me years ago.
It is the story of a little brave mouse, a lost rat, a wishful slave girl, and a sweet princess. Their lives all become intertwined. I really liked how the author addressed the reader and told some good ethics to the readers. So when a young reader reads this they are getting a good message told to them along with this adventurous tale.
I overall really liked this & I can't wait to read it to my niece when she gets a bit older so she can understand and love this story too!
" said.

"If somebody had tried to tell me a month ago that one of my favourite books read in 2012 would have a little mouse as its protagonist, I would have laughed. I am not big on anthropomorphic characters. I mean, except cats that appear as characters. Those I love but mice and other talking things? Yeah, no, not my thing at all. However, Despereaux calls to mind something warm, something soft, defenseless. Like one of those pictures of kittens that are so plentiful on tumblr. How do you resist?

Anyway, the story itself is so heartwarming, so unassuming and so guileless that I couldn’t help but be swept away by the heroic quest of one of the least heroic characters I have ever come across in my reading career. Knowing that it is impossible for him and attempting to rescue the princess anyway? That is courage, people. No matter how flashy and beautiful The Invention of Hugo Cabret may have been, I think The Tale of Despereaux wins simply on account of how beautiful the story is. No, no one has been comparing the two, it’s just me.

I urge you to read this for yourself and if you have a child in your life, read it out loud to them. Watch the wonder in their eyes as they follow the adventures of one poor mouse who is condemned at birth and who even loses his tail. Watch them react to the horrible rats, especially the irascible villain of the piece who walks around with a spoon as a hat. This is a beautiful book, a classic really, and should find a home on your shelf in all its illustrated glory. Strongly recommended.
" said.

" Not many books make me tear up, but when I got to the end of this one... yeah, I did. Mostly because it's a gorgeous ending, and the author note? Priceless. <3 Always one of my childhood favorites! " said.

" A award winning book about a mouse, a love, a rat, and some soup. " said.

"A talking mouse falls in love with a beautiful princess, and, armed with only a needle, vows to rescue her from the clutches of an evil rat and a dull servant-girl. Admittedly, it sounds a bit (okay, very) trite. That was my mindset too, even after the librarian had gushed on and on about what a wonderful book it was (did she think I was going to read some LITTLE KIDS' fairytale?).

But two years ago, I was waiting backstage during a piano concert, bored out of my mind, when I found The Tale of Despereaux lying on a table. What I was thinking as I picked it up was something like "Well, it's better than nothing." What I actually found was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. A simple, heart-breaking tale of love, soup, light, and impossible hopes and dreams. So, you see, don't judge a book by its cover (or in this case, its summary). Who knows what you might miss?
" said.

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