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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-17 
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" Cute! One thing leads to another is this adorable childrens book. The story is catchy, the images fantastic. There a re a few challenging words that will test a child skill or they might need help with depending how young they are and what their reading level it. But overall, I think any child can love this book. " said.

"I feel certain I must have read this before at some point but I really didn't remember anything about it. I actually had a bit of a distaste built up for reading it--and now I am honestly not sure why!!! It is such a cute, fun story! I think maybe I just felt the whole thing had been over-commercialized and there are so many spin-offs now (which I also haven't read so it's not fair of me to judge!) Anyway, I think it's just the sort of story I would have liked when I was little, too--taking care of an animal, and a cute mouse at that (and all the eensy-weensy mouse-sized things, like the bed for the mouse) and the fun-filled annoyance-exhaustion of the boy as things spiral a bit out of control ;-p An adorable and super fun read!" said.

"I get it, this book is satirizing appeasement because it can escalate. However, I think that this is offensive to people like myself with lactose intolerance and glucose intolerance. Packages clearly state when the food item is gluten-free, and correct me if I am wrong but I see no evidence of the non-existing glucose. I bet that cookie is SATURATED in C6H12O6. The glucose CONSUMES the dessert. Additionally, I see chocolate chips inside of that cookie. Yeah you can argue me and tell me that it could be a raisin, but I believe you'd be wrong because (*SPOILER*) the mouse asks for a glass of milk. I always see people drink milk with choco chip cooks, but I don't see anyone else dunking their dried out fruit in the juice of a cow's utters! I don't have the luxury of experiencing this myself because I have lactose and glucose intolerance. Now, if you're gonna write a book maybe you should consider how your readers may feel ??? I have a better name for you "Laura Joffe Numeroff"...I'll call you Loser Jockstra..." said.

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a story about a boy, when sitting on the grass outside his house eating a cookie, discovers a little mouse. He kindly gives the cookie to the mouse. After the mouse eats the cookie, he asks for some milk and then a straw. The mouse's requests begin simple enough but he continues to ask for more and more and until he ends up moving into the boy's home.

This story is suitable for children aged 4-6. It is a simple picture book with colourful illustrations on each page which would capture the attention of any young child. I think that it would be a great story to read aloud to a younger KS1 class as it is easy to follow and children would find it both interesting and funny.

The story ends where the reader can fill in the blank, of what the mouse may want next. It would be a good idea to get a class to formulate their own ideas about what could happen next. The book is very descriptive and introduces many objects throughout the story along with pictures on each page. I believe that this would also be a great book for EAL students to introduce new vocabulary in an easy way.
" said.

"A young boy begins his day by offering a little brown mouse a cookie. No longer happy with that, the mouse wants more; a cup of milk to quench his thirst, a napkin to wipe his face, a mirror to make sure he looks okay and so on. All common sense activities that take them on a journey around the house. Except by the end of the day the boy is worn out, the house is somewhat of a mess and the cycle begins again.

This is a cute childrens' picture book that teaches young boys and girls about sharing and caring for others. First published in 1985, this is a story that never grows old.
" said.

" This is not the kind of thing I normally read, but I was in the waiting room at the dentist while my mom was getting a root canal and I'd already finished the book I'd brought with me, as well as a Vogue magazine and the issue of Martha Stewart Living where Martha throws some weak pie-related shade at Gwyneth Paltrow. So it was either this or David Decides About Thumbsucking. Mouse it is!Long story short: if you give a mouse a cookie, you'll never get rid of him. " said.

" What a nice and well-mannered little mouse :) " said.

"This book was so sweet! The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching, as well as the characters soon become loved in each page. I thought the story line was perfectly planned out in the tale of events of the mouse and the small boy that makes a small friend by showing he cares. I think this book would be a wonderful addition to any school or home library because it specifically teaches on character building for young children, I believe. The care and kindness of the little boy in the story towards giving the mouse everything he might need shows the friendly, compassion that children can exhibit to their friends and family. It can also be beneficial in a classroom as a school may encourage students to exhibit the 'Pillars of Character' seen in many schools I know of today. Even more specifically, children could have a discussion with their parents or school class about the specific qualities that they too can exhibit in kindness and generousity towards others, as the child did in this story. With the energetic illustrations and easy-to-read progression of the book, it is sure to be a family and classroom favorite!" said.

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