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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-19 
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"Ralph was trying to get away from his home because his parents and cousins and brothers and sisters were all so annoying. He went off with his motorcycle one night to get away, but accidentally ran into a dog named Sam and a gopher without a name. They both were growling at Ralph. He was attacked by a bunch of kittens afterwards. Someone named Garf saved Ralph with a butterfly net. He ended up being put into a mouse cage next to a hamster named Chum.

I liked this story because of all the animals in it.
" said.

"Synopsis: "Ralph, the adventurous mouse, sets out for a children's summer camp on his motorcycle after being teased and chided by his family."

My Review: Even though Ralph is a mouse, I think the young readers will really be able to relate to him. I think everyone about the age of the target audience has thought about running away like Ralph did and hopefully before they actually do it they will learn from Ralph's adventures. Ralph finds out that the world really is as scary and danger filled as his mom always nagged him about. Lucky for him that he finds another lonely, motorcycle loving being to connect with and help him get back home. This is another fun adventure, though a little darker than the previous book with a few more dangers involved.
" said.

"In the book RUNAWAY RALPH, a mouse named Ralph still adored his motorcycle, but he noticed several problems with it. For example, it was he who found the motorcycle, it was he who took the risk of retrieving the motorcycle down from the table, and it was he who even fell into a trash can just to bring the motorcycle down, but his family also got to use it too. He was very disturbed with this schedule until he thought up of a plan. If he were to run away, no one in his family would even find him. After he somehow got himself and his motorcycle down the steps of his apartment, he took the road and fled to the only other place that he knew the way to, which turned out to be a camp. From there, he trespassed a watchdog, lost his motorcycle, met a hamster, and became a target for a cat named Catso. Finally, he found his motorcycle in the hands of the person who saved him from Catso's first attempt to attack him. After Ralph got his motorcycle back (I won't tell how), that person brought Ralph back to his proper place.

I liked how Ralph stood up and got his motorcycle back. The really interesting part about that is that he actually talked English... a language that most mice can't speak. His courage and brevity also led to huge accomplishments.

At the beginning, he was so annoyed by his family that he escaped, but as time went by, he got homesick. Without his family and friends, there would be lots of difficulties in survival and and education, so it's best to start out easy with them helping.
" said.

" Who cannot like a little mouse running around on his motorcycle?! But, there is still one part that I do not like about this book. Ralph stays in a cage the entire book. " said.

" I wanted a pet mouse for so long after reading this book. " said.

" I also didn't read this one during my childhood. It was an enjoyable, fast read. The mouse on the motorcycle was surprisingly easy to identify with. His terrors, joys, hopes, dreams, problem-solving skills, and empathy all seemed natural and of the right intensity to make the plot roll along. " said.

" The very first book I checked out from my elementary school library/media center. We own most of the Ralph S. Mouse series and they've been read many dozens of times to and by my kids. They're feeling a bit abandoned now, I think it's time to see if my local library or Riley Hospital for Children would like them. " said.

" As my librarian said it would be, this one is not as good as the first one. I enjoyed reading it out loud to William at bed times, but I didn't enjoy it as much at the first one in most ways. The plot wasn't as interesting to me, Ralph's character didn't seem as strong or to grow, the other characters weren't as interesting. It is still worth the time to read, but not if you are only going to read one from the series. " said.

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