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UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-22 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 90 user ratings

" I also didn't read this one during my childhood. It was an enjoyable, fast read. The mouse on the motorcycle was surprisingly easy to identify with. His terrors, joys, hopes, dreams, problem-solving skills, and empathy all seemed natural and of the right intensity to make the plot roll along. " said.

" The very first book I checked out from my elementary school library/media center. We own most of the Ralph S. Mouse series and they've been read many dozens of times to and by my kids. They're feeling a bit abandoned now, I think it's time to see if my local library or Riley Hospital for Children would like them. " said.

" As my librarian said it would be, this one is not as good as the first one. I enjoyed reading it out loud to William at bed times, but I didn't enjoy it as much at the first one in most ways. The plot wasn't as interesting to me, Ralph's character didn't seem as strong or to grow, the other characters weren't as interesting. It is still worth the time to read, but not if you are only going to read one from the series. " said.

" I remember reading Ralph S. Mouse years ago in elementary school, so it was interesting to pick this one up so many years later and be able to jump right in. Ralph goes on an adventure to camp this time because he is bores of his life in the hotel. He heads out on his trusty motorcycle and ends up running into a nosy dog and a sneaky cat. He joins forces with a grumpy hamster and learns that sometimes home is better than the new adventures. " said.

"I enjoyed reading this book by Beverly Cleary. This is the second book to the three book series. Ralph is sick of living at the hotel and having to share his motorcycle with his family. What does Ralph do? He decides to run away on his motorcycle to where ever it takes him. Ralph ends up at a summer camp a few miles away from the hotel. He has all sorts of troubles and conflicts, like losing his motorcycle and getting trapped by a human. He becomes friends with the human and asks him if he can take Ralph back to the hotel where he belongs. I would recommend this book to younger kids in elementart or middle school because it is easy to read and has childish humor." said.

"I thought that "Runaway Ralph" but Beverly Cleary was a great book. At the beginning it seemed difficult to get into, but as I kept reading it started to get more interesting. The book is about a mouse named Ralph who is very greedy and does not like to share his things. One day his brothers and sisters want to use his motorcycle, but Ralph throws a fit and ends up leaving. He plans on living at a summer camp a mile away, and thinks it’s going to be all fun and games when he arrives. When he gets there things do not end up the way he thought they would be. I thought this book was great and would recommend this to anyone over the age of 12, because there is some large vocabulary and it’s over 200 pages." said.

"I liked the series and loved reading it go my two daughters. They also enjoyed this story about a mouse who can talk and Understand certain children. This was a trait learned by watching television in hotel lobby. Ralph the mouse was given a toy motorcycle which would come to life when Ralph would make an engine revving up sound( pbbbbbaa). since all the other mice in the hotel were related To Ralph they all demanded to ride the motorcycle as well. It got so bad that he never got to ride it himself. So he runs away with his motorcycle and ends up at a summer camp and meets up with a new boy. That's where Ralph's new adventures begins.

Well I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Great one to read to your kids.
" said.

"Year: 1970
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: Real world fantasy
Series: Mouse and the Motorcycle

Plot Summary: Fed up with living with his pesky younger cousins and nagging relatives, Ralph leaves the rustic inn that is his home and strikes out for freedom on the open road. After a long journey on his trusty motorcycle, Ralph finds himself at the Happy Acres summer camp. His freedom is short lived, however, as he soon finds himself shut in a wire cage with only a cynical hamster for company. In a bid for his freedom, Ralph launches a desperate escape plan, but the camp's cat isn't so keen on letting him go.

Red Flags: None

My Rating: B+. I loved and still love The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and while this one isn't as good, I still love the idea of a mouse being able to ride a motorcycle just by making the sound. About 3/4 of the way through I started to wonder if I've read this one before, or if I'm thinking of Ralph S. Mouse. Or did I read them both? I have no idea.
" said.

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