The Salem Witch Trials (Graphic History) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-06 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" A terrible disappointment. The art work wasn't bad but the text was insulting. What happened in Salem and many surrounding towns during the late 1600s was a drama virtually unparalleled in American history. So much injustice should never be glossed over. It's as if this graphic novel were written for a four-year-old. " said.

" A 20-page graphic novel "for use in schools," but what the heck, I loved it. " said.

" A very well-done graphic novel on a sensitive subject. The story is easy to understand through the dialogue and thought-bubbles, with the occasional brief explanation box at the bottom of a page. An infuriating story of herd mentality and fame. " said.

" A very unimpressive journey through The Salem Witch Trials in graphic novel form, this book says that 13 people got hung as witches, just because 2 bratty girls said that their spirit was hurting them. By the end of the book, all you are left with is a bad taste in your mouth and a hope that these bratty girls ended up getting hung as well. Sadly, nothing happens to the girls. And, only one of the girls even plays at apologizing. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in this. " said.

"This should be a good book to read as a child, to learn more about the Salem Witch Trials. I learned about it as a kid in history class, and I did not have a book like this to put things into a better perspective. I would not recommend this book to a child at too young of an age because they might be scared of witchcraft and the hangings.
The graphics in this book were great and really created a comic book feeling to the read. I think the drawings in this book make the story come to life more to the young readers. They can probably relate more to an event that happened so long ago with drawings like the ones in this book. This book also had statistics about the trials at the end of this book including number of deaths and people hanged.
" said.

"This is a perfect book for the middle school student of history. The young students inquisitive mind can learn quickly the basics of this fascinating part of American history. All of the key facts, coupled with the graphic novel approach provide for a good understanding and entertaining view of history, that literally comes to life. The colorful, illustrations by Brian Bascle are dramatic and full of expression depicting the torment and anguish of the accussed. The righteouness, almost to the point of evil, of the accussers is likewise portrayed graphically. Included is a small glossary, internet sites for further study and a bibliography. There are several books suggested for further reading like Witch-Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials. This book is perfect for a student whose first language is not English or the reluctant reader. Recommended for middle school and community libraries." said.

"Graphic Library continues its bizarre series about events in US history with this offering. Intended for kids, SWT will prompt more questions than it answers and probably scare the devil out of its young readers without offering comfort. The book gives the brief outline of the gruesome tale: girls "gone wild", accusations by village elders, jailings, conclusions about demonic possession, hangings. What is scary for the reader is the inconclusive nature of the narration. Is the Devil real? Were the girls faking or insane? Why did adults believe them? And scariest of all, why were those who passed a test (reciting the Lord's Prayer perfectly) still executed?

The book provided a brief glossary (which neglects to explain what it means to to "pressed to death," and inconclusively lists a number of conflicting theories for the event.

There is no age group for which I would recommend this book. Better for older kids to read "the Crucible" and have a chance to discuss it in a safe setting.

No fun for all ages!
" said.

"This is a great book for teaching ESOL students English. I have the whole series and it helps them learn English and comprehend American History as well. The Salem Witch Trials are an interesting time in American History and it gets covered in classes. This book helps kids understand it better." said.

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