Young Justice Vol. 1 Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-21 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 25 user ratings

" Quick read. Takes place in between early episodes of the show after they recruit Superboy. Wally telling the story about how he became Kid Flash was a highlight. It has the same humor & action as the show. Will be reading vol 2! " said.

" Side-kicks only make for B-listed heroes. Not as interesting as the Justice League material " said.

" I'm always down for Young Justice and this comic was quite a treat. Can't wait to read the other three! " said.

" A fun tie-in to the excellent Young Justice TV series. These issues give some nice background on the team and show some of the differences between the Young Justice universe and the regular DCU. " said.

" Amazing! Oh my God, I don't know how to describe it, I just really loved it. About to start volume 2 right now. (I'll try to write more later). " said.

" It's about what I expected from a YJ volume. It's definitely a fun, all-ages read. " said.

"I really like that we get more introspection with Superboy in the comics. He was my least favorite male character from s1. I'll probably still like him the least from the OG Young Justice show-verse but that's because I just love the other boys so much. Sorry "Supey" lol. Kaldur and Dick remain tied at number 1. And Wally's excessive flirting with M'gann has never bothered me because it's so cringey that it's impossible to take him seriously. I don't find anything he's said to be creepy, he's just being ridiculous and incredibly cheesy, and Robin often calls him out for the flirting too (bless you Robin). There wasn't much on M'gann in here that I didn't already know, and she was also my least favorite of the girls in both seasons, but I hope to learn more about her that will make me like her more. And of course I'm excited to see my girl Artemis in vol 2!" said.

" Slightly different than the television series, just as a warning. But that's not to say that this is a bad thing. I actually like the slight differences :) They don't go through the whole rescuing Superboy from Camus thing (it starts right after they break him out) but it still keeps pretty accurately to the TV show :) Great read for YJ fans! " said.

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