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"Our modern world was created, shaped, influenced, and made possible by innovative inventions arising from the minds of their creators. "A Great Idea" is an eleven volume series from Norwood House Press that showcases contemporary advances in technology that make unique contributions to modern life. This outstanding series now has four new additions. "The Bionic Hand" focuses upon the development and creation of the 'i-limb' which is the first commercially available bionic hand. "The Nexi Robot" showcases four small humanoid robots with mobility, dexterity, and communication skills. "The Seed Vault" was created to preserve plant seeds as a way of protecting and insuring the world's food supply against natural disasters and diseases. "Sunscreen For Plants" is the story of a new SPF 45 spray that can be applied to food crops to insure against sun damage and dehydration. Each of these superbly illustrated, 48-page, library bound titles is enhanced with the inclusion of a glossary, 'places to go' information, and an index. The previously published titles in this impressively produced and highly recommended series include "Home Windmills"; "Hybrid Cars"; "Recycled Tires"; "Water From Air: Water Harvesting Machines"; "The Jaws Of Life"; "Lego Toys"; and "YouTube". Written and designed for young readers grades 3 to 6, 'The Great Idea' series titles are available individually, but school and community libraries are well advised to acquire the entire eleven volume series." said.

"This book will fascinate you from beginning to end. It relates the quest of MIT robotics professor Cynthia Breazeal to build a social robot, one that learns like a person does and that interacts with people in a social way, understanding and showing human-like emotions. Author Toney Allman does a great job of making these complicated ideas understandable and stimulating. Sometimes the author struggles to keep the writing simple all the way through. At times the level is appropriate for a skilled 2nd grade reader, but overall we're looking at a book aimed at 3rd and 4th graders and up. The format follows a younger reader level, but don't let kids be put off. They'll be rewarded with an excellent story about scientific inquiry that is sure to spur their imaginations and help shape their career and educational choices. I recommend this book for any school or public library or for a kid interested in robotics or engineering. (I cut and pasted this from my own review somewhere else on the web)" said.

"Cynthia Breazeal fell in love with robots when she was a young girl in 1977. Robots were very futuristic then and apart and aside from seeing them in movies they were not seen in everyday life. Today you have seen a "real" one if you have seen a Roomba in someone's home or have seen it in action in a commercial. Robotic arms are in common use in factories to do jobs that "are either too dirty, too boring, or too hard for people." There are also robots that work under the sea and are hard at work on Mars. For example "two robots named Spirit and Opportunity are exploring the planet." The future is now and people like Cynthia are working on even more specialized robots that can actually interact with people.

Cynthia heads the Personal Robots Group at MIT when they are developing "social robots." Their work is very complicated and they hope to develop robots that will interact with people. In this book you will learn about social robots, you'll get to see some amazing robots in action, you'll learn the difference between a robot and an interactive toy, you'll meet a robot programmed to help people lose weight, you'll meet a robot who loves Big Bird, you'll learn about Nexi, a very complex robot and much more. If you are really curious about Nexi, you can visit her on YouTube. Once you do, your interest in this book will spike tremendously!

This is a fascinating book that any youngster interested in science or robots will thoroughly enjoy. This book is packed with information, not only about Nexi, but also about many other innovative robots and ideas. There are numerous informative sidebars that discuss many other robots like the first American robot, Unimate, Kismet (the first social robot), Kansei (an emotional robotic head), ASIMO (humanoid robots), HRP-4C (a fashion model robot) and the more practical, gardening robots. This is the type of book that even the most reluctant reader will be mesmerized by. If is not only a fun read, but also very educational. In the back of the book is an index, a glossary, and additional recommended book and website resources.
" said.

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