Minecraft: Diary of a Dorky Zombie: The Dorky Steve Minecraft diary adventure begins... (Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft ... Books For Kids, Minecraft Books, Diary 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-18 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 24 user ratings

"this book sucks

he copied or kinda copied cube kids name

u need a hack to make the cubic kid to go to the cube guy thing

so guys stop ddfending them(authors)
" said.

"These authors just wanted people to see their book. It is actually a pretty funny book despite the length. I got it with kindle unlimited. Stop yelling a the authors. Though they didn't have to put in cubic guy..." said.

"Just stop this rage and madness these people are deicating their lives to these books dont be mad about 3 or 4 tiny things about this book." said.

"Wow. Wowowowowowowowowowowowow. Why are there so many scammers on Amazon. This is one of the most commen one, stealing someones name. "Cubic Kid" has stollen Cube Kids name. Shame on you. Besides, the book is very short, is not "100% fun" in any way, has a horrible plot, and ended with a sad cliff hanger which never had another book in the series, even though there is currently no series for this book. And this book was published about half a year ago. And made by about six authors, and somehow is still horrible. Pretty much the only good thing about this book is that it has Kindle Unlimited. Still, this book shoud be for free since its horrible! Here is a list of my favorite minecraft authors on amazon:
1.Cube Kid (the real one)
2.Winter Morgan
3.Steve the noob (although he is not a noob)
4.Crafty Nicole
These are the best minecraft series on amazon. All readers should check 'em out!
" said.

"This book is definatly a scam off cube kid otherwise how did it appear on his page? I don't care what other people think it is a scam. It also is a terrible book." said.

"Guys, just stop it. the Cubic Guy author is jus in the middle. if you dont believe me, look-».
Cube Kid <><>Cubic Guy
>< = no resemblence ||| _ = space
C-C | U-U | B-B | I->< | C->< | _-_ | G->< | U->< | Y-><
So the three letters are the only ones that match besides the space.
also, this review took me FOREVER on my Second generation kindle E-book (has a VERY hard keypad for typing. no seriously, this entire review took me an hour.)

- Walter R Bruno
" said.

"I think the book itself might be like two star good even though I haven't read it, and the plot is very unoriginal. I also noticed that the author (or authors) are making little changes to the names of popular authors (one of them being the best Minecraft author in the world, Cube Kid).
Read better books!

In the meantime, keep calm, stay safe, and mine obsidian carefully!
- Mister_Chicken_, Minecraft extrodanaire
" said.

"Love it. And you should read it! <- :) :() I'v ben working on my face and... :() need to go by." said.

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