10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-05 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" This cleanse seems very doable. The ingredients are quite easy to obtain and you have the option to add protein powder to each smoothie if you wish. Such delicious and healthy options. I have already prepared the smoothies for the first few days of the plan and love how refreshing and delicious each one has been. Everything makes sense about this plan and I can't wait to see what the results will be when I finish! " said.

" Motivated and inspired...Real action-driven instructions on how to kick-start this life-style change. I love JJ's advice on not doing this alone - I am doing this with other family members who have learned through JJ that many of the health challenges I face today are likely diet based. Removing the toxins (& toxic people) from my life is the first step to healthy living. Ready to start this journey! " said.

"Down 11# in 10 days and feeling great! I used to sleep in until 9/10am and today I was up at 5:30!!!! My skin is glowing! It's a tough plan, because you cut out processed food, meat, dairy, and caffeine for 10 days but I had enough to eat. JJ says if you're hungry then you're doing it wrong. I average 3 eggs per day, plus a full can of tuna made into tuna salad with vegan mayo made into lettuce wraps, cucumbers in vinegar, and my 3 smoothies. The cleanse encourages you to eat if you're hungry! There is no set amount of snacks you can have. You are even allowed peanut butter and nuts! I'm excited to transition to the 30 day program and continue 2 smoothies a day! I'm hooked!" said.

"I started making smoothies about 7 months ago and I can tell a big difference in the way I feel and how resistant I am to illness and how much more energetic I feel. I read this book to get more ideas from an expert and to share it with my wife who is looking for a way to lose weight in a healthy way. I did learn many tips, such as the importance of hydrating your body upon waking up, the necessity in rotating the kind of greens week after week in order to avoid a build up of specific type of alkaloid, which can cause health issues, the aid of detox tea in the cleansing process, the importance of not drinking too much water before and after meals and how sleep is the easiest yet most underrated way for healing the body!" said.

"Really good! Makes sense. A little redundant, but I think it's because I'm normally a healthy person that fell off the wagon cuz of my baby.

I tried this out because
1. I want to lose the weight I gained from being pregnant and nursing
2. It has OVER 8,000 reviews on Amazon... that's the most I've ever seen! So, why not give it a try?

I lost about 8 pounds... maybe a total of 10 if you want to count the week I was testing everything out before I officially started my cleanse. I just finished the 10 day cleanse and transitioning into the modified version. Gonna keep doing this until I get to my ideal weight.

I think the cleanse is hard, but you are not starving yourself. She encourages healthy snacks, so it keeps you from sabotaging yourself. Even if you mess up, lots of reviewers say they experience weight loss.

The point isn't really to lose weight, it's to cleanse your system and get you set up for healthier eating habits.

I've done a 1 week juice cleanse and a 72 hour fast before and this was by far the most satisfying cleanse. You get to eat, and lose weight and kick start a healthier lifestyle.

I've been recommending this to a lot of friends and family already. Some are trying it right now!

" said.

" This was so easy to understand and follow! JJ gives a very thorough explanation of how the cleanse works, and includes 10 easy and delicious smoothie recipes, as well as a complete grocery list. I lost 10 pounds in 9 days by following this book. I will definitely be revisiting it in the future! " said.

" Why not!!!It may not be the easiest thing I've ever tried but the recipes look so yummy I can hardly wait to try it. I drink smoothies and shakes most days doing the summer so this will be the perfect way to get myself going in the right direction with my health. Stay tuned!!! " said.

" Finished this smoothie cleanse today. It was better than I expected. (The first couple days were very difficult.) I ended up losing a little over 10 pounds, I have a lot more energy, and I'm no longer craving sweets and junk food. I plan on incorporating green smoothies into my daily routine (probably for lunch). Definitely would recommend it. If you can make it past days 2 & 3, you'll end up loving this cleanse! " said.

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