Extreme Food: What to Eat When Your Life Depends on It Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-15 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 18 user ratings

" It wasn't easy to get through it. Definitely interesting advises. Some things surprised me and some disgusted me. Yet another interesting tips from my favorite adventurer. " said.

" Poor excuse of a book by Bear. He's done better. " said.

" A quick and fun read. Including drawn, black ad white pictures when talking about plants is pretty pointless. But that's not what this book is about, it's not an all including manual teaching you all the skills, or even all the basics, but a sneak peak into the lifestyle. Something easy to take a bite out of to see if that's even in any of your food groups. And as that the book is pretty good. " said.

"I received this book through Goodreads giveaway contest. Bear Grylls does a fantastic job of preparing the reader to hunt, find and prepare food in any environment. I spent a lot of my youth in the Sierra Nevadas and other mountian ranges in the Western part of the United States. But until I read, "What to eat when your life depends on it", I realized that I actually had no clue, as far as, if I had to survive if my situation in the wilderness ever became life threatening. The book is a survival guide that cannot only be read one time. If you're the type of person that likes to explore the outdoors then you should have this book in your backpack, or back pocket, at all times. Mr. Grylls book covers what foods to look for and how to retrieve and prepare them. He talks about eating wild plants, mushrooms, game, reptiles, amphibians and even insects. But as important as what foods in the wilderness you CAN eat, he also spends ample time on telling the reader what NOT to eat. Informing the reader on potentially fatal foods they might come across And how to avoid confusing them with edibles. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to venture out of the city and explore the wilderness." said.

"Ich konnte dieses Buch nicht in einem durch lesen. Die Flut an Informationen, die ich als Stadtmensch vielleicht niemals brauchen werde, ist einfach zu groß um den Lesefluss aufrecht zu erhalten. Und die vielen Bilder von Bear Grylls, in denen der Ex-SAS-Soldat nicht unbedingt wie jemand rüberkommt, den man zum Dinner erwarten möchte, haben auch nicht geholfen.

Das Buch fokussiert sich auf genau jene Sache, die der Titel verspricht: Das Überleben. Und zwar draußen. Da, wo's entweder kälter oder heißer ist als auf der gemütlichen Wohnzimmer-Couch. Dabei vermittelt er eine Vielzahl unglaublich nützlicher Informationen, angefangen vom Ausheben eines Camping-Plumpsklos (eher weniger häufig anzuwenden - dafür aber mit detaillierter Beschreibung zur Verwendung!) bis hin zur ersten Hilfe (hoffentlich nicht häufig anzuwenden).

Das macht er auch wirklich gut. Man merkt, dass er nicht nur weiß, wovon er spricht, sondern auch ganz gut darin ist sein Wissen zu teilen. Illustrationen, Fotos und ordentliche Beschreibungen stehen ihm dabei genauso zur Seite wie sein scheinbar unermesslicher Schatz an Anekdoten aus seinem Leben als Pfadfinder und Ex-Soldat.

Ich würde das Buch vor allem all jenen ans Herz legen, die in ihren eigenen Geschichten über das Leben in Camps, Lagern und der Wildnis schreiben möchten. Dafür ist es geradezu optimal. Da ich nicht davon ausgehe, dass auch nur jeder 100ste seiner Leser tatsächlich jemals in die Verlegenheit kommen wird den Everest besteigen zu wollen, denke ich über eine Empfehlung für Outdoor-Überlebenskünstler gar nicht nach. Obwohl ... wahrscheinlich täte es diesen gut das Buch mitzunehmen. ;)
" said.

" Excellent book for the armchair enthusiast waiting for the day he is shipwrecked on a desert island.Really enjoyed it. Grylls knows his stuff and his enthusiasm leaks into your fingers as you hold this book.A must for all those survivalists whose scenarios are in their head, like me! Read it before the apocalypse, or that cruise ship holiday, it will come in very handy. " said.

" EVERY HOME SHOULD OWN A COPYI hope I never have to use the information, but having this book in the event of calamity could be the difference between life and death. I have other books to teach survival and thrilled to add this with them. Wonderful diagrams and information. I know my husband has enjoyed reading the book. We have the utmost respect for Bear Grylls and appreciate him compiling this information in book form. Disclosure: I won a copy of this book at a Goodreads giveaway event. " said.

"Thank you to William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers for my review copy of Extreme Food: What to Eat When Your Life Depends on It, by Bear Grylls.
Extreme Food, the latest book by ex-special forces, nature/survival enthusiast, and television personality Bear Grylls, is a fast, fact-packed read that offers survival information that anyone can benefit from.
As a sometime viewer of Grylls' nature shows (usually when my dad or brothers have it on television), and someone with an abiding, but rarely deeply explored interest in the natural world, I especially enjoyed the parts of this book which dealt with the basics of food as a source of energy in a survival situation, edible (and toxic) plants, and how to track animals.
I found the sections on making traps, hunting, and preparing a kill more disturbing to me personally, and so skimmed those sections. I do, however, think that the information presented therein seemed like a useful introduction to techniques that could save one's life.
Finally, I found the sections on edible/toxic fungi, as well as all the edible creepy crawlies and extra-dangerous animals (think snakes and scorpions) to be fascinating reading from a "bizarre foods" perspective, but anything I was about to try to apply to my own life.
In his introduction and afterward, Grylls states that this book is meant as an introduction to survival concepts which can save your life. His hope is that this book will increase readers' interest in, and sense of empowerment about, survival techniques, and that it will encourage readers to investigate further.
Read in this context, I think that Extreme Foods pretty much hits the mark. I didn't enjoy some of the pictures in the middle of the book, which included gratuitous shots of Bear eating bloody animals.
But overall, I'm really glad I read Extreme Foods. I learned something from it, and am inspired to learn more, and in that way, I'd call this latest by Bear Grylls a great success.
This review can also be found on my blog, at, and on Facebook.
" said.

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