Thor & Loki (Graphic Myths & Legends (Library)) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-17 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" This graphic novel had amazing drawings. The story line is the age old question whether brawn or brain is better. " said.

" Genre:Graphic Novel, Science FictionCopyright:2007I'm really not a big graphic novel fan. The story was good and entertaining. I would recommend it to my students who enjoy graphic novels and the story of Loki and Thor. " said.

"This book was not great. The only good part was how well the illustrations depicted the story being told. However, the story overall was lacking. It was disjointed, and the decisions the characters made didn't make sense. There were some mythological elements pulled in, but the story, as far as I know, is the work of the author's imagination. It jumps around too much. There are two female characters in the book. One is an "old crone" and the other is a girl who is allowed only to cook. When it comes time to compete in challenges, she's told she can't because she's female. That was the factor that led me to give this book one star instead of two. I wouldn't recommend this book. " said.

" This is a great Comic Book. I didn't even know that it wasn't made by Marvel (I don't think my school did either). It's about the greek gods, Thor & Loki. They argue about which is better, brains or brawn. they take two children with them to the giants land to do some challenges. that's all I can say without spoiling the book, so all I'll say is that they do fail. " said.

" I had known this would be a telling of the tale from Gylfaginning, but was expecting the typical Marvel spin on the characters. It was refreshing to find characters that were fairly true to the Icelandic sagas. " said.

" I was duped into thinking this was a Marvel graphic novel and as I'm digging in Thor is coming off a lot more of a (bleep) then in the old comics so I check the cover again and it has nothing to do with Marvel.Still a fun quick read going over a few of the better-known myths about Thor. " said.

" An enjoyable retelling of the Utgardloki myth, if a little terse (and a lot clearly--though not acknowedledgely--drawn from Marvel's version of Thor and Loki). The art accented the humor of the writing nicely. " said.

" This was my son's first book of Norse mythology, and a story that I was eager to share with him as Norse mythology has been my personal favorite since I discovered it as a child. It's a graphic novel version of the story from the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning about Thor, Thjálfi, and Loki's journey to Útgarða-Loki's keep. The retelling and the illustrations beautifully capture the contentious friendship between Thor and Loki ... as well as the imagination of my child. " said.

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