The Cupid Chronicles (The Wedding Planner's Daughter #2) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" One of my most favourite books!It's super adorable and better than the previous,The Wedding Planner's Daughter.It's for middle readers, so it's quite an easy read, but that's part of the fun. I love to stay up for a few hours and re-read it a couple times a year :) " said.

"This book is about a girl named Willa Havisham and in this book she has a crush on a boy but she finds out that the library in the town is going to close. on top of that her grandfather ends up dying while on a trip to NYC. He always had a new book her every friday since he owns a book store. Willa is devistated but she has to let it go and keep going on her plan to save the library.

A story that anyone can relate to so if you like realistic fiction you will love this book.i enjoy it and give it 5 stars.

" said.

"1.tittle: the wedding planner daughter cupid chronicles
author:Colennn Murtagh
why do i choose it?: because it's about wedding planner and i wish to be a wedding planner when i grow up's about love & ofcourse wedding planner the purpose of this book it's that it teach you how to be a wedding planner
3. i learn how to draw wedding dresses & how to decorate
4.I really like it because the book it's perfect for a girl that will like to be a weddin planner :)
5. i will recomended it to my friend becouse it talks about love & evryone get n love once or maybe twice

I hope you read it ms.sara :D
" said.

"To put it the best that I can, this book was cute. It was energetic, funny, hopeful, touching, and overall a feel good book. I'm in love with the adult characters in the book, each one was unique enough to be interesting, and familiar enough to relate with. I really enjoyed it.

Willa, a 13 year old, works to save her town library when the city decides to cut the budget and join libraries with a neighboring town. In between community service and helping her parents run the hotel, Willa exchanges books with prominent adult figures in her life, battles it out with a fellow classmate for a boy, and worries about love and the nature of it. =]
" said.

"Genre- Romance
this book is really cute Willa is a very perky character and she has such a great upbeat character it ties this book together. In this book the character willa refrences Shakespeare lines and other books that she likes to read. I thought it was a good idea to have the character read some of the authors favorite books it was like icing on the cake it topped of this great book. The way each character had their own personality and no one was like each other made a great group of characters. I also liked the wat each character spoke how it represented them. I recommend this book for a quick read because it is a great book for a just for fun book.
" said.

"OMG THIS SERIES KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! First the Wedding Planner's Daughter, and now this! IT'S AWESOME! In this one, Willa is trying to save the Bramble Library from being closed and merging with another town's library. The task is to raise a LARGE amount of money, so she and her school are working extra hard to raise the money. On top of that, she is having even more problems with Joseph Kenelley (aka JFK)! But with the help of some very odd new guests at the inn, Willa (hopefully) is somehow able to raise the money for the library AND get JFK as her own.... ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS EVER! " said.

"13 yr old Willa is now settled into the house nextdoor since her mother Stella married Sam and they have opened the Bramblewood Inn. Willa love, JFK (Joseph) moves back into town after having been gone for a while and he is more attractive than ever, but Willa has to watch out for Ruby trying to become the girlfriend. Then when her class takes on saving the Bramblewood Library, by doing fund raisers something does seem quite right when they reach their goal and then find out from the town council that it's another $20,000 they have to raise. Once again a fun great story with "quotes" from Shakespeare at the beginning of each chapter." said.

"I read these books out of order, actually starting with number two first. It was a cute book, a bit slow in parts for me. I am chalking that up to the fact that its not really geared at a 40 year old!! I loved all the quotes that started each chapter of this book. I also liked the relationships Willa the star of our story has with the adults in her life. She seems to be a very smart girl, that still has all the regular young girl issues but also seems to have a firm grip on the path she wants to be on in order to make it to where she wants to be in life. In particular I liked the part she played in the funeral and the words she had to say.
In all actuality, this book has a lot to say to young girls and if there wasn't a strong female role model in someone's life, well, lets say you could do a lot worse then Willa.
" said.

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