First Ladies (DK Eyewitness Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-14 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 11 user ratings

" This thin book caught my eye when our library displayed it during Women's History Month. The First Ladies are presented in chronological order with a short biography and pictures of primary documents related to the First Lady being featured. Many of the primary documents and pictures are probably housed in the Smithsonian Museum. Most of the First Ladies are featured on one page, but some received more attention.A book to read and reread for every aged reader! " said.

" first Ladies is filled with interesting facts, family pictures and tells stories how each first lady helped change the history of our country. From Martha Washington to our First Lady today, Melania Trump.Chris S. " said.

" Beautiful, informative summary of the First Ladies of the United States of America. Loads of photographs and paintings!! Full of little-known facts and information. " said.

"I enjoyed this book and the detailed accounts it provides of each first lady, from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama. It gives details on their experiences in the white house, the clothes they wore, and different artifacts they had.The amazing artwork,photographs, and summarizes of the first ladies experience are given in a detailed concise manner.I feel that this book would be a great resource to have in a classroom. It could be used during different units of American history, specifically when discussing presidents in order to stress the importance of the first lady. " said.

"There is not a lot of new information here obviously, but that is not what these DK Eyewitness Books are supposed to provide. This book is a great introduction to all the women who have been First Ladies throughout America's history, with just a few facts and notable events or particulars that give a little personality to each woman. Other than a few famous first ladies, most of the women written about here will be new to most readers, so everyone is sure to learn something no matter what age you are. It would have been nice to give some more focus on some of the lesser known Presidents' wives, but the same 8-10 get the focus and that is probably to be expected." said.

"Lucy Hayes was the first college graduate to hold the position of first lady.

Edith Wilson was anti suffrage despite the 19th amendment being passed while she was in office.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing humanitarian.

I enjoyed this. It was a quick read (obviously). My Grandma used to give me Eyewitness books as a child. They have just a teaser of information about the subject which works since they're mostly childrens books. For someone who just wants a taste of information, they're a good starting point. I may flip through more in the future. I like the layout of the books, the information shared, and how it's all presented.
" said.

" Almost every school library in America has the Eyewitness series, and my elementary school was no exception. The one Eyewitness book I found on my own, however, was First Ladies. This books contains many pictures as do most Eyewitness books. The pictures, while good for keeping a young child's attention, don't help us get an accurate picture of the wonderful first ladies we've had. If anything, this is more of a book about the first ladies' stuff with a tiny paragraph or so dedicated to the first ladies for themselves. Then again, Eyewitness books usually lack any actual history anyway. Advice: Find your kids better books than this series. Please, I'm begging you!
" said.

"I found this book to have great pictures and fact about the First Ladies of the United States. These picture and descriptions detailed what these ladies did while they lived in the White House. However, I believe it only gives minimal detail about these ladies lives, not depicting all the wonderful things they did. This is a good book for learning fact about what First Ladies do, but not about particular ones in general. This is a good starting point to find out what First Ladies to read further about in different books. This would also be a difficult book to use in the classroom setting as it reads more like a textbook. This would be better for older grades as an individual reading book." said.

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