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UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-04 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 30 user ratings

"*WARNING: Possibly No Spoilers*

I Love the Movie Howls moving Castle, and haven't read the books due to the unfortunate even that i didn't realise i owned the book until I'd sold it *Slaps wrist*. Bad Me. I loved how bright the pictures were and how there was less writing than normal comics. Usually i would love more writing, but with this book it just seemed right.
A Very quick read (My reading time was 10 minutes at my relatives house.) And i definitely recommend it it you loved the movie like i did.
" said.

"Set of four books that are basically stills from the movie plucked out and put into book form to tell the story. I really like the movie, so I like these books. Only slight annoyance is that though the dialog has been translated from Japanese, the sound effects aren't. There is is guide to sound effects at the back of the book, but it would interrupt the flow of reading too much, so I didn't use it. Nice to have the story in book form if you want to relive it and aren't in a position to watch a video." said.

"I like many others picked up this book after seeing the Hayao Miyazaki animated interpretation. I am a huge Hayao fan and became extremely interested in the story line. I must say, the plot of the novel is almost completely different than the film but in the end I closed the book smiling. The characters weren't as romanticized as in the film but it added depth to their character and charm. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. This is going on that short list of books I will likely read and re-read until the binding falls apart. " said.


I thought this was a great story with unique perspectives which I love about young adult literature. The technique telling it is why I gave it a low rating. Taking into consideration I believe this book was written for a younger audience than an adult, it was somewhat predictable, some parts were confusing to figure out what was going on and lacked good description. Characters were fairly hashed out but nothing spectacular. And character development was jolting at times with character changes too quick or out of the blue. I gave it a two, but it almost deserves a three star. I enjoyed it as a first read but probably won't come back to it.
" said.

"Sophie is the eldest and believe that, because of this, she will amount to nothing. When she is confronted by the Witch of the Waste, she is cursed. She must look for a destiny on her own and discover more about herself she never believed could be true.

I originally saw the movie version of this and it was so enjoyable to read it and see the differences between the two. I loved all of the characters and the book was beautifully written. I love what it teaches about believing in yourself and how much impact that can have on your life.

No bad content in this book. (it does contain magic if that bothers you but it's super appropriate.)
" said.

"As much as I loved diving back into the story of Howl's Moving Castle (the art, the characters, the magic!), I found this adaptation a bit difficult to read. THe editors included the whole story and all of the details, but the way that the page layout was constructed is a bit messy. The image-stills from the film were well chosen, but their placement on the page was often jumbled and didn't match up with the textual accompaniment. Further complicating the issue was the inclusion of speech bubbles; sometimes they repeated f[hrases from the text, but other times they were additional speech so it was never quite clear if the reader must read them or whether the text or bubbled should be read first. I would really like to see a little bit more thought being put into these books, since I'm sure that they would be treasured if done well. " said.

"This particular adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle suffers for fault of the medium by which it is being conveyed. By choosing to take screenshots of the film and superimposing dialogue over them, pacing is placed by the wayside. There are too many panels required to show an action as simple as standing because Miyazaki's art style is so fluid and there is so much movement. Had they simply foregone some of the smaller, less essential motions or combined separate actions into a single panel (ie: Sophie standing up and groaning with a hand pressed to her back does not need three panels to show) this could have been a great manga. As it is, this will only be read by fans of other forms of this story because they want to consume all that is related to "Howl's Moving Castle" and never on its own merit." said.

"Sophie is an unsatisfied young woman with a magical talent in bringing things to life. She embarks on a journey after being cursed by a witch to become an aged woman, to meet Howl (a wizard), and Calcifer (a fallen star), along with other characters. Throughout the novel, Sophie comes to terms with her inner-self and by so doing demonstrates great courage and loyalty, freeing more than just herself from the awful curse given to her by the witch.

I thought this novel was very refreshing in beating the norms of most fairy tale-twisted novels. The fairy tales are not explicit by any means, however, the intention of many of the stories are hidden within the actual story. It was very creatively done and interesting. I liked this book a lot and would recommend it to a large YA audience. There is no concern with language or other censorship problems.
" said.

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