Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books #1-7 Reviews

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I've finally added Harry to my list. Though many of my friends here at GoodReads have given it very high marks, it simply didn't move me. Perhaps, if I had come to the books when I was 8 or 10, I'd be more impressed (though my reading was pretty sophisticated even then -- I was devouring The Silmarillion at 11). And I would (and do) give the last few volumes 3 stars -- Harry was getting older and more interesting -- but I didn't find anything particularly amazing or innovative about the characters or plot.

Perhaps, in the final analysis, that's my "problem" with the series: It didn't push the envelop. Perhaps, unfairly, I wanted a more challenging read.

I would recommend this to young readers just getting their feet wet, and then guide them into more (IMHO) challenging authors like Norton, Le Guin, Tolkien, White, etc. (i.e., the deep end of the pool).
" said.

" HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO WRITE A REVIEW ON THE BEST SERIES EVER WRITTEN?Characters I Loved: Snape, Fred & George, Harry, Lily & James, Ginny, Hermione, Tonks, DOBBY, Kreacher, Neville, Minerva Macgonagall, Draco Characters I wish I knew more about: James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Regulus Black, Merope Gaunt, Morfin Gaunt, Kreacher and THE MARAUDERS " said.

"this “review” is simply notes to myself, not much of interest to anyone but me, and not containing much in the way of spoilers given how cryptic the notes are, but just in case:

(view spoiler)

"Been reading this lately, just to feel the nostalgia that literally ran thru my veins when i was a teenager. I used to LOVE harry potter, obsessively. I never actually lost hope in getting a secret invitation to Hogwarts, or discovering a secret magical world. Its everyones wish i think. When i read this and i think of all the great stuff about this fantasy, i remember how much i HATE being a grown up. I hate it. I know deep down that I am still a little girl inside. I cant understand why some people are being mean or asking me about weird grown up stuff, like paying the bills, or dating, or being responsible for a parking spot. This sucks. I have always been in trouble for not choosing to grow up. Thats why i designed a new way to escape their blames. I pretend to be grown up outside and in my safe, happy place, ill be myself. Funny how this gets the best of me cuz harry potter reminds me of childhood excitement. I grew up with harry's adventures. When they were choosing characters for the harry potter movies, i was the exact same age as emma Watson (i still am" said.

"Harry Potter and his friends is a series so special to me. J.K. Rowling created a whole new magical world, very detailed and ingenious, which kept going for seven books with the same quality.
There are so many ineteresting characters beyond the main ones, who are brilliant. Luna Lovegood, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall and many others are interesting, loveable and so real in their vulnerability .
The plot is intelligent, but to my opinion more ipressive were two features. J.K. Rowling uses symbols in order to picture many psychological aspects of human nature. For example the Dementors who suck every positive feeling represent depression and the Patronus Charm, our positive thoughts which function as a shield against bad thoughts.
Secondly,another element is that the writer has an incredible knowledge of the chlidren's and teen's nature (well, i must admit she knows how adults tend to think as well). She represents accurately the development of the characters, their mood swings, how they grow-up and become almost adults, and all these feelings like love, friendship, jealousy, the feeling of failure and abandonment, thoughts about right and wrong and all the contradictions that may arise even in the strongest friendship.
J.K.Rowling reached the child's inner world without being didactic and on the same time she managed to show that there is always a light in every hadrship.
The finale was superb, the contradiction between Snape (such a special character...) and Dumbledor, made the reader think a lot about good and evil. I know that many readers wanted a death, so that the story could appear more convincing, but i think that would be too "easy". Personally, i felt rather strange about Dumbledor.
Although i read the books in a older age than most fans, i was completely enchanted, became friend with the characters and waited eagerly for the next book. I felt sorry when the series was completed but i admit that it was the right thing.
Lastly, we should never forget that J.K.Rowling introduced many children into the magical world of books and that is the greatest achievement for a writer!

Η σειρά Χάρι Πότερ είναι για μένα από τα πιο ξεχωριστά βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει. Η ιστορία του ήρωα και των φίλων του είναι μαγευτική, σε μεταφέρει σε έναν άλλον κόσμο γεμάτο εκπλήξεις και ευρηματικότητα.
Η Ρόουλινγκ κατάφερε κάτι πολύ δύσκολο. Κράτησε την ποιότητα της ιστορίας της και το ενδιαφέρον του αναγνώστη και στα 7 βιβλία δημιουργώντας έναν μύθο. Σε καμία περίπτωση δεν θεώρησα ότι ξεχείλωσε την πλοκή ή ότι με κούρασε. Οι χαρακτήρες είναι ενδιαφέροντες, ολοκληρωμένοι και δεν περιορίζονται στους βασικούς ήρωες. Συναντάμε πλήθος ατόμων με εξίσου ενδιαφέροντα στοιχεία, που προκαλούν συγκίνηση.
Πέρα πάντως, από την εξέλιξη της περιπέτειας, αυτά που με εντυπωσίασαν περισσότερο είναι δύο στοιχεία. Πρώτα, ότι χρησιμοποιεί διάφορους συμβολισμούς για να παρουσιάσει τις ψυχικές εκφάνσεις της ανθρώπινης φύσης. Ένα παράδειγμα είναι οι Παράφρονες που ρουφάνε κάθε θετικό συναίσθημα συμβολίζοντας την κατάθλιψη, αλλά και ο Προστάτης που είναι οι θετικές μας σκέψεις που ανακαλούμε για να αντιμετωπίσουμε τις άσχημες σκέψεις. Και δεύτερο, ότι η συγγραφέας είναι βαθιά γνώστης της παιδικής και εφηβικής ψυχής. Ο τρόπος που παρουσιάζει την εξέλιξη των πρωταγωνιστών, οι εναλλαγές διάθεσης, η πορεία τους προς την ωριμότητα, αλλά και όλα αυτά τα συναισθήματα που απασχολούν τα παιδιά της ηλικίας τους, όπως η αγάπη, η φιλία, το αίσθημα της αποτυχίας, το πώς νιώθει κάποιος όταν όλοι του γυρίζουν την πλάτη, η ζήλια, το δίκαιο, το άδικο, οι αντιπαραθέσεις μέσα σε μια φιλία και άλλα πολλά, είναι απαράμιλλος. Έχει τύχει να συζητήσω με γονείς που αγόρασαν τα βιβλία για μικρά παιδιά νομίζοντας ότι είναι πολύ παιδικά και απογοητεύτηκαν θεωρώντας τα δύσκολα. Κατά τη γνώμη μου, δεν είναι για πολύ μικρές ηλικίες.
Ουσιαστικά η συγγραφέας, δίχως βέβαια να γίνεται ποτέ διδακτική, καταφέρνει να αγγίξει την παιδική ψυχή και να αφήσει μέσα της κάτι θετικό, να δείξει ότι παρ΄όλες τις δυσκολίες, υπάρχει φως. Αυτά τα στοιχεία έδωσαν βάθος στην ιστορία της, που ξεφεύγει από μια απλή ιστορία φαντασίας.
Μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ και η ανατροπή που έγινε στο τέλος. Η αντιπαράθεση των δύο χαρακτήρων, του Σνέηπ (ο οποίος στο τέλος μας συγκίνησε όσο δεν πήγαινε) και του Ντάμπλντορ ήταν εξαιρετική. Μείναμε άναυδοι και μπήκαμε σε σκέψεις για το καλό και το κακό. Δεν υπήρχε τίποτα προβλέψιμο, ας "γκρινιάζουν" κάποιοι φαν ότι έπρεπε να... είχαν πεθάνει περισσότεροι βασικοί χαρακτήρες για να γίνει η ιστορία πιο πειστική.
Προσωπικά, αν και διάβασα τα βιβλία της σχετικά μεγάλη (όπως και οι φίλοι μου) μαγεύτηκα από τον Χάρι Πότερ, περίμενα με ανυπομονησία πότε θα βγει το επόμενο, έγινα φίλη με τους χαρακτήρες και φυσικά υπήρξαν στιγμές που δάκρυσα με τις εξελίξεις. Στεναχωρήθηκα όταν ολοκληρώθηκε η σειρά, όμως καταλαβαίνω ότι δεν θα είχε νόημα να το τραβήξει κι άλλο.
Κάτι επίσης, πολύ σημαντικό είναι, ότι η Τζ. Κ. Ρόουλινγκ έκανε πάρα πολλά παιδιά που δεν διάβαζαν βιβλία να διαβάσουν και αυτό είναι το μεγαλύτερο επίτευγμα για έναν συγγραφέα.

Ένα άρθρο μου για τη Τζ. Κ. Ρόουλινγκ για το Book-Tour
" said.

"I LOVE ALL OF THESE BOOKS! i was brought into the harry potter world after the second book came out. i enjoyed every book each in it's own way. i loved the first book because it helped me believe in magic again like i did when i was little. i liked the second book because i got to see hermoine grow as a stronger witch. i loved the third one because harry started to really step into his role and there was so much happening. it was an exciting book.i was introduced to dementors, azkaban, escaped convicts and there was more about how harry's parents died. i loved the fourth one because there were dragons, a sphynx, mazes, and voldemort finally came into the books at full power. it was exciting and non stop action. i loved the fifth one because i loved hating umbridge. it was so great to see harry start to step into his role as a leader and fight against voldemort. i loved the sixth because we finally were able to see into the life and rise of voldemort. i also got to delve into the life and mind of albus dumbledore. i especially loved the first six books because no matter how i tried i could not guess how they would end. i think the second one even though it was not my least favorite it was the biggest surprise ending! i have a talent. i can figure out the endings to movies and books but j.k. rowling always kept me guessing. at least until the seventh book. i of course had no idea about the deathly hallows but i did guess all the major parts. now i loved the seventh because it brought all the other six books together. i was able to see harry turn from boy to man. i loved that the author took us into the future and shower harry's family. these are all books i could read over and over. the instant i read one sentence i am instantly transported in the magical world of harry potter." said.

"I have read the books AND listened to them on CD. Here's the story of how I became a fan of HP:

I am an avid reader and years ago, when the Harry Potter books first came to the U.S. and caused such a sensation, I resisted reading them. I'm not a big fan of fantasy lit, so I thought that reading about wizards and such was not for me. It was as a mother of two cranky children that I ended up trying the books, and I am SO glad that I did not end up missing out on this brilliant and wonderful series.

My kids and I were in an unpleasant rut. After a long day of teaching, I picked them up from their school. Our ride home was quite unpleasant. All three of us were tired and cranky. The kids bickered constantly. Then one day, I had a brainstorm. I stopped by the library and picked up the first Harry Potter book on tape. A magical change took place in our car! The long, dreary rides flew by. We began to look forward to our daily commutes. Listening together became quality time — the best part of our day!

Jim Dale's narration of the series is truly magical. He changes his voice in hundreds of different ways to convey the various characters and their personalities. He brought an excitement to the stories that was just plain addictive.

My children and I became avid fans of Harry Potter, and we went to the midnight book launchings of Books 6 and 7. Harry helped us get through a long and nasty divorce. I became known as the Harry Potter expert (and the books' biggest fan) at my school. I even went to a HP symposium in Las Vegas one summer, taking courses and spending time with other HP fanatics. HP changed my life in such a positive way. I will forever be grateful to J.K. Rowling for sharing her incredible story with all of us.
" said.

" 10 February 2016: $14.99 on Kindle " said.

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