JavaScript For Kids For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"I have recently been working on JavaScript and there is an adult book, well the original JavaScript for Dummies on the market. However, if you have kids who may be interested in JavaScript, why not join in reading the kid's edition. This book I am referring to is called JavaScipt For Kids For Dummies by Chris Minnick and Eva Holland. It's not difficult to learn JavaScript, but sometimes it's just confusing at times with the different words and abbreviations. Since you will need to remember those words and even symbols that go before and after certain strings, variables, functions and many others, which can be hard. However, if you have a book like JavaScript for Dummies with you, then you have something you can refer too. Plus, plenty of helpful examples and codes to help you.

I've been taking a few free online courses and still I find myself forgetting a few things. Also, this is because I don't continue daily on the program and after stopping for awhile and coming back to the page I can easily forget a few things I've just learned the day before. Therefore, I am so happy to have this book in the house. It makes everything I learned a whole lot easier to recall, by reading them in the book! Plus, along with the text examples in the book and the photos, which are even helpful and interesting to view it makes it so much easier. Also with this as your guide through JavaScript, you'll be viewing something eye-catching and interesting, making it something any child would love to try and read as well as an adult.

Therefore, this book on JavaScript is a lot easier to learn and a great way for the entire family to enjoy. It's filled with all things a beginner would need to know about JavaScript and it's organized perfectly, so you can find what you need easily! Finally, no matter the age or the kids for dummies in the title, this book will help you learn JavaScript as well as any other!

" said.

"Wow, I'd been searching for a readable JavaScript book for my daughter for years. Finally - it's here!" said.

"Our Grandson loved this as well as his father. For an 11 year old it is spot on and very age appropriate." said.

"The Very Best beginner's book on JavaScript, for adults (and children). Don't be fooled by the title about kids. This is solid for anyone at any age.
It shows clearly how JavaScript is laid out from the ABCs of the language. I went through several books. This is the best. Most books are confusing to beginners even if you know HTML and CSS. The reason being that the writers know too much code and cannot put themselves on a pee wee level to teach it. Hence if you are not advanced somewhat, those books merely add to your confusion and lack of understanding. This starts at the very bottom.

As far as this being for kids. That I think is true if such kids have programmer parents or are geniuses in their own right. Otherwise this book is really for adults who are studying JavaScript on their own and need a tutorial which begins at the very start of JavaScript development and gradually moves upwards. And yes, this is for dummies like myself who are adults.
" said.

"Excellent book! It fills in the blanks where my online college course lacks explanations. NOT overly silly or "cute", which was a concern." said.

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