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f you like reading the book club's featured selections, I would recommend doing so before reading a Mother-Daughter Book Club novel. I was surprised to find out that Much Ado About Nothing has its book clubbers discuss not only Anne of Green Gables, but Anne of Avonlea, too. There is even a quote pulled from the third Anne book, Anne of the Island. The connections between the story and the book club selections were perhaps not as frequent or as strong this time around, but the girls' love for Anne Shirley and her world is apparent.

I enjoyed Much Ado About Anne, despite a slow start. This installment keeps the four-part organizational framework of the original, and my enjoyment of the first section was hampered by three things. First, I was surprised that the mothers would decide to allow the bossy, know-it-all Calliope Chadwick and her snooty daughter Becca into the club. I was willing to believe, though, that the mothers' graciousness was meant as an example to their daughters. Second, I was a little disappointed that the girls appeared to have taken a step backward in development. The first book showed the girls growing closer to each other and their parents. Here, they begin a little more mean-spirited than I remembered from book one. And why does Cassidy seem more secretive (secrets abound and the plot sometimes hinges on them) and distant from her mother? It seems the author has the girls regress in order to get them into an Anne Shirley-esque scrape or two before learning more life lessons. Finally, the early focus on Clementine's TV show delays our opportunity to meaningfully explore the girls' thoughts and feelings.

I still heartily enjoyed my reading of the novel. In some ways, the storytelling has improved. While book one tended to tie things up too quickly and neatly, Much Ado About Anne allows events to be messier and more mixed-up. And in some cases, situations, though improved, are not fully resolved. This is more true to life.

Once more, the series uses humor nicely to offset the occasional weight of lessons learned and wisdom imparted. Mrs. Wong is again at her ridiculous best, with her penchant for causes and her over-enthusiasm for all things organic and vegan. And Mrs. Chadwick needs no help or disparagement from the others (it's nice to see the parents model respect for their kids) -- she makes a perfect fool of herself.

As the novel progressed, I found that the strengths of the first book remained. I'm still fond of the whole Hawthorne clan and the closeness they share. Emma and Phoebe Hawthorne have a believable bond. It's heartwarming to see such a healthy mother-daughter dynamic portrayed amid a genre in which parents are often absent. Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Megan show themselves to be still, at heart, the same good girls they were in the first book, so I was able to forgive their apparent lapses and backslides. They are, after all, growing girls, and kids their age sometimes need to learn the same lesson more than once before it sticks. In the end, the girls learn the the value of trust, teamwork, and loyalty, and families and friendships are both strengthened and broadened. And though our heroine's future is uncertain, like Anne, Cassidy faithfully steps forward trusting that even if she cannot see what lies around the bend, her future's filled with hope.
" said.

" I am enjoying this series quite a bit. I think this one was better than the first. A little bit unrealistic in places - the fashion show comes to mind - but I enjoyed the club actually working with the Fab Three, and the emergence of Cassidy's brother as a hottie was fun. Looking forward to the next one. " said.

" This book has the same fat-shaming issues of the first in the series, as well as a weird subplot where a man puts a secret GPS tracker on his wife-to-be, and no one is remotely bothered by it. Still, it is a mild enough school read for the middle grade set. " said.

"Much Ado About Anne Review

As usual, Heather Vogel Frederick serves up lots of spice and charm in the second installment of her The Mother-Daughter Book Club series. This was my second time reading this book, as I was rereading this series before I read the last book in the series. I truly missed reading about these girls, and I am so excited to finish the rest of the series, although it's bittersweet because IT'S ALL OVER AND THEY'RE GOING TO COLLEGE WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE OH MY GOODNESS EIGSSGLWYSTSNEKEYS!!!!!! *takes deep breath*

Anyways, it was definitely a different experience reading the first book this time around because I know what happens four books from now, and I know people change and it's weird to see them before they changed. The last time I read this book was probably 2009 and I loved it so much then. It's a little different for me now, since I am no longer about the same age as the girls in the books, but I can still connect really well to the characters.

Something I also do with this series is I read all the books they read before I read the book. I read Little Women before I read this first book, I had already read all of the The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set that they read in this series before, I read Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy, and Just Patty, and When Patty Went to College (even though I don't really remember if any of the girls in the books read them I wanted too because of the occasional quotations from the other books Ms. Webster wrote in the books. I know, OCD. ;) I also read Pride and Prejudice (which caused me to buy Barnes and Noble's leatherbound volume of all of Jane Austen's works, Jane Austen: Seven Novels, which I have really enjoyed reading with my book club), and I read the entire Betsy-Tacy series which are definitely my favorites of all of the books I read for this series. =) You can read my pretty bad review for it here:
but I would recommend researching my later reviews for them (don't worry the spoilers are hidden ;) because they are much better. I also read the three companion novels, Winona's Pony Cart, Carney's House Party: A Deep Valley Book, and Emily of Deep Valley, which were phenomenal as well. And, finally, I read Jane Eyre in preparation for reading the last book of this series (and also for a book assignment for school that was free choice and I actually ended up not liking it; you can see my review here:, Wish You Were Eyre, which I still have yet to read because I need to finish rereading the series first. It's so big and final and sad and OHMYGOSH IT CAN'T BE OVER PLEASE HEATHER DON'T MAKE IT BE OVERRRRRR!!!!!! *calms down*

I also read most of this series, with my book club. We're not a mother-daughter book club but we do consist of one adult mom who is not any of our mom's, and we absolutely loved it.

Anyways, about the book. I have to say that this book is not my favorite of all of them. I do love it, I love all of the books, but if I had to pick a least favorite it would be this one. It is a really fun book, but I feel like it was lacking some of the MDBC spark. As I stated earlier, she does serve up lots of spice and charm (I don't think she knows how not to), but I felt like something was missing. Then again, it might just be the fact that things change from book to book, and no book is ever going to be as classic as the first. I did find myself cracking up quite a lot during the course of this book though, which was a good point for me about the book. The escapades were still Mother-Daughter-Book-Club-classic in style, and I feel that overall it was a wonderful addition to the series. Was that a little too contradictory? It's just hard for me to describe how I feel about this's a little bit of a contradictory feeling.

Overall, this book was another amazing installment in The Mother-Daughter Book Club series that I truly enjoyed. You should definitely read this charming and unique sequel in the series; it is one not to be missed. This series is one every woman should read in her lifetime.
" said.

" The mother daughter book club continues, this time reading Ann of Green Gables. This humorous story is told from the point of view of each of the four daughters. " said.

" This book is really good and taught me a lot about friendship. " said.

" This book was awesome. I read the first one and I didn't think that the first was better than the second. I greatly enjoyed it. There are moments when I LOLed. ANd I don't LOL at books often. Ask my sister, Anna.I loved this book. " said.

" This is a really cute series. I recently read Anne of Green Gables for the first time, so wanted to read this as the girls in the series read Anne in this installment. The main characters are about 13 years old and have all the things going on that new teenagers do. A fun read, even for an old girl like me! " said.

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