How the Ostrich Got Its Long Neck: A Tale from the Akamba of Kenya Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-26 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"SUMMARY: This book was a Folktale about how Ostrich’s got their long necks. The story of the Ostrich struggling with a short neck and long legs. The alligator needs help with a toothache and asks the ostrich to reach back in to his mouth and pull the tooth out. Right in the middle of this the alligator remembers hungry he is and clamps down on the ostrich’s neck. The other animals try to save her and pull and pull. As a result, the Ostrich’s neck became much longer and from now on avoids the alligators.

EVALUATION: This book is a great example of a Folktale and conversation starter about what a Folktale is. The story of the ostrich and his long neck is intriguing and surprising.

TEACHING POINT: I would use this book to teach about Folktales and get students thinking about other Folktales and life lessons.
" said.

" This is a fun story about how the ostrich came to have a long neck. It is a folk tale and would be a book to read to discuss legends and folk tales. " said.

" I totally remember this book! very funny story where the kid you are reading to can squawk right along with the bird "dont do it!" " said.

" The pictures were kind of cool . . . " said.

" Traditional literature, folk tale from KenyaCrocodile asks everyone in his habitat for help with pulling out a painful tooth. No one comes to his aid, but ostrich agrees to help. Once her head is in Crocodile's mouth, however, he chomps down and won't let go. She pulls and pulls and her next stretches and stretches. Happily, it's the prefect solution; now she drink water and eat berries without crouching down.The sloppy sketchy style of the illustrations didn't appeal me. " said.

" This is a fun "pourquoi" story from Africa, offering an explanation (as the title suggests) for how the ostrich got its long neck. The tale is tale is fairly short and interesting, with mottled watercolor illustrations and lots of onomatopoeia. I really enjoyed the author's note at the end that offers more information about the story and recommends other "pourquoi" tales that explain how an animal or person came to have a particular characteristic or how a certain natural phenomenon came to be. " said.

"This book is a fable about how the ostriches got their long necks. It tells about a ostrich that had a short neck and couldn't reach bugs on the ground or the berries in the trees, such an inconvenience. One day, a crocodile came along and asked the ostrich if she would try to pull his tooth out that was hurting. The ostrich felt bad for the crocodile so she stuck her head in his mouth and the crocodile chomped down on her head. The crocodile pulled and the ostrich pulled, both in opposite directions. Before you knew it, the ostrich was finally set free, but her neck had been stretched!

The illustrations were not the best in this book, but I think it would be a good book to teach students about fables and the difference between fiction and non-fiction. An activity that could be assigned after reading this book would be have the students make up their own fable about something in the world.
" said.

" Long ago, ostriches had short necks. One day, Crocodile wakes up with a toothache. He searches for someone to reach into his mouth to pull out the tooth. But no one will trust him. Finally, he asks Ostrich. Against the warnings of Fish Eagle, Ostrich sticks her head in the croc’s mouth. It is then that the crocodile realizes he’s hungry and chomps down. Ostrich pulls away but when she is free, her neck has been stretched. " said.

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