Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-15 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 27 user ratings

" The writing was a little sub-par to the last Alfred Kropp novel, but the story remained interesting. Alfred Kropp is an unlucky teenager who seems to bungle his way through some extraordinary adventures. He not only starts off the end of the world, but also manages to stop it somehow. Stories are fast-paced and fun to read, even though a little contrived at times. I still enjoyed them either way. Can't wait to read The Thirteenth Skull in order to complete the series. " said.

"After Rick Yancey's wonderful first book that was brimful of redemption, hope, and courage, I wanted so much to love this one... I was disappointed to find it so "far out," dark, and just plain bizarre that I simply couldn't love it. I wasn't looking for a feel-good novel, but I didn't want to be driven at knifepoint to the liquor store either. Two stars for Yancey's lovely, skilled use of language, and that's about it. I'll read the next one with great trepidation, but I certainly won't buy it first." said.

"Wow! Wow! Oh, and, wow! Yawn yawn has done it again. I couldn't wait to retrieve it from my classroom. I had to check out a digital copy from the library. Now I REALLY need to grade papers, but all I can think about is getting to the next (and final - SAD) Alfred Kropp book.

Spoiler: no, I can't do it. Yes, you will still love Alfred, maybe even more than you did in the first book. Know this: he changes. Like all of us, some change is good for us, and some change, not so much. But, you still love him. I do, anyway. Bring on "Thirteenth Skull!"
" said.

"Alfred is once again embroiled with the super secret international organization OIPEP. He is snatched from his foster home by one agent who drags Alfred off to execute him. He is then recued only to be dragged into the race for the ancient seals of Solomon. A ring has that has the power to control the demons which have been locked up for thousands of years in a sacred vessel in a secret location. Of course the bad guy gets the ring first and releases millions of demons to terrorize mankind. Alfred becomes part of the force gathered to put the demons back into the ancient demon prison. Adventure with humorous flippant language; recommend this on for teens, especially boys. " said.

"Wow. I couldn't put this down. I loved the first book and procrastinated reading this one because I have read too many lame sequels. This was not lame.
Rick Yancey has a most amazing talent for letting us enter the mind of a kid who handles unbelievable situations in a very believable way. His simile and description is effortless and the action is fast-paced and intense.
I think what Yancey does best, though, is the characterization of Alfred. You genuinely care about this weird kid. His voice is so authentic. I also think he has done a great job with the villains, who are so conniving or just terrifyingly evil that you can't wait to see them get theirs.
Great story, great writing. I'm not going to wait to read the 3rd in the series.
" said.

"Reality is setting in for Alfred Kropp after his life returns to normal after the adventures of the first book, when Alfred's life is again thrust into a world saving adventure. Again Alfred's actions cause unintended trouble, but this time he is unaware of the danger as he is being kept in the dark by all sides. The stakes seem bigger in this book as the enemy is one of literal biblical proportions (fallen angels imprisoned for thousands of years by the Seal of Solomon) and Alfred has to endure much to succeed in this second outing of Alfred Kropp. A fun action adventure fantasy novel which has some great internal struggles and worldwide panic, also ends on a higher note for our hero than the last book did. I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaways.
" said.

"This was a non-stop read. By that I mean that I could not stop reading this book until I finished it. Sadly I was forced to stop often for an inconvenience I call work, but every free moment I was fully engaged in this story.

Alfred Kropp is the cursed with a really pathetic life. He is in foster care but his late father was really rich. Now his foster father is trying to adopt him and steal his inheritance. Kropping the sport of picking on Alfred Kropp is all the rage at school and to top it off Alfred is flunking most of his classes. Could life get any worse?

How about being kidnapped by a secret organisation who wants to drain your sacred blood to fight demons with. Yea it got worse.

Now Alfred must fight off a demonic hoard bent on the destruction of the human race while trying to stay alive.
" said.

""Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon" is the 2nd book in the Alfred Kropp series. In this book Alfred Kropp, Mike Arnold, and OIPEP come back for another action packed, fast-paced adventure. Alfred Kropp is trying to live his life as a normal kid after dieing and saving the world but i s haveing trouble. Mike Arnold, the traitor, comes and kidnaps him. Suddenly Alfred is thrown into the world of supernatural happenings (again) and into OIPEP. The Seal of Solomon has kept the fallen angels of heaven (Demons) trapped for millions and milllions of years but now they're free by the fault of Mike Arnold. Alfred again has to use his courage and hidden gifts to save the world (again) and realize the hardships others face.

RIck Yancey has again, successfully created a book of mondern and ancient times. this was a very good and relatively easy read. On a scale I would have to give it a 10/10 because of the way Yancey geniusly connects all the different characters and there actions. If your looking for a very fast-paced read, then this is the book for you. Rick Riordan has said it again: "A rousing adventure with nonstop action."
" said.

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