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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-03 
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" I suppose this is a useful way to introduce kids to the King Midas myth (legend? story?). But wow! It's preachy and moralistic. And all the adults are so dismissive of John - was that true to the era, or just another example of the annoying writing style? My 8yo seemed to like it okay, but it wasn't a fav. He said it was kind of cheesy. The 11yo (who read it to himself) said it was too predictable. " said.

" I think "The Chocolate Touch" is a babyish book for me and I would suggest it to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. This book is about a boy named John Midas who loves chocolate and goes to a store one day and secretly buys a box of chocolate. When he eats the chocolate whatever else he eats or drinks tastes like chocolate even his pencil. Overall I would not recommend this to my friends but I would recommend this book to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. " said.

" This was a re read for me. I read it as a child. It is one of the many books I have told my kids they should read. I am also doing a challenge, and one of the things is read a book from your childhood. When my son brought this home from school(after I told them about it) I thought perfect. I will read it to him. He enjoyed it. At first he thought chocolate toothpaste would be great but he quickly decided he would rather not have all food/drink taste like chocolate. " said.

" One of my favourite mythologies of all time has been the midas touch!And you could imagine my surprise when I finally found that someone has actually adopted it made it into another story altogether! It was so amazing I read it all in one sitting and I just couldn't put it down!I read it as a kid though and I don't remember the names of the characters but I do remember the story was amazing,I just want to read it over and over again! " said.

"In my opinion,I think the book,The Choclate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling,is an awesome book because it gives you a moral throughout the book.The book is about a boy named John who loves chocolate.He loves chocolate so much,that everything he touches turns to chocolate even humans!I love the way the author expresses himself by writing how the main charater feels.If I were John I wouldn't had eaten to much chocolate because it would have ruined my appetite.I recommend this book to anyone because it shows you why its not good to only eat chocolate or any other kind of food.If this book had a series I would like to keep on reading it because I feel each book would take you to a new adventure." said.

"This modern-and-kid-ified version of the Midas Touch has little John Midas eating a magical chocolate and suddenly being unable to stop turning everything he touches with his mouth into chocolate. After eating the magical chocolate, he'll be unable to eat or drink anything but chocolate unless he finds the antidote. The book isn't particularly subtle about its message--yes, John, you've overdone it on indulging on your favorite food and now you're going to be unable to eat anything else or kiss another human being without turning things to chocolate--but sometimes books aimed at younger middle-schoolers do need to be blatant. I would have given this book more stars if it'd been a bit more graceful with its message (I felt beaten over the head with it even as a child), but it was still a worthy twist on an old theme, even though it used exaggerated magical consequences to teach that there are down sides to too much of a good thing." said.

" Adaptation of King Midas, featuring a boy who is obsessed with chocolate to the point that he won't eat the meals his mother cooks for him. While this is clearly a book with a strong moral lesson, the story is interesting and John is a sympathetic character. First published in 1952, this children's chapter book holds up relatively well over time, though the school scenes are unrealistic by modern standards. " said.

" Read it with my 5th graders-cute, easy read. " said.

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