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UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-27 
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"This modern-and-kid-ified version of the Midas Touch has little John Midas eating a magical chocolate and suddenly being unable to stop turning everything he touches with his mouth into chocolate. After eating the magical chocolate, he'll be unable to eat or drink anything but chocolate unless he finds the antidote. The book isn't particularly subtle about its message--yes, John, you've overdone it on indulging on your favorite food and now you're going to be unable to eat anything else or kiss another human being without turning things to chocolate--but sometimes books aimed at younger middle-schoolers do need to be blatant. I would have given this book more stars if it'd been a bit more graceful with its message (I felt beaten over the head with it even as a child), but it was still a worthy twist on an old theme, even though it used exaggerated magical consequences to teach that there are down sides to too much of a good thing." said.

"I'd give this 3.5 stars. Had it had more pictures, my children would have enjoyed it more. I know that is a small thing to be picky about, but it was one of our summer read aloud books and it just didn't really suit them that there was only one picture per chapter (we read two a day). Perhaps newer publications of the book have more pictures? The photos do look like originals, so I'd guess not.

Anyway, as for the story ... it is well written and the plot line is fun to follow. The closing chapter does an excellent job of dissecting the moral. I vaguely remember reading it during my own childhood (maybe in school?). The story line is pretty simple but very imaginative. Their is a magical store that appears and John Midas has "the chocolate touch" which grows stronger and stronger throughout the day.

This took my kids and I significantly longer to get through in comparison to other chapter books. They just weren't begging me to read more each sitting or even reminding me to read it each day. They are 5.5 and 3.5, maybe older kids would enjoy it more.
" said.

"I'm doing a reading scavenger hunt type thing and one of the categories is "read a book from your childhood". I read The Chocolate Touch in grade school and I've got to say it's a story that's stuck with me. The main character loves chocolate so much that he will not willingly eat anything else. He finds some special currency and a new candy store and purchases a huge box of candy. It turns out the huge box contains one small chocolate ball, but it's the most delicious chocolate he's ever tasted. It's also a magical chocolate ball and it makes it so that everything he touches his mouth to turns to chocolate. He enjoys this for the first couple hours of the day, but quickly finds that life is really boring and uncomfortable if all you can taste is chocolate. He can't even quench his thirst with water because it turns to chocolate in his mouth! This is a very cute story about selfishness and gluttony. The reason this book has stuck with me for so many years is because I've lost track of how many times I've wished that healthy food could taste like chocolate. But in the case of this book, it doesn't just taste like chocolate, it becomes chocolate, which would be sickening after a while. A delightful read even as an adult. " said.

" Adaptation of King Midas, featuring a boy who is obsessed with chocolate to the point that he won't eat the meals his mother cooks for him. While this is clearly a book with a strong moral lesson, the story is interesting and John is a sympathetic character. First published in 1952, this children's chapter book holds up relatively well over time, though the school scenes are unrealistic by modern standards. " said.

" My four year old really enjoyed this book! He had a lot in common with the main character...they both love candy! It was a good read aloud to my class also. " said.

" Read it with my 5th graders-cute, easy read. " said.

" Reading for my Children's Lit class. I remember this book fondly from my childhood and it did not disappoint. It also teaches a great lesson about selfishness and how too much of a good thing, is just too much! " said.

" Cute little middle grade book with a fun morale: be careful of wanting something because you might get it, and it might not be such a good thing.John Midas loves chocolate more than anything, but when he bites into a magic chocolate, everything he touches turn into chocolate. That's super fun at first, but then...not so much. Cute little story that you can read aloud to kids/students or hand over to just-ready-for-chapter-books readers. " said.

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