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UPDATE TIME: 2016-09-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 10 user ratings

"I can't speak highly enough of this book. Although endearing to children, its message is profound for all ages: If something is important to you, act, no matter what the odds of success. You never know what the outcome might be, or who might be inspired by your action. I remember "The Brave Little Parrot" when I think I can't be bothered to put a sign in my yard, write a senator, or speak out on a highly controversial issue. It's a beautiful story, and is beautifully illustrated." said.

"Wonderful story about personal bravery and perseverance. This book is beautifully illustrated. It includes many forest animals and also some semblance of Hindu gods. Probably best for 4-6 year olds." said.

"What a great book for children!

One brave little parrot chooses to do something to save its forest and all the residents there endangered by a spreading wildfire, ignoring everyone else who says, "This is too big a problem for you to solve." One god, seeing the heart, courage, and compassion of that little parrot, is inspired to help save the forest.

The lesson here is beautifully illustrated and heart-rending. Give your all to help others and make the world better, even when it seems hopeless, and amazing things might happen. That brave little parrot, by flying in a different direction and doing what was right, inspired someone else to help who otherwise might not have.

For pagan parents, this is a great example of polytheism and ethics in a format suitable for young children.
" said.

"Item was just as described and shipped quickly! Cute story I bought for some Kenyan missionaries! They had heard a retelling of this story and were very touched by it." said.

"As the proud owner of a Senegal Parrot, I can't fathom why parrots aren't more popular than they are. There are any number of books about dogs (some good but many more with maudlin themes like "Fifi, the dog that couldn't stop loving"). But there are very few books about parrots even though they are every bit as smart as dogs or cats (or even smarter) and they can --unlike dogs and cats-- fly and even more wonderfully talk to us and perch on our shoulders.

Which is why I like this book so much. Like many children's stories, it seeks to impart a simplified moral message in a vivid and compelling manner and succeeds. The protagonist is a small parrot who bravely acts to save her friends and beloved forest when a fire threatens to engulf it. There is humor (the parrot perching on an elephant who is one of her friends) and there is poignancy (the image of the courageous avian flying above a firestorm doing what she can to put out the blaze while high above in the heavens indifferent gods joke about the "foolish bird" but one of these celestial beings begins to feel shame that while he stands aloof from the unfolding tragedy, the little parrot is doing everything she can and more to save her friends).

I won't spoil the ending except to say that it's an uplifting and inspiring one (and given that it's a children's story, I don't think that counts as "spoiling it" anyway).

So if you have kids who love parrots or just kids who are bored with the stories of dogs and cats doing pedestrian things or if you simply like (or are fortunate enough to own) a parrot, buy and read the book. You won't be disappointed.
" said.

"Love this children's book. Purchased a used copy for an event at church. Copy came in great condition. This is such a wonderful story for children. Highly recommended." said.

"This is a classic tale, retold as only Rafe Martin can. The illustrations are beautiful!" said.

"This is the cutest book. Ever. Buy it. Read it. You don't even have to be a bird lover to love this book." said.

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