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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-14 
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" An outrageously good book encouraging each to do their own part, as their heart dictates, without thought of that effort being too little.I have to buy this for everyone I know. " said.

" WOnderful book for young children that teaches even the smallest can make a difference! " said.

" This is a retelling of a traditional jakata (story about Buddha's past lives) tale from ancient India. A brave little parrot's determination to save his animal friends and an island from a lightning fire with only a couple of drops of water at a time shames and humbles a powerful Indian god to tears. The god's tears save the island and make everything new again, including the now colorful plumage of the parrot. " said.

"Lovely parable,..."The Brave Little Parrot" is a retelling of a traditional jataka tale from India, one of the stories about Buddha's past lives. Such stories are immensely popular throughout Asia and have been told and retold- and painted,carved, and dramatized- for 2,500 years.Beautiful illustrations by Susan Gaber adds to the charm of this lovely tale. Rafe Martin is one of my favorite storytellers,his books are always breathtaking, and is evident in his many award-winning children's books, including "The Rough-Face Girl",one of my all-time favorites! "Children will celebrate the brave little parrot's victory and ask for this story again and again. It's a wonderful choice for reading aloud." -Booklist." said.

"This is a tale of bravery and determination. When a tree is struck by lightning and threatens to burn the forest down, all the animals flee except for a brave little parrot. Determined to save their home, the parrot continuously scoops up water with a leaf and flies back and forth into the blazing woods to try and diminish the flames. Despite his pleas for help, the rest of the animals are too afraid and submit to watching their home burn. When some gods and goddesses happen to drift by, one of them is particularly touched by the parrot's behavior and begins to feel ashamed at living such a lavish and carefree life. The god transforms into a great eagle and begins to weep. Everywhere his tears land, the fire goes out and new life begins to grow. Soon the animals’ home is restored, all thanks to the little parrot. This story upholds Buddhist ideals, but also sends a very strong message about perseverance and standing up for what you believe in. These are concepts that children can understand, and the story is so engaging with its vivid artwork and exciting plot that I think it would make a very effective read-aloud. " said.

"I can't speak highly enough of this book. Although endearing to children, its message is profound for all ages: If something is important to you, act, no matter what the odds of success. You never know what the outcome might be, or who might be inspired by your action. I remember "The Brave Little Parrot" when I think I can't be bothered to put a sign in my yard, write a senator, or speak out on a highly controversial issue. It's a beautiful story, and is beautifully illustrated." said.

"Wonderful story about personal bravery and perseverance. This book is beautifully illustrated. It includes many forest animals and also some semblance of Hindu gods. Probably best for 4-6 year olds." said.

"What a great book for children!

One brave little parrot chooses to do something to save its forest and all the residents there endangered by a spreading wildfire, ignoring everyone else who says, "This is too big a problem for you to solve." One god, seeing the heart, courage, and compassion of that little parrot, is inspired to help save the forest.

The lesson here is beautifully illustrated and heart-rending. Give your all to help others and make the world better, even when it seems hopeless, and amazing things might happen. That brave little parrot, by flying in a different direction and doing what was right, inspired someone else to help who otherwise might not have.

For pagan parents, this is a great example of polytheism and ethics in a format suitable for young children.
" said.

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