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"Type of book- picture
literary genre- fantasy, folktale
Awards- Coretta Scott King Award
Summary- Thunder Rose was born during a storm. Seconds later she sat up and created a lightning ball. As she grew up, she did amazing things like wrestle cattle and ride a bull. When she goes on a cattle roundup and thieves try to steal her cattle she rounds them up and gives them to the authorities. Then a tornado comes and threatens her and her family and Thunder Rose grabs it up and sends it away.
Critique- I really loved the illustrations of this book, they were all pretty funny to my students and helped give them a picture of how unbelievable her story was.
Prompts- Is that realistic? Can a girl actually do these things? What happens in a tornado? Can someone stop weather like that?
Craft elements for a lesson plan- This book would be useful in teaching tall tales and how sometimes things are exaggerated.
" said.

"My younger daughter, who is in kindergarten, brought home Thunder Rose (not to be confused with Bruce Springsteen's classic American ballad Thunder Road) by Jerdine Nolen (illustrated by Kadir Nelson) from her school library. It was published by Harcourt in 2003, and, according to the sticker on the front cover, was selected as a Coretta Scott King Award Honor book (for peace, brotherhood, and non-violent social change).

The story is of a bright, confident, powerful and non-traditional African-American girl growing up on a ranch. Born in a thunderstorm, she carries the spirit of lightening with her throughout her life.

In the spirit of the tall tale, Thunder Rose is bigger than life, with insatiable appetites (She nurses from a cow!), supernatural strength (She bends scrap wire into a lightening bolt.), and extraordinary athletic ability (She brings a herd of cattle to a halt by jumping on the lead steer's back and grabbing him by the horns.). She also stops bandits, and, in her piece de resistance, tames a thunderstorm at the end of the book.

Thunder Rose also has a gentle side, however, and is able to sing the heard of cattle to sleep with a lullaby and creates barbed wire to keep her younger sister entertained.

Her story is told in sophisticated language that bends and twists like the wire that Rose sculpts. The illustrations are lush and rich with color, and capture the mischief and pride of this remarkable character. The book makes an excellent read-aloud for bright children and open-minded parents.
" said.

" Thunder Rose vows to grow up to be more than just big and strong, thank you very kindly--and boy, does she ever! But when a whirling storm on a riotous rampage threatens, has Rose finally met her match? " said.

"3.5 stars. Art is fantastic, the tall tale western style story could have used one more round of cuts to make it truly epic. As it was my kids enjoyed it, and it was great to find more books with African American main characters which aren't about basketball, buses, or marches (not that those aren't good too, but AA need to be represented in all sorts of stories). The story starts off strong but gets a little wordy about 2/3 of the way through and I had to start skipping parts to keep my kids interested. Great premise and art though." said.

"Picture book fiction
Grades: K - 5***
Ages: 5 - 10
Lexile Measure: AD910L
DRA Level: 34
Themes: Wild West, African American, cleverness, tall tales, creativity & imagination

Thunder Rose is a perfect child's level tall tale in the fine tradition of John Henry, Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan. I laughed so hard at this. The story is a delight, and the art is exceptional**.

**If you haven't seen the art of Kadir Nelson, you go take care of that now. Like right now. Go on. You're online already. Google it.

***Scholastic rates this book as suitable for PreK. It seems a bit verbose for that age group to me. But I don't even have kids, so I might not even know what I'm talking about.
" said.

" What's not to love in this tall tale? I was particularly lassoed in giggles by the idea of where barbed wire originated. " said.

" Forget you, Calamity Jane - all hail Thunder Rose! " said.

" #Talltale #western #AfricanAmerican Thunder Rose born during a thunderstorm spun a ball of lightening at birth... and she too learn #heart of the matter is #important. #YoungReaders #PictureBook #BookReview #ChildrensBooks #amreading " said.

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